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Mazda 6 2014 sales figures Videos

mazda 2015 model mazda6 mid size sedan

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Mazda 6 Bluetooth set up with Insiderman

A walk through of bluetooth set up on a 2011 Mazda 6. Set up is the same or similar for all Mazda vehicles that are bluetooth equipped. The female voice in the ...

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I just got a 2009 Mazda 6 and paired my phone easily.. Only problem im having is when the phone connects to the car via bluetooth (after turning it on of course) it'll just start playing music when on Aux mode (where I want to keep it selected most of the time).. Not a huge problem just inconvenient.. Any suggestions??
Thank you, it worked beautifully! Now on to programming numbers.
You're welcome. :)

Certified 2015 Mazda Mazda6 Marietta Atlanta, GA #Z55507A - SOLD

//www.jimellismazdamarietta.com/index.htm SOLD - Call or visit for a test drive of this vehicle today! Phone: (888) 806-2756 Year: 2015 Make: Mazda Model: ...

2014 Toyota Corolla S First Drive & Walkaround Video Review

//www.autobytel.com/toyota/corolla/2014/?id=32972 The first generation Toyota Corolla appeared way back in 1966 and now we get the first glimpse and ...

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That Toyota guy is a great talking head. As for the car, test drove one the other day and found the outward visibility to be rather poor due to the raked back windshield and high dash designs. And the dash looks too '80's to me. The steering doesn't feel as loose as the last generation but still too artificial and imprecise. The build and ride quality was excellent, however. The CVT also performed satisfactorily, but the jury's out on its long term reliability with it being so new. Overall, a solid 8 out of 10.
Front seats are tight, back seat leg room is fantastic but if you lean back you bang your head where the top of the rear glass meets the headliner. Steering wheel needs more height adjustment. Looks good on the outside. Ignore the base model with the 4 speed transmission. Center multifold whatever console is just cheap.
I just don't like the style on the corollas. I think its because the big gap between the tires and the fenders. it just sits too high and makes it look tall and skinny. not sporty at all. I like the Mazda3, Hyundai Elantra hatchback and the new Forte...... The ford Focus its also cool.
I don't know why people would choose this over toyotas own camry ... they are usually heavily discounted enough and even without the extras it would be so much more car over the long haul. Truecar shows the remaining 2013 SE's going for 3800 off msrp.
I think Toyota should've left the front the same as the lower models, the base front end looks better IMO. Besides, save new front ends for "actual" performance models. Oh, I almost forgot, Toyota doesn't have the nuts to do those anymore.
My favourite in this segment is the Impreza hatch. Nothing flashy, but I like the look. One of my peeves with Toyota/Honda is that they don't try hard enough with respect to making hatches for the North American market.
Car also includes a ULTRA-HIGH DASH that makes it feel quite a bit claustrophobic for shorter drivers. They have a hard time seeing the road ahead. Of course if you are 5'10" you will be okay. That said.
Toyota has really lost its way but, there new customer target seems to be gay men or elderly people. But still good Luck Toyota with your new product, from my experiment I have seen little positive feedback.
" "totally redesigned" Who are they kidding? " What are you bitching about, go buy a smart for two if you don't like it (that is if you think you can get it out of repair shop and can drive it at all).
And at the end of the day, you're still grossly inept, incompetent moron who spends the days of their wretched existence trolling YouTube videos posting faux facts like a typical malcontent.
I see your point as 50 year olds are the people who buy this car. I guess I would like to see a car that rivals the Civic SI or the Mazdaspeed3 from Toyota. And the Scion tC doesn't count.
To be fair, almost all of vehicles in this segment are "boring" with respect to styling and features. There are exceptions, like the new Mazda 3, but they're unfortunately exceptions.
interesting, I have 2 jobs, I don't have much time to be trolling videos. by the looks of things it seems you do, do to the fact that you reply so fast. have a great day sir.
Looks terrible ugly and un appealing and far from sporty. Dash is rediculously high like all toyotas. If it is suppose to be sporty.. it should be low
A lot of people just want the smaller car. The Camry is a giant boat. Plus you would be able to load up the Corolla for the same price
Wow targeted for entrepreneurs under 35? I'm sorry its a nice car but you failed as an entrepreneur if you are buying a damn corolla.
Having a different engine would be a waste of money and resources. A more powerful S model wouldn't sell any more so why bother.
Thank you for this very objective remark. Do you chose your girl friends like this as well? No wonder they don't last, huh!!!

2014 Toyota Corolla Elizabethtown video Oxmoor Toyota of Louisville

Oxmoor Toyota of Louisville Video Review by Edmunds Without a doubt, the biggest and most significant new Toyota this year is the 2014 Toyota Corolla.
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