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Wvdnr phone number charleston wv Videos

Oats Creek Culvert Reconstruction Project--WVU NRAC and WVDNR

Hellhole and Schoolhouse Cave Microclimate Analysis Research

Extreme Endeavors has developed a customized underground monitoring system to collect and analyze data from the Hellhole and Schoolhouse Caves in ...

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Hell Hole Cave , front known since 1940, the major cave discovered during may terms of Lycoming College. I think I recall right., spring of l972, Data: Grit Daily Newspaper took a lot of pictures. The first to go beyond Little Hell Hole was Steve Bayer finding the 2000 foot crawl, followed by the co-
+Alyson Bayer

Fish Creek Covered Bridge, Burton WV (October 2011)

Off US Highway 250 on Rush Run Road in Burton, Wetzel Co.

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Hey thats pretty cool! Usually you only find covered bridges on pedestrian walkways.

West Virginia fishing slide show

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Ok, that hat Mitch is wearing in one of those pics is super bad ass! Not really, he looks like a tool! I gotta get one, so I can look like a tool too! The pics video is sba!
Man you guys are like the best at handling fish ive ever seen.
We are the fish whisper's
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