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Cng police cars for sale Videos

2004 Ford Crown Victoria CNG for sale in Anaheim, CA 92807 a

This 2004 Ford Crown Victoria CNG is for sale in Anaheim, CA 92807 at Wild Rose Motors Ltd.. Contact Wild Rose Motors Ltd. at ...

1999 Ford Crown Victoria CNG for sale in Anaheim, CA 92807 a

This 1999 Ford Crown Victoria CNG is for sale in Anaheim, CA 92807 at Wild Rose Motors Ltd.. Contact Wild Rose Motors Ltd. at ...

5170 - 1999 Ford Crown Victoria CNG Police Interceptor P71 White 60k (www.forrestmotors.com.)

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How much did you sell this car for, just curious?

CNG prices down, but no relief in auto fare, Vadodara-Surat - Tv9 Gujarati

Vadodara - Surat : The reduction per kilogram in CNG price by Gujarat Gas Company Limited (GGCL) may have given a big relief to CNG users in their monthly ...

1997 Ford Crown Victoria P71 former Detective Car (FOR SALE)

Car Has Been Sold* This car is a good runner and driver with no known problems. It was a formerly used as a Detective/Investigator Car and was never on the ...

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For the police business that these cars normally see, it has hardly been driven. It averages to about 11k mikesba year whxh is below national average of 13k - 15k. It was a very nice car that drove and ran like new.
@FishFingersNH BACON? Wtf, are you retarded or something?
you mean it should have a smell of coffee and donuts
@FBIRoyLindell he's talkin' about cops
how much do you want for this car ??
I will give you $500 for it cash!
Well dang this car looks great!
Why is the check engine light on?
You should be a salesman
good hot

2015 Ford Taurus Police Interceptor 3.7L V6 Start Up, Tour, and Review

Hey Ford fans! Here we have a 2015 Taurus Police Interceptor. A BIG thanks to Thomassen Ford of Charles Town, West Virginia, for letting me film their vehicles ...

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umm, I hope the criminals don't find out the only thing separating them from the guns in the trunk is that seat... the vics had a piece of metal separating...
+AMGV Media There is no armrest access to the trunk in police interceptors. Not to mention the seats dont fold down. Suspects would be (hopefully) cuffed behind their backs, making it impossible to grab at anything anyway. Lastly, the guns dont go in the trunk, they go in an electronically lockable vice in the front.
Once they retire these at the auction you can get one for way way less than 30k! More like under 10k!
+Aspie Otaku There's already some of these for sale with both low (7000+) & high (150k) mileage. They can run anywhere from $10-20k. I'm surprised they're already available to the public so soon, but these models were likely retired early for a reason (collisions, mileage limits, wear & tear, etc.)
Would you get one of these if it was under 10k? I would like a Crown Vic P71 but also this.
Could anyone tell me if that's the average price of a car in US?
Depends on the car
Wow is that possible to buy a brand new Police Interceptor (whatever it's Explorer or Taurus) without lights and siren from Ford?
Although you can buy a Taurus or Explorer
Sorry, the Ford Police Interceptor sedan and utility are only eligible to Police authority and are on a special order.
guys?so ford taurus and ford inteceptor is 1 car? 
No, any powerful safely certified mid side sedan(Taurus) or an suv(explorer) can be a police interceptor. It just means that it's specially designed and ordered by the police dept based on design, specs, safety and fuel economy.
Very plain car . What happened to the rear tail lights ? They look like they put the wrong ones on. Looks cheap. Great video , we still have the Crown Vic's in Ontario but the Taurus and Explorer are sure to be on the way. 
+maxxtruck9906Also when they get damaged, it's cheaper to repair to.
The tailights probably include the strobes that the police use.
It is very plain. You would think they would give more options to police officers! They probably strip them down so they'll be lighter and pick up speed quicker. Thanks for watching! 

Road Test for Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

0-60 mph in 9 sec. Considered one of the safest cars on the road. Wild Rose Motors Ltd specialize in the sale of retired Police Interceptors. We are currently ...

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0-60 in 9 seconds? mine does it in 7 seconds lol! I still get 25 mpg highway city sucks though maybe 17-20mpg city, no way your going to achieve 25mpg city you may as well only record highway youll get better results!
+Aspie Otaku I see your comments on every Crown Vic video I watch lol

Filling CNG Car for 1st time

This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

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nice lol

cng car in uae

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