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London olympics cycling schedule Videos

Mario & Sonic at the 2012 London Olympic Games (Cycling)

Here's the Cycling event using my main team: Luigi, Mario, Blaze, and Sonic.

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my record is 1.06.45

Mario & Sonic At The London 2012 Olympics - Shooting, Fencing & Cycling Events

PLEASE READ VIDEO DESCRIPTION!* Okay, last video before i do the dream events. This video will include shooting, which isnt too hard, but requires alot of ...

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gostei legal

Cycling at the London 2012 Paralympic Games

Road The 50 medal events that make up the Paralympic Cycling competition feature athletes with a visual impairment, cerebral palsy, amputations or other ...

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Great Video. In honor of what the "IPC" choose to do, discriminate against people pf the world by denying the airing of the Paralympics in the USA. I am going on a trek of up to 3,000 miles around the USA to raise some awareness. On a few important things, as I also collect funds for some very good organizations. The entire adventure to be recorded, and as for the "RIGHT" sponsors... Don't worry I will have "THE RIGHT" sponsors. Ability on TV, Yes, On TV. AbiliTV - 3,000 Mile Trek
the athletes with a visual impairment who compete on a tandem with a sighted pilot on the front ...who does all the work and does the sighted rider get a medal if they win ?
The tandem races are for visually impaired cyclist. The person riding up front is the pilot and is not visually impaired.
Hi, you will be pleased to know that the Paralympic Games will be live-streamed in the USA this year.
They both do the work as a team and both get a medal.

London 2012 Olympics: 'It just came together perfectly', say team pursuit cyclists

Laura Trott, Joanna Rowsell and Dani King say that it was the "hard work" that won them the first ever women's Olympic team pursuit gold in the velodrome.

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Great going to you all. I am an Alopecian so really appreciate someone with my illness getting a gold. WTG to you all!
meanwhile in Africa.....

London 2012 - Cycling: Dave Brailsford OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL MAKER

As Team GB's cycling heroes prepare for the weight of expectation on their shoulders at London 2012, it is worth listening to the wise words of Performance ...

Philip Hindes: London 2012 Cycling fall wasn't deliberate

Team GB cyclist Philip Hindes says he did not fall deliberately ahead of the team's gold medal win. Report by Sam Datta-Paulin. Like us on Facebook at ...

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How are friends relevant here? Should people lose a race on purpose so their friend wins, or...? Because that could also be seen as cheating. Or was that a sarcastic attempt to make people against this British guy look really stupid? Oh, we're better at winter sports than summer, haha! We even got a world record # of golds out of all Winter Olympics, in Canada! It was amazing. I don't watch Olympics to discriminate against every country but my own, though, which seems to make me in the minority!
Thanks for proving me right about your anger impairing your judgement, I guess! I'm not (as) biased (as you) because it doesn't affect me if Britain (or China) gets a medal or not. The only country I'm biased against is America because they annoy me, but that's irrelevant here. You know that rules are factual, right? And you know what the word "cheating" means, right? This isn't hard. Break rules = cheater. Don't break rules = not cheater. Facts. I root for some French athletes too, don't worry!
The interviewer asked him if he was trying to "pull a fast one", and he responded with something like, "yeah, I was trying to go as fast as possible," which makes me think that the "lost in translation" thing isn't total bullshit. Slang is one of the last and most difficult things to learn in a new language, because you'll always be taught the polite/professional things first, and you won't get the full effect or fluency unless you've been living there for a while. Just something to think about
I'm not British, I'm Canadian. Look at how ignorant you were to assume that; it says a lot about your mindset right now. You're incredibly biased because your guys didn't win, right? If someone doesn't break the rules, they're not cheating. That is FACT, and they deserved the gold since they completed the race from start to finish (post-fall) without cheating. It was an exploitation of the rules, but still legal. Kind of like diving in soccer. Facts always win over wild, biased opinions, sorry.
Yeah, I wasn't going to defend him until I saw the interview. Context and tone are extremely important in speech. That's one of the main reasons why sarcasm is so hard to spot on the internet (unless you make it ridiculously obvious). I'm not sure what you mean by their body language. Do you mean when they were laughing at him and shaking their heads? Because that could mean anything from "laughing at his joke" to "lmao what is he even talking about". They didn't look guilty or anything, so...?
Your logic tells me that everything not stated in the track rules is okay. Well.....my guess is that there is no section on kicking other competitors in the face, shooting them, molesting them with a pole etc........so, it must be allowed too, right? Another point......why did the brits shortly after try to deny the fact that he cheated, by saying that he was misunderstood, if everything is perfectly okay....strange dont you think, cause i am sure they read the rules too? Honesty.. come on...
You mean not only are you making ignorant assumptions, you're making BASELESS ignorant assumptions? The IOC, who decide whether or not people should be disqualified, have a headquarters in Switzerland and a president from Belgium. The judges/scorers during every event are from ALL over the world. None of that has anything to do with the host country, and they have no reason to be biased. It's very impossible for any Olympics to be perfect, so you need to look at the facts before bullshitting.
oh well, i don't give a shit upon this loss you know. Also, i'm not saying that British cycling team isn't good or whatever, this is kid trash talk. However, what i'd like to point out is that Great Britain has repeatedly proven during the olympics a strange fair play, and a few teams seem to be playing with rules as their convenience.Also, yes i'm French, no i don't hate on British, so please spare me your free hatred and rudeness i just simply don't give a damn about you and your country.
NO!!!! It's not cheating because he didnt break the rules...there is no doubt that what he did was not particularly moral, but at the end of the day HE DID NOT CHEAT! I really think it is you that doesnt understand... I completely agree with TheLibrarianMarian here...what he did may not have been morally sound, and the rule itself might be completely unsound and rather ridiculous, but it stands, and so he didnt cheat! Plus, his team still THRASHED the world record, no one else came close!
The badminton players were warned during the match to start playing for real, but ignored that warning and continued to deliberately fail. That is a blatant disrespect for the rules (that were re-explained to them during the match), so disqualification makes sense. Meanwhile, if diving in soccer doesn't mean instant disqualification for the player, there's no reason to do it to the cyclist. How can people not comprehend that if you didn't break the rules, you weren't cheating?
Just before this piece of what you refer to as "slang" Hindes said this "I just did it just to get the restart, because I thought our first start wasn't the greatest, so I thought get a restart, just to get the uh play the safe card." It was only then that the expression "fast card" was used. I would also suggest you look again at the interview we have both quoted from and watch the baody language of the other two cyclists when Hindes talks about trying to get a restart.
Why do I have to look into polls that has nth to do with me? I mean why did you even bring that up in the first place? So what if the polls were pro-union. Does that HAS to affect the judging process? I was criticizing the way how the host country was & is dealing with alleged incidents of cheating. One was exhaustive and the other was overlooked. Well I call that bull shit. Whether you agree or not is your choice but I will keep being condescending if it's the latter.
It cannot be cheating. If it was cheating, they would be disqualified. They decision makers were not GB. Cheating is something like - Bauge - missing drugs tests. Furthermore, the Chinese were given a medal despite the same offence the as the GB women. It sucked but it is the rules. Nobody is crying. The fact of the matter remains. They were legitimately the fastest by a mile. Do you really want the fastest out over a technicality? The sport doesnt.
The rule says that if you crash, you can restart. That's it. It does not say anywhere that if you do it on purpose, you're cheating. ***What he did was EXPLOIT the existing rule, which is bad, but not cheating.*** "EXPLOIT: — vb 2. to take advantage of (a person, situation, etc), esp unethically or unjustly for one's own ends" Make sense? In comparison, there IS a rule in badminton that says you cannot intentionally lose, so they were cheaters.
You dont want to answer, i take that as a "no, i dont like that fact that he cheated, but its difficult for me to be objective, so instead i am gonna try with some irrelevant diversions". Just to let you know, i dont like any kind of cheating, no matter where it comes from....and i would never brag about a medal won by way of it! Why not like the other medals (noone tells you that did not do well, cause you did), and admit that this was shit!?
most kids in germany around the age of 11-15 can speak english to a good standard, and there is no doubt over what philip said if you watched the interview live. chris hoy face, when philip admitted it gave it away as well. Is it not even more embarrassing that somebody competing for GB can't even speak english properly, according to you. i hope Philip doesn't get too much flak for this as the management would have instructed him to do so.
In the UCI track rules, subsection 3.2.154 says that you may have a restart for a "mishap". In subsection 3.2.021 it defines a mishap as a fall, a puncture or the breakage of an essential part of the bicycle. Since it does not elaborate on the word "fall" it does not rule out a deliberate fall. That is why the officials and the other teams have said that there was nothing wrong. Please don't comment on matters that you know nothing about.
He did not break any rules, so he did not cheat. This is INCREDIBLY straightforward. What you are doing is going, "I think this guy is an asshole, so he should be disqualified because I don't like him". Is he an asshole? Of course. Did he cheat? No, he stayed within the rules. Therefore, the gold stands. It's kind of funny that you're forced to resort to insults because you have no idea how to counter my points, though.
it's not the same. the badminton players played horribly from start to finish, like a big "fuck you" to the fans who paid to watch them. the british guy was within his sport's rules, he just exploited them and then still tried his best to win fairly in their new start. if you whine about his fall, it'd only be fair to also campaign to get rid of soccer as an Olympic sport for diving and faking injuries all the time.
Cut it out with the "biased" thing. Everyone's opinion is biased. So is yours. Don't speak like you've got the absolute truth cause it makes you sound like some know-it-all loser. An cut it out with "they didn't break the rules" cause it's completely off-topic. By the way, you're canadian, I guess cheating is something appreciated in Canada, considering how much of a joke the judges were in the Vancouver Olympics.
There is nothing to say he was not so embarrassed at falling off he didnt initially pretend he did it on purpose. Many people do. Then he realised it could get him in shit and now looks like a clown... Well, a clown with a world record, gold medal, in a straight race the results of which were never in doubt according to the independent bodies. It is the French crying about this due GB thrashing them, repeatedly.
except it wasnt cheating...cheating would have been to do something that wasnt within the rules...he did not do that. That means that had the french (i think that was who they were racing against but I cant remember) felt they could have got a better start, they could have done the same thing. Sorry but not breaking the rules really means you didnt cheat...so who's the idiot?
Condescending? Hadn't noticed. And actually I brought up the issue of polls because of your statement "you guys hate each others guts". My point was that if you think we all hate each others guts you should check the polls regarding how British people feel towards each other. I wouldn't have brought it up if you hadn't accused us of hating each other.

Community Cycling Fund for London 2012

Overview of grass roots cycling grants supported by Community Cycling Fund (CCFL). The CCFL is funded by Transport for London and administered by the ...

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thank you for inspiring people around the world with your videos.. you could have longer video uploads so more people could appreciate your efforts greetings from Manila,Philippines
Great up-load!

Laura Trott recalls Olympic memories at Ride London cycling event

Laura Trott recalls Olympic memories at Ride London cycling event Subscribe to PA: //bit.ly/XmEY05 A day before she was due to make her Olympic debut ...
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