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A Day in the Life: Cold Calling at Yelp

Read the breakdown of how a day at Yelp looks here: //bananagirlguide.com/2015/02/05/cold-calling-101/

Yelp Hawaii Flash Mob @ Hallowbaloo -- Chinatown, Hawaii 10/29/2011

Yelp Hawaii Flash Mob @ Hallowbaloo -- Chinatown, Hawaii 10/29/2011.

Mobile Windshield Repair Call (888) 647-9771 Lawrence KS, Window|Auto|Glass|Scratch|Quote|Yelp

Fannie Mae Changes

This week I am covering the newest round of Fannie Mae changes that will again impact how self employed borrowers are viewed when qualifying for a ...

creating a sales training program

I got my start in advertising sales as an Account Executive for Yelp.com in New York City, before leveraging those sales techniques and strategies to drive my ...
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