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Sagano kyoto japan Videos

Kyoto Japan 京都 嵯峨野 ≪竹林の道≫ Kyoto Sagano Way of a bamboo grove

京都 嵯峨野にある竹林の道 Kyoto Sagano Way of a bamboo grove 嵐山の北東に広がる嵯峨野は、平安時代から貴族の別荘や庵が開かれた土地。かつて貴...

Bamboo Forest Timelapse, Arashiyama/Sagano, Kyoto, Japan

3:15 pm - 4:02 pm on April 12, 2014. Music: "Funfair" by Aoiroooasamusi form the album "Root Of Sorrow" licensed under a Attribution-Noncommercial-Share ...

Kyoto Japan Sagano Romantic Train . 京都嵯峨野トロッコ

A Trolley Train that runs in Kyoto Japan. When you visit Japan you should try this. Great view and very nice. Its called Sagano Truck Train. This train goes from ...

Kyoto Japan 京都 嵯峨野 野宮神社 Kyoto Sagano Nonomiya Jinja

野宮神社(ののみやじんじゃ)は、京都市右京区の嵯峨野にある神社です。 Nonomiya Jinja is a shrine in Sagano in Ukyo-ku, Kyoto-shi. 学問・恋愛成就・子宝...

japan kyoto sagano clump of bamboo

a clump of bamboo at kyoto sagano.

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Does anyone know the species they are growing?

Sagano Scenic Railway train stopped in Kameoka Station, Kyoto, Japan

Fall Color 2014 in Sagano, Kyoto 京都 嵯峨野の紅葉

Fall Colors 2014 in Sagano, Kyoto, Japan November 16th-18th Music: Peace - You Are Beautiful Music by Shirley Cason Photographed by Yoshiki Nakamura ...

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Thank you so much for using my music in your photo shoot from Kyoto. The shapes of the leaves on the trees there are beautiful ! love & peace Shirley Cason ~:~ My Peaceful World //www.shirleycason.com
Shirley,Thank you for allowing me to use your beautiful music. It is rare to find such a beautiful music which would match with the scenes I took in Kyoto.A happy new year!Yoshiki
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