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Electoral college vs popular vote definition Videos

California Boosts National Popular Vote Movement

California Gov. Jerry Brown recently signed a bill designed to fix our broken presidential election system and guarantee the White House to the winner of the ...

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this could also result into giving votes to the bible belt who teach creationism as science... idk. i wish there was a way to have a test run. not saying that elections shouldn't be by popular vote, but i am curious of how it would really end up. i wouldn't want to give up my vote to the vote of someone with totally different ideals. also say goodbye to the chance of a small party candidate ever winning. not they really have one now, but under national popular vote it would never happen.
@TheRekcabOfTheD You show alot of ignorance here. Other countries also change things alot, and do elections better than us, after having changed them in the last few decades. You think we are special? lol We have a harder time than other countries affecting change. If only we could be as good as many other countries when it comes to change that isnt only 1 way.
It will never ever happen, for one reason. Every single elected politician got elected under the current system. If that system changes, there is a strong likelihood that those politicians will lose their seats. And it does not do anything to avoid the kinds of electoral trickery that went on in Florida in 2000.
Do away with the electoral college entirely, it's a relic of a bygone era that dosn't really work all that well and never did. No wierd games to keep a shadow of the electoral college in place: The raw vote is the vote, period, and whoever has the most votes wins.
Outside northamerican territory some people can't understand your actual system. I understand it after the Bush-Gore battle, but i really can't catch the logic behind this electoral via.

Fred Thompson endorses National Popular Vote

"We live in a time when the American people are increasingly cynical about their government's ability to deal with our most pressing problems," said Thompson.


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could you send me a link to where you got these facts, I'm trying to research this very topic.

Popular vote Meaning

Video shows what popular vote means. The total number of votes of a given electorate.. Popular vote Meaning. How to pronounce, definition audio dictionary.

Gagan Thapa addressing mass. Gagan Thapa speech.

Gagan Thapa addressing mass. Gagan Thapa speech. Gagan Thapa गगन थापा is a Nepali politician. He is a current member of the Nepalese Constituent ...
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