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Celine paris smile bag Videos

Whats REALLY in My Bag...| HONESTLY

This is the honest version of the "what's in my bag" video. Hello my lil' slices of pizza! If you're new to my channel, here is a little about me. I'm an actress, owner ...

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I love you Stephanie but I HATE liers. You got payed for saying you use that perfume at the end . & you said all the stuff about how you hate when people do that just to make it sound more believable . If you weren't advertising it then why would you put all of their information In your bio . C'mon Stephanie at least be honest
Promise i didnt lie. I even said in the video that the item was sponsored. I wasnt paid, instead the company sent me the first month for free. I gave my honest opinion, but also mentioned what i didnt like about it (how the packaging was different than what was advertised on the site). I always make sure to mention when something is sponsored
Wow and I went on their site & on the bottom saw a lot of different youtubets advertising it!!! OMG at least Don't lie .
This is not to be mean but is that a worm in your dogs mouth?
+mizzoktober1 Lol i don't think so!
Quick tip. Take a poopie bag and tie it on the leash handle! Quick and easy access! And your pug is adorable. I have one myself!
+debss x314 you have just made my life so much easier lol thank u!!
OMG!!! I just noticed I have the same shirt as you
+Laura Furey twinssss!!!
Do you still do acting or do you have a different means of income?
+Katerina Dyce I do acting stuff here and there, and i still get paid residuals for gigs i've done!
I love your color. Can you tell me what dye you used? This is an amazing brown! Did you dye it on your platinum blonde? I am thinking of going blonde and then, when I get bored of it, dye it the same shade as yours. (your blonde was great as well, can you tell me how u did that too.)
thanks for taking the time to answer By the way I have just come across your videos and had to watch them all!  I find them really amusing. keep up!
+Harika Yıldız I actually had to get it professionally done. The problem with dying my blonde hair was that closer to my roots, the color picked up really well. i used a medium warm brown. when going from blonde to brown, never use an ash brown because you'll get an icky green color. make sure that the brown color has warm tones in it, like a red. Well, the problem for me (even when i used the warm brown color), was that my ends were so stripped of any pigment, that they didnt want to accept the color. I had to go get it professionally done and it was a PROCESS. I went from blonde, to green, to purple, and then to a reddish brown on my ends. It was costly. I thought itd be so easy going brunette, but it wasn't. I think it just depends on what state your hair is in and how light you are currently. For me, because I'd been bleaching my hair for many many years, it was challenging. I also had to cut a lot off :-/

Celine Vacca Choreo * feat Camron One Shot * Erykah Badu On & On

Choreo by Céline Vacca Feat Camron One Shot Song : Erykah Badu : on & on.

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Love the song!!!

What's In My Bag? You'll never guess! | Beatrijs Nox

So this is what was in my bag from my holiday! IF YOU SUBSCRIBE I'LL SMILE AT YOU FOREVER ...

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Omg Pokemon! I love Pokemon! >.
Hahahah this is amazing! Good lucky from Spain! ^_^
I'm sure there's something to do with Pokemon in every single one of my videos. If you're ever bored you should keep count!

EXCLUSIVE - Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen shopping in Paris

A lesson of seriousness... On this beautiful sunny saturday Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen go out for a shopping balad in Paris. They first go to Dior and then to ...

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Wish you'd leave people alone. Famous or not they have a right to be treated like human beings and not have pictures taken of them like they're some type of animal. :(
When that guy says "Hey, MIchelle!" it would've been funny if they both replied "WHAT?" :D
Why r people fascinated w/them? They've done nothing since Full House baby acting days!??
Hahaha LoL
1st comment
hahaha LOL

What's In My Bag? | Chantelle Devan

Wanna see what's in my bag? Just keep watching :) Previous video: https://youtu.be/zL9zAEGwNO0 ...

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Do you let receipts collect in your bag like I do?
+Chantelle Devan Yes !!!! ...lol

Back to School Make Up Routine! + What's in my school bag?!

This tutorial will hopefully get you guys familiar with how I do my make up on a daily basis. I either go for a super minimal look, or I jazz it up when i'm feeling ...

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I was wondering if you can do a video one day about basic makeup essentials how to apply what exact tools and all the basic information needed to know .

What's In My Bag | Summer 2014

Thanks for watching! Thumbs up and subscribe! Where else to find me- Instagram- //instagram.com/rebecca_yesidid Blog- ...

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You're so close to 300 subbies!! & Great video! I love your channel I definitely subbed!!:) I'm having 2 giveaways, and I was wondering if you wanted to enter?:) I think you'd like them. Please go check out my channel?:) also your beautiful So stay that wayy!!!!!:D
+Khadijah Estell Thanks, sure! I subbed xoxo
subbed! hope you can check out my channel and sub back!
+xinnerbeautyx Thanks, sure!x
I love your flower crown and hair! You should do a tutorial on it! That bag is absolutely gorgeous and this video was so fun to watch :)
+itsamerrylife03 Thanks lovely!xo
I like your video :D and you're really pretty! It's really good big thumbs up :) keep making more videos! I'll make sure to watch them :) You can check out my channel if you have time :) that would be awesome //m.youtube.com/user/lydialanemusic you can subscribe if you like :)
+Lydia Lane Thank you so much! Sureeee!xo
your bag is stunning! I love the celine inspired shape & it looks like it can go with so many outfits ^_^
Thank you! I subbed!xo

Washed leather travel bag, diverse kleuren

Vintage Italiaans lederen tas by Viabologna: //www.viabologna.nl/washed-leather-travel-bag-diverse-kleuren-p-16515.html.
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