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Rider university expenses Videos

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SEOUL BIKE RIDE - Hannam-dong and Han River

Bike ride around Hannam-dong and the Han River in Seoul, using Zhiyun-Tech's brand new Z1-Rider 2 stabilizer! FOR INFO ON WHERE TO BUY, SCROLL ...

User Comments

This is one I really enjoyed. Almost like a video game. Too bad GoPro doesn't make a 3D camera for a totally immersive experience.
+William Clooten GoPro does work with a 360 degree video software company, and they created a device that captures video all around and stitches the footage together. It's expensive.But now-a-days, there are other companies making 360 degree video cameras that are much more affordable!I'm looking into getting one for interactive 360 video walk arounds in Seoul! On YouTube, do a search for "360 videos" and you'll see the type of videos I'm talking about. There are so many out there already!
I really liked this video , it was interesting. You should do more bike rides
+Helen Medina Thanks Helen! I want to make more bike ride videos, but it's very cold now in the winter time. My bike has been sitting for so long, the tires are flat. I need a new bike, too. hehehe My current bike is 3 years old and falling apart. Stay tuned for spring time when I'll start filming bike rides again. ^^
자전거에 마운트하신 것 같지는 않은데... 어디에 달고 찍으신 건가요? 궁금하네요
+Jihoon Lee 체스트 마운트에 z1 rider 짐벌 이용해서 찍었다네요
Hey! I really enjoyed your video and I actually am planning to get a bike when I come for exchange to Korea so do you have any tips for biking there? I will be extremely thankful if you can share them! Cause I am a bit nervous about it! Thanks again:)
Thank you so much!
+Susan AB Hello Susan! I'm glad you enjoyed the video. ^^Uhmm... tips, well... be VERY careful. Cars, people, buses, motorcycles... many people do not pay attention to their surroundings. Many vehicles run red lights, many motorcycles and mopeds ride on the sidewalks, sometimes cars rush past other cars into on-coming traffic, etc. Just be very cautious. I'd wear a helmet. Bike paths are fine, just have a bell or something. As long as you are cautious, and aware of your surroundings, you'll have a fine time riding your bike everywhere. I know I do. ^^
I felt nervous because of the speed Haha, but thank you wonderful video
+Cory May I hope that there will be many similar videos,
+Cory May Take care
+qu max hehehe I love first person perspective riding videos... the GoPro does a great job in making you feel like you're going very fast. ^^ Thanks for watching!
Beautiful , thank you!!!
+aathompson19 You're welcome!! I'm glad you enjoyed it ^^


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