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AT4W# 195 - Dr. Doom's Revenge! VOSTFR

"Personally, I think we should have given sanctions against Dr. Doom more time." Personnellement, je pense qu'on aurait dû sanctionner Dr. Von Fatalis plus ...

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Thor is a brony. He just got 20% cooler.
+Zachary Watson +20% cooler
His favorite pony Princess Luna.


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Ceva despre Joker? 
E foarte complicat cu Joke! :)) iti spun de pe acuma, saptamana care vine avem Spidey,dupaia Bane si dupaia Guardians of the Galaxy (la Joker mai e de documentat)
fa originea lui Rocket Raccoon din Guardians of the Galaxy
Uai,de retinut!!!!! 
Dc pui reclama în timpul clipului 
Ca sa fac bani din clipurile la care am muncit :)

Dr. Doom to Change Tune?

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The US is only on the brink of the shitter so far. Just wait and see the decouple happen as the dollar and the stockmarket begins to fall at the same time when commodities gets to expensive and unemployment gets to high for the market to handle. Roubini and Shiff is both right over a greater period of time. Its impossible to predict the markets every move on its way down just by looking at the fundamentals. Its to early to say someones right or wrong about where it will end.
These guys are all cowards! I mean, how can u backbite someone without him being there to defend himself on TV. They are simply all scared of Roubinis conclusive ARGUMENTS, making them look like fools in national television, especially when Roubinis proven right once again. Anyway, we'll see. I just cant wait to see the next "Nouriel Roubini was right" video, making guys like this look like complete MORONS once again.
Roubini got it absolutely right whereas Schiff got it kinda right in one area and terribly wrong in another. Schiff believed that the world would be able to decouple from the US economy as it went into the shitter. He touted Euro and Asian stocks that have lost a lot more than the DOW. Roubini correctly (which in hindsight should of been obvious) stated that all asset classes would tank. And they did in Dec. '08
Except for the chick, all others on this show are beyond ludicrous.I mean these morons are the problem that caused all the mal-investments.They talk to people about investing there life savings like its a game of foosball or videogame. For years they have been spewing the worst advice to Mr. and Mrs. America.They should be jailed for committing fraud on a massive scale.
'Don't believe the propaganda and thats what it is. When you are listening to an analyst on lobbyist popular financial shows you are not getting investment advice, you are getting propaganda.' 'These firms are trying to sell you stocks, their real clients, the banking clients are trying to get rid off stocks.' /Peter Schiff/ watch?v=sYEsu_tPDo0
how about having the guy on the show... before you criticize what he has to say about the current market situation... what disgrace. And he's wrong all of sudden cause the market had some strength more a few weeks after bullshit stress test...lol... guys been right for 2 years... then wait barely month to say he was wrong... jerkoffs!
Schiff states over and over again that his strategy is for long term growth, not short-term speculation. It is asinine to be talking about the results of his strategy when it hasn't even had time to play out. Just wait a few years, then we can re-assess whether it turned out well after all. I believe it will.
Oh yeah. Where have I heard this line of bullshit before? Oh, from every financial planner I've ever met! "Over time of course your investments blah blah blah blah..." If we've learned anything over the last two years is that there is no such thing as a 'long term horizon' when it comes to investing.
How is it possible that these shameless CNBC stooges can be running down Roubini? They roasted him pretty good. Ofcourse he was not there to defend himself. CNBC is truly pathetic. Anyone who takes advice from these losers deserves what they will get.
Also we've since found out that employment numbers were much worse that month then what was reported. Jeff Mackie seems to believe everything the government says until he founds out its lies and then complains about it.
These losers prolly dont have a clue of the next HUGE crisis right under their noses is, lol They shouldn't put people down for no reason and should talk about the real economy a bit more
yeah, schiff didn't think they would debase their currencies as well to keep the dollar alive. He doesn't think like those idiotic finance ministers in EU and Asian nations
That is true. However, Schiff had his subs stay in Asian and Euro stocks since 07. Btw, he STILL thinks that the Eurozone is a good place to invest.
I don't see where Roubini has softened his view. I do listen to others though like Schiff, Panzner, Shedlock, Austin-Fitts, Celente.
If recession is over, then lets up the rates, stop the bailout, bring back mark to market. Let's see these CNBC goons laugh at that.
What a bunch of stupid f_cks. And we wonder why the country is in deep sh_t. These clowns do not even get what money is.
just let the fucking stock market crash!!!! I don't give a fuck how many people lose jobs. just let everything crash!!!!
American television has some of the most disrespectful and arrogant faces on TV. These clowns are an example of that.
Did you see that bald guy ? What a fucking spasting...METH KILLS! Jesus..where the fuck do you dig up these people ?
The bald-headed douchebag prob doesnt realize Roubini made a small fortune shorting mortgage backed securites in 07
fuckin' speed freaks have too much dopamine clouding their ability to see more than one month ahead of them.
these shows are bullshit - just trying to flog shares to the public. Wall street calls it 'dumb money'.
If you made the opposite trades of Roubini from 2005 until today, you lost TONS of money over all.
i never liked Roubini. He believes the government numbers too much. Shiff and Rogers are better
the USD is doomed. I hope all these guy and working in work gangs and starved of nutrients
Who the fuck is this guy? ive never heard of this guy. I though peter schiff was dr. doom?
melissa lee needs a hard and stiff cock (prefferably mine) up her tight oriental ass
Monkeys can and have been proven to predict markets better then these guys!

Kamekazi Dr Doom Demo

Return of Marvel Legends Doctor Doom (Regular) Review

Where to get the latest action figures and collectibles? Big Bad Toy Store! Click Here: //goo.gl/MLa2oQ Follow Advocate Pinoy on Instagram!

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Great review, I like the new one more detail. As usual the photo's were awsome, got the ligting to the that menacing look.
+Kuldip Binning Thanks, bro! :D
What is the ending music of this video? Its amazing!
Not sure :( It's just a track I downloaded 2 years ago that's packed along with other instrumentals :)

Doctor Doom - All Missions Cleared - Marvel vs Capcom 3

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Sadly im back god i cant stand mission 9s dooms is the worst cant seem 2 connect crouch H into molecular shield and what makes this funny doctor doom and magneto are the last 2 people i need to finish ugh why me and also help
ok i final did it i had to watch your video over and over again until i saw where i went wrong after about 20 trys of no luck i final got it thanks for the help cant wait to see your other videos
Ok i just watch this video but i dont get it mission 9 is my only porblem is this combo like wesker mission 8 cause if it is i think im doing it wrong can u help
@SoulDrago315 You need to start by jumping directly on top of viper, or else you won't be close enough to hit the second molecular shield.
Ooooh ok i get it but what about super skrull is he suppose to hit before the sweep or after?
How do u do mission 9 of doctor doom i can only start it than i get lost after that
Ok one more question do i call super skrull just as i start the crouching attacks?
@SoulDrago315 Press it at the same time as the L before it.
@SoulDrago315 After, around the same time as Hard Kick
@SoulDrago315 Can you be more specific?
1:01 magically 78 hit combo.
You make it look easy.
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