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Weather tacoma narrows airport Videos

Flying on a Crummy Weather Day

Update VIDEO 11.30am: Humber Bridge Closed To All Traffic Due To Strong Winds [100mph]

Weather: One Dead As 100mph Winds Batter UK Thames barrier closed as UK braces for storm High winds sweep across Derbyshire There's a storm brewing: ...

Skycatcher Flight 01 (One of Four)

Beautiful day for flying. More flight training in a Cessna 162. Performed proper trimming and steep turns. Then a sight seeing flight over Dauphin Island.

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Nice job!

First Solo Flight (Cessna 162)

This was my first solo flight on July 2nd, 2014. Aircraft is a Cessna 162 "Skycatcher" owned by my flight school, Rainier Flight Service at Renton Municipal Airport ...

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Cris - This is amazing and entertaining. What a great record of your solo flight! Thanks for sharing. Perfect music choice, too!
Cris - just got this. That is so neat. Leslie and I are so proud of you. Curt
Well done Cris!

Golden gate Bridge - San Francisco

bad weather in october 2010.

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This vid scares me a little bit o:

Opa-Locka Airport September, 2000 Cessna 172

Investigators at scene of plane crash. Australian plane at airport

SHOTLIST 1. Mid of Australian aeroplane C130 waiting at the Jogyakarta airport 2. Wide of C130 3. Wide of C130 4. Various of investigators on the runway with ...
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