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Charleston wv events Videos

Matt Talks "Current Events"

After appearing for IWA East Coast in Charleston, WV, I sat down and spoke with Jason Maxim about current events in the life of Matt Hardy. It's worth a ...

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We're asking this here cause we cant get a reply on twitter. We were asking some people about where to send you & Jeff holiday gifts. one person gave us a P.O. box address in Vass,N.C. Others said to send it to Jeff and just put his name, boys camp road cameron NC and the zip & the post office could deliver it to his house. Where's the best place to send it to where you guys will get it? (Anyone who knows can answer) :)
matt I don't really care what u do I stupid I'll still be a fan I like undertaker if he goes drinking and crashes his car do u think I won't be a fan heck I'l still be a fan cause when he gets in that ring hes a beast just like u
But for what Reason did Kevin Steen say you were part of the plan in scum that he didn't knw why you were part of it for? Your perfect I think he's jealous you've got his spot & Jay Brisco Beat his butt & Jimmy Jacobs on roh
Matt, you really have to learn to be a wrestler without making your GFs wrestlers. It didn't work out with Ashley, it won't work out with Reby. Concentrate on YOUR work. We're tired of hearing about this chick.
matt if your still wrestleing then why leave wwe??? i thought you left the company cause you just wanted to get away from wrestleing but your doing just that so why not come back?!?
Saw Matt vs. Shane Douglas in Monaca PA which is around where I live and thought he deserved much more respect than he got. Matt, ur the best! Matt Hardy and us M'Fers will not die!
i just got back into wrestling about a month ago, and you were one of my fav stars so i was suprised to see you off mainstream wrestling. Keep it up matt, ill always be your fan.
Hoping to become a professional wrestler one day and you and jeff have been a huge influence on me. Any advice? It would be awesome :)
This is the REAL Matt Hardy...I can see that he is completely himself again. He reminds me of how he was around 2005. Keep it up Matt!
can't wait for more info on the movie thing. that would be worth goin to see.:) good luck with everything you do buddy
@BarackMcBush This is a solid idea man. Stuff like this will end up becoming a necessity eventually in the business.

Highlights - Charleston, WV 1/29-30/2016

Check out the highlights from all 3 events at the Charleston Civic Center in Charleston, WV this past weekend with Monster Jam featuring Safety-Kleen Black ...

John Cena Charleston, WV 09192014

WWE House Show in Charleston, WV. John Cena vs. Kane headlined the event. //mitchnickelson.com/2014/09/20/wwe-live-results-092014-charleston-wv/

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Not a bad street fight..woulds been better w/ old kane tho..corporate kane is boring! 
I actually left a few minutes early and missed the end of this. I heard Slater came back out at the end, which I'm bummed I missed. Check out my review of the show with all of my pics and videos of it... //mitchnickelson.com/2014/09/20/wwe-live-results-092014-charleston-wv/

FestivALL 2010 Kicks Off for the Summer

West Virginia & Quantum Physics: Small Things Matter: Crystal Good at TEDxLewisburg

Crystal empowers underdogs to creatively identify, develop and communicate their hidden value in her many roles including Interim Director for Development, ...

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Where is she from?
+Jon Beyer She says in the speech that she is from Charleston. She also says she has family from Rand which is right outside of Charleston.

Elton John Tickets Charleston WV Civic Center 06/11/2014

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