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London olympics blunders Videos

2012 Olympics Falls and Mistakes Gymnastics Montage

I had a better one, but it kept getting blocked.....

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Weird how most of the fails are viktoria komova or the Russian team
got something against russians m8?
+maxencebeaulieu ye I know but there are more Russian falls then anyone else and its not being disrespectful I was making a fact
McKayla, Gabby, Raisman, Wieber, Kyla were part of this video too. Please, please, shut you disrespectful mouth. Thank you.
How was Jordan wiebers small balance check a huge mistake.
+Katie Tucker *put sorry
4 years later and I am still upset that they didn't out her through to the finals
Were you not able to find the Yao Jinnan Qualifying vault? It was hilarious, epic face plant! 
+Kae Kae Jones i just can't see humor in a fall if a gymnast is in pain at the end.
+TheGymnastic101 Plz, I understand the aspect of injuries...... But this is a fail video, it should've been mentioned! All fails are not funny, sometimes they are, but we might have different tastes in humor. But either way, it shoulda been in there anyways :P
it was not funny. she re injured herself doing that vault. her beam routine, maybe a little bit funny. but vault. not today, not ever

Mitt Romney's various blunders at the Olympics 2012 in London

READ MORE: //politicalgates.blogspot.de/2012/07/who-is-better-ambassador-for-usa-at.html.

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well whom the fuck do you think you are Mr.sweatyshorts????Haaaaa haaaaaa what a doooossshhhh bag.....do you really think anyone calling them self sweatyshorts has anything to say...That most people wont just blow off as cumdrunk bullshit?????change it to shittyshorts!!!! Haaaaaa haaaaaaaa haaaaaaa what a jackass....
palingrifter do you work? is this what you do for money? you think people working factory jobs 8-10 hours a day give a fuck about this? honestly let's re-elect Obama--who's failed us on the number one issue in America: the economy--because his opponent because of this? illogical and frivolous
Why is Mitt so dumb??? The tea-party has successfully radicalized the GOP to the point where there is really no resonable opposition party to the Democratic Party. He's a fucking idiot.
the olympics are basically a simulacrum of petty, rabid nationalism. who gives a crap? lol at this bullshit "news"
thanks for your calm, rational, articulate, respectful response. you have a nice day, now :)
you welcome Mr. shittyshorts.....

Blunder at the Olympics!!!

During the national Anthem after Serena Williams wins the gold, source: Blunder at the Olympics!!! Part of channel(s): London 2012 Olympics (promoted) During ...

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Россиян жаба душит, что у США столько медалей, а у них золотых медалей меньше чем у казакстана.Стыдно должно быть... и завидовать не хорошо. А хлопали они в конце в честь гимна.
По твоей логике, америкосам должно стать стыдно жить с нами на одной планете, и они обязаны самоликвидироваться. Мне это нравится.
I smell conspiracy.... How do both hooks on each end release at the time? If anything , the flag would have just hung off one of them failing. Not to mention the clicking sound right before the flags IS RELEASED! ....
You dirty muslim I hope in the future we absolutely nuke your entire country and turn it into nothing but wasteland...your race has no value to our society
И только офицер госбезопасности Белоруссии молча крутит дырочку под новый орден.
ахаха соснули америкосы, буларусь и россия не сокрушимы, и вместе на века))
Вперед, братья славяне!!! Россия, Украина, Беларусь - это есть святая Русь!
Oh no, someone is getting some views!?! Quick, someone report him/her to the internet police for view fraud!!
Вось і паказлі гэтым капіталістам хто здесь галоўны!!!
I was there when this happened, The two other flags that are on are on the wrong sides too :/
fuck kazakistan, country of whores and sluts and poverty. i've fucked many sluts from there.
if you knew youtube youd know VIEWS and COMMENT= MONEY doesnt fucking matter if its your vid
это знак того парня который наблюдает за нами ;)
Слава братским народам! Вместе мы победим США!
А потом удивляются, почему русских не любят.
просмотрев это видео, хочется выдать: И ЧЕ?!
Ему стало стыдно и он решил удалиться.
по любому кровавый режим подстроил
I am so sorry for your family, because they must be your family.
флаг не выдержал такого соседства
you cant stand being wrong on the internet? get a life faggot
FUCK TO AMERICA!!! Country of killers, gays and perversors!

Romney's Britain Blunders: Who Will Mitt Insult Next?

From the Majority Report, live M-F 12 noon EST and via daily podcast at //Majority.FM: If you go through the list of people Mitt Romney and insulted and ...

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How about those who have a platform keep us informed of the issues and not turn us into a nation of sheeple? I can watch MSNBC and get the same damn thing. Or the MSM major networks and hear about Springsteen & McCartney or what Selena Gomez is wearing. How is 5 days of listening to this going to make anything better. It's just interesting that he lectured some guy about sticking to the 2-party system because of "viable" candidates, and this is what he serves up to his audience. Very revealing.
OBAMA, RULER OF NATIONS / VOTE OBAMA 2012 The 44th President of the United States of America “BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA” The greatest black man… that ever lived! NEXT LEVEL ENTERTAINMENT CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS WORLDWIDE VOTE OBAMA 2012 REV. 16:16 There will be “nowhere to hide” once Israel is attacked! God’s… promise to man! The battle… begins. OBAMA, was born for this very day! The “Son Of Man” is coming home to where it begun, JERUSALEM. OBAMA, RULER OF NATIONS VOTE OBAMA 2012
Mitt Romney insulted the unemployed people and the middle class and lower class with his famous quote I told just wait till it comes to other countries he will insult our own allies. If this guy was president think what he would do to the enemy? Mitt Romeny: "Hey China we have nukes and we could use it on you to pay off our debt" (China stops paying for our debt and respond with military force) China: "Can you say that again Mitt Romney but with my 4 inch wang in your mouth".
I am as delusional as you are a democrat apologist. Obamney has been sucking corporate cocks for the last 4 years. Obamney cut GPA regulations and now allows corporations to rape the Arctic. I wondered who allowed GP to fuck up the Gulf Coast? It must have been Ralph Nader right, not Obamney; no, of course not. Now Obamney wants to deprive widows and orphans of foodstamps. Both Romney and Obamney are corporate cocksuckers, but at least Romney is being more honest about it.
U R delusional. The GOP has no ideals. They R the servants of corporations & do whatever they R told. When have U ever seen the GOP stand against anything the corporations want? In the GOP's book corporate interests supersede any issue of communal welfare, ecological despoliation, workers' welfare, international treaties, or commonwealth law. Republican hypocrisy is AWESOME. Who are U, a citizen voicing his opinion or a paid hack for some corporate interest?
Elect Romney then, he seems deterined to start another middle-eastern war. Hope you will be in the frontline if it kicks off, wars are all about weeding out the bloodthirsty and ignorant. You'd be first to go. Sadly, it seems you are all talk and i suspect that you wouldnt have the balls to enlist, happily watching others did for you. With citizens like you little wonder that America is regarded so poorly aroung the globe.
dear god you dont know much about economics. all china has to do is stop paying our debt and the US would economically collapse and the value of the dollar would be worth nothing. Riots and panic. besides the PLR use the same tech as us if not even better with some and with overwelming numbers of up to 1,000,000 nothing close the US. "China can do shit" is what you meant to say my friend
I cant really tell whom is worst....George Bush and his drunkin bullshit mouth..OR Mitt Romney and his dumb insulting mouth....well then you have the GOP.....I guess they are truley the Reason I left the Republican Party.""after 35 yrs""That has turned into thugs.liars and most of all CLOWNS....what a shamlees crew !!!!
Im not a puck..I dont talk like that.....If i have something like that to say...I do it face to face..Only a punk hides behind the web.And talks like that....Kind of like you hide behind a made up name "angelwithbighorns"...Instead of you name.....what are you 13 yrs old???? or just a prison punk..or both????
The thing is he's totally oblivious to how much of a douche he is. For someone who is incredibly wealthy, he still sounds like a simpleton Mormon who is trying too hard to sound "worldly" but has no social skills. Even Republicans hate him. He needs to see a therapist.
I think he might be good at business negotiations and with the corporations running the world right now, he might fit in just fine. Don't send him to a natural disaster, that would be horrific. And no Play Dates with any foreign dignitary, that's out of the question.
Im is tired of them liberal pick on Mitt Romney he is the best guy to be president of U.S. Those liberals need to get education befor them start talk and stuff like that. I hoped that Mr. President Oboma Hussien lost this election in january on ignargration day
Even though I'm British, I have disliked Romney before his Olympic comments. Hes just so fake with his smile to his politics its sickening to me that many Americans have fallen for his bull shit. You will be disappointed if you elect this idiot into power.
Let's face it. If Mitt Romney (or Mitt the Twit as our British cousins now call him) is elected President, a full-time dedicated Gaffe Staff won't cut it......he'll need a new cabinet position: Secretary of Cluelessness. Romney/Cruise in 2012!!
OMG, this Romney creep is a f***king IDIOT. But... most Americans are f***king idiots, too. So it wouldn't surprise me to see him become the next president. After all, the U.S. made that piece of s**t "Dumbya" their president for eight years.
After watching this video, it is clear to me that Sam Seder was born with a predisposition to be a whiny, little, weak willed liberal bitch with high amounts of estrogen in his bloodstream. He's literally making something out of NOTHING.
He probably doesn't want to call attention to that, because he writes off $77k/yr in taxes (i.e., government handout) for the care of one horse. That's two paramedics' annual salaries for a dancing horse, and we pay for it.
Romney is vastly superior to Obama. You won't see Romney apologizing to our friends and neighbors. Romney has a better idea -- insulting our friends and neighbors. Vote Republican. Get the dumbest government money can buy.
How is this a big deal? He would express the same concerns here this year with the Occupy a-holes smashing windows and defecating in the streets. They would probably try to disrupt the Olympics if there were here.
The only disaster with the Olympics so far is that a few cash-machines wouldn't work with some cards but that was fixed pretty quickly. To quote one tweeter... " I miss the intellectual wit of George Bush. "
Yeah and foreign leaders didn't mind, since he was indeed funny and fun. Mitt is just an insulting entitled rich douchebag. I really want him to meet up with Putin, see how big his mouth is then.
I respect the Republican party. They don't compromise, they have balls, and they never betray their base. Corporate cocksucker Obamney and his party are exactly the opposite. Vote Green party.
Ah, that thing. Yeah. Forgot. Funny when it broke. Must have inspired the organisers to get their finger out and sort shit out. Which they did. Well done to them. Even if they were cockneys lol

Blunders threatening to overshadow Olympics

As the athletes limber up for their big moment, more pressing questions are being asked of the way organizers of London's Olympic Games have dealt with the ...

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Anyone know when the "Zion" event takes place! So much security for what is supposed to be a trouble free,Historical,Pride of Britain and "special" time. And yet all we get is screwed up security,various important celebrities & GORDON BROWN no longer attending & a ton of Zion new world order speculation concluding that the whole show is a platform for a secret world agenda!!!
whine whine whine whine whine whine whine Shit happens, Things go wrong. Deal with it. You forgot about the Korean flag blunder by the way. That was classic. Anyway, this report is buying to all the overblown complaints about the Olympics. Why are people incapable of enjoying an international event.
It just doesn't have that great Olympic feeling. Something is seriously off. The Beijing Olympics was amazing even before it started. Nothing but problems with London's preparations and advertising.
Show me ONE olympics venue that has NOT lost a shit load of money....and its the local people that pay for FIRST class seats and never get to go! RESEARCH RESEARCH stop repeating HISTORY!!!!!
Can I forward your message to all those that have been forced out of their homes to make way for this 'fantastic advertising event'?
Hah, they laughed at the Vancouver Olympics!!
If it makes you happy.

BASKETBALL BLUNDERS | Creators Invade London #6 | tristopiaTV

In the final of the series, Alex & Sandra complete basketball shoot-outs! • Watch the other episodes of Not London Still 2012: //bit.ly/Ms7M2f • Follow me on ...

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Now that you mention it... Hadn't thought about that before, but yeah, most Sandra's I know of are female. (Then again, I keep expecting Shannon to be female, but all the people I know with that name are men...)
They call him sandra because his real name is alexanda, but it would get confusing with 2 alex's so they call him sandra :)
Ah. That makes sense... Reminds me of how many names are related to Alexander though... Far too many. XD
Good to see you the other day, wish had more time to hang out. def need to organise a day in london x
I supported Sandra by the way. BTW Sandra is a female-only name in my country.
The links in the end of the video don't work :(
Also Sandra is very competitive haha
thats my middle sisters first name.
Er, has Alex got a combover?!
Same as the guy below.....
nice video :)

3 Minute Rant vid 20 (Olympic blunders already) I Tell Yah.com

Sporty News: London 2012 embarassing blunder

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