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Dodge viper srt 2013 max speed Videos

Dodge Viper SRT-10

GT6 Top Speed - S01E10 - Dodge Viper SRT

With an 8 litre V10, how can this car not do good at this?

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Thx i was wonderin if i should buy this car in the game :)
What is ur setup 

Dodge Ram SRT 10 top speed.mp4

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I've had mine going 140mph on highway,MIT was still climbing but I didn't feel the end to take it further"especially with. My wife with me.. I would have liked to see it topped out. Truck is stock,m completely. Does anyone else know what their STOCK srt 10 (extended cab) Can do top sped? And what difference in performance does having headers do? Thank you in advance!
Thank you for having your throttle to the floor and not letting off when it hit some kind of limiter?
huh got a chip lock i see otherwise the car would of raped by now
how did it ride at high speeds
why it's without sound? :(

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IIRC, the GTS is the only variant of the Viper (at least, on the road only. There is another variant, the GTS-R, but that's only on the track)
Just wondering, what's the difference between a standard SRT Viper, and the GTS version?
The joyride car in the game that gives you burnout paradise nostalgia....
GTS is a more luxurious varient of Viper. (more equipments as standard)
Need for Speed High Stakes song playing.... Still my fav NFS!
Which Viper GTS do u prefer? This Version? Shift 2?
I didn't and my music sound is on mute.
damn ur good at driving !
Super la video :-)
Great driving !!!
Proooo :))
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