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Duck sauce nutrition facts Videos

How To Order McDonald's Like A Boss! (LYRICS)

Lyrics: Let me get two big macs and two apple pies, a little bit of sprite and a side of fries. Let me get a McDouble, let me get a McChicken. Hot sauce, make sure ...

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dang I rap but not that fast enough
+Michele Cobb its not even fast xD
sounded like a boss
+toxicgamez843 thanx♡
+Gabrielle Fernandez no it was hi-rez search him up on youtube
Are you the guy that was rapping
Yeah ikr
easily disliked...he is a queerbait butt pirate...nuff said
Would be easy...but im a white guy and know who i am...definitely not a nigger wanna be...lol...and recently finally achieved millionaires status......gotta always lol at white nigger trailer trash
+toxicgamez843 no offense but the only reason I watched this was because you trashed someone else's lyrics vid and then bragged that you had a better one...
I don't care if you dislike my video, but next time give a good reason for it
How does 1 dislike this video, such a hater
And disliking a vid doesn't make you a hater
The answer to that question is that they take their mouse/finger and click/tap the thumbs down.
I'm sure it was an accident so it's okay :)

Wasabi Mayonnaise Cup Yakisoba U.F.O ~ 日清カップヤキソバ U.F.O わさびマヨ

Nissin's U.F.O series are popular cup yakisoba in Japan. This cup yakisoba has a flavor of wasabi mayonnaise. nutrition facts 1pack(132g) calories 597kcal ...

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I hate foods that tastes like wasabi
I would love to try this!
tu esti un mare prost
esti un mare prost
i wanna try~~~~
Looks delicious!

Frozen Thanksgiving Turducken Video Review: Freezerburns (Ep551)

//www.freezerburns.com Happy Thanksgiving everybody! If you are a longtime Freezerburns fan you know that this time of year tends to bring out the best in ...

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Hey Greg! The stuff coming out of the top of the whole thing is not only fat, its mostly the innercellular liquid with alot of proteins. This often happens with frozen meat, as the ice crystals destroy the cell walls. That would also be the reason why some of the meat is dry. Also i dont think "Thanksgiving should be for stuffing yourself". If you already make a big celebration out of it, then use quality meat from untortured animals and be thankful that youre not a starving african. I know i am
That was in 1976, microwaves weren't as safe proof as they are now first of all, and second, if it was really that dangerous it would be banned in ALL countries. Over half the population or more in america uses microwaves, and we are still alive and fine. Go bitch about something important like smoking, or drug abuse, and stop being an idiot.
@pbn7777 holy shit! You believed that stuff on SyFy too! By the way, there's no Soviet Union now, and in Russia, their are microwaves. And if you don't mind me asking, why watch a video that is a review channel of microwaved foods if your going to be like, "You retarted! You are dying!"?
I'm thankful for my dear wife, and her being cancer free after being diagnosed 5 years ago. Also thankful for Freezerburns! It's been my favorite destination on Youtube for several months now. Also have turned on a few friends to Greg too. Ahhhh. Life is good!
WOW you are so worried about Greg eating food prepared in a micro but not concerned about your own ugly soul. Try acting like a human being with some respect for another and not the retarded minion you have portrayed.
I am thankful for ur videos, showing me the cheap and low calorie yumminess! I am also thankful to all the people that can't celebrate Thankgiving, they give up their holiday so we can have ours! Yay servicefolk!
Was there not any bread/cornbread stuffing in this turducken? I thought that there was usually some stuffing stuck in there between the yummy meaty layers. I guess maybe the sausage is just another option.
sometimes you are pretty hard to read. you dont seem at all surprised by the tastes (except the sausage) and it doesnt seem like you think it is more than just okay. then you give it 4 and a half stars..
I am thankful for currently being employed and being able to afford a good thanksgiving meal. Please look out for the people around you and make sure they can enjoy thanksgiving as much as you may be.
I never heard of turducken but I like the mixed meats idea so I will get it asap. I'd say I'm most thankful or grateful for the existence of twinkies. They just went belly up noooooooooooo!
I'm thankful for always having someone offer to invite my family and I to their place to Thanksgiving. That way we don't cook and we get better food than any of us could make!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Greg! I, like most of the audience, am extremely thankful for you and the entertainment/education you provide. :)
I do and I don't give a fuck. in fact, I'll probably live a much longer, healthier life than you while eating crap like this on a daily basis. you mad?
I might have been interested,... until you showed the one shot of it seeping a white fat out the top and into the pan,... yuck...
If you knew what you're eating, and what story lies behind your "food", believe me,you would'nt take a single bite. Yummy.
$40?! Oh hell no. That's insanity. That's such a small portion for $40. You could get several whole turkeys for that.
Did you see NBC's Community spoofed your channel. Leonard was reviewing frozen pizza at the end of an episode.
Duck is the king of bird-meat. The only "downside" is that it is so rich compared to chicken or turkey.
youtube: Frozen Food Reviews: Eugenio's Four-Cheese Pizza season 3 episode 9. The foosball episode
Its not a loaf, like meat loaf its a "engastration." And I am thankful for loved one and familly.
I'm thankful that my husband is actually home, and not deployed, for the holidays this year.
DO a review on SNickers ice cream.. i always see it at store and wondered if they are good
$40.....Holy shit,that's like £32 for a frozen meal...Jesus h christ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
snickers ice
For 40 bucks, they needed to give you the whole meal in that box, including the pie!
You said it's supposed to feed 8, but can we get the total weight of the product?

Steamed Snail Meat Recipe

READ DESCRIPTION Today my mom is going to show you how to make Steamed Snail Meat. If you enjoyed seeing this please leave a like, rate, comment, ...

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that look yummy ming thanks for sharing

Video Review of Michelina's Buffalo-Style Chicken Snack Rolls: Freezerburns (Ep362)

I am typically pretty tough on Michelina's meals. They are cheap in price and cheap in quality. But this Michelina's Buffalo-Style Chicken Snack Rolls was ...

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@scholtzmj Furthermore, saying that this crap is unhealthy hardly means I've never eaten it - I was a university student once, and I surely wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I eat my share of take out as well - I'm just intelligent enough to know it's not good for me and have taste buds that are keen enough to enjoy a fresh, healthy, home cooked meal. Oh, and the dinner I mentioned above costs roughly $10 for 4 people, about the price of 4 brand name TV dinners.
@scholtzmj Lol, not sure if trolling or just incredibly stupid.... Go ahead, eat your salt laden processed foods that don't "gross you out", but, if your pathetic little mind can comes to grips with it, try this on for size. First, there's no such thing as incompatible vegetables. It's all about personal taste, really. I put olives in literally everything, but I think kraft dinner tastes like garbage. Organic beethead...well that speaks for your intelligence doesn't it!
I can cook a healthy, low salt, natural dinner for 4, wash all the dishes, and eat in between 45 minutes to an hour. Last night I had couscous with zucchini, olives, tomatoes, etc with a piece of salmon and some frozen peas. A meal that tasted outright amazing, filled me up and the per portion sodium was under 300mg. There's no need to be eating this frozen processed crap!
If it's in the freezer aisle, and it's been processed, it's terrible. I eat the occasional frozen dinner if I have to, but, this meal has almost a quarter of the RDI of sodium. Your body only needs roughly 500mg if your not heavily active. The advice you should be giving is to cut down frozen dinners as much as humanly possible. 1 a week is probably too many!
@NintendoweekFan sorry, my iPad ended the comment too soon =P. As I was sayin, the turkeys fine, but the vinegar ruins it, the cranberries in it tasted bad, the sweet potato mash was artificially, sweet like? I think u should review it only because Boston market needs to know they did a bad job with it
I'm getting some of those, thanks Greg =) btw, one thing I think is awful is the Boston market... Well, idk what its called, but I know it's turkey, in a balsamic vinegar sauce, with some sweet potato mash. The tu
I see you edited this one down a lot. I love your reviews but sometimes, 8 min can be a bit long and redundant. I really dig this format, it goes straight to the point!
@piketyl000 You may have watched this video on my Freezerburnsdotcom channel. All my reviews are posted here on Hungry Nation and on my own show's channel.
was this posted twice? im really confused right now because all these comments look different from the buffalo chicken video i just watched 15 minutes ago.
These are YUM! Bake them in the toaster oven and they get crispy, dunk in blue cheese dressing... Pure yummyness for $1!!!
@mickysantos apparently he just does this sometimes. its not permanent. I like it better too though
@ahollie we like trolling Greg... the frozen food master-bator. :P all in good fun as you say...
Psst, I know it's spelled with a "ch" but it's pronounced like "Mick-a-leena's"
32 viewer lol awesome cheap can sometimes be surprizing
First, and it's a shame no1 else was b4 me lol
i searched them cuz i love them lol
@mickysantos it's not a new format.
Eating these right now :)
omg i need to try that
@wjrodri "Surprising."
That looks great. ^.^
That sounds so good.
#2 viewer! lol

wild duck live with a beautiful nature

the wild duck summary the wild duck pdf the wild duck analysis the wild duck symbolism wild duck species wild duck crossword wild duck bird wild duck by ...


MY WAY LABS Turkey Meatballs Serves 6 3 lbs. lean ground turkey or chicken 6 Green onions (use both green and white parts- slice thin) 1/2 cup egg whites 1 ...
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