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Boston radar eyes Videos

Boston - More than a feeling 1976

I looked out this morning and the sun was gone Turned on some music to start my day I lost myself in a familiar song I closed my eyes and I slipped away It's ...

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Who on earth gives a thumbs down to Boston on youtube?!
+Morpheus Ah! That explains it.
+Xeokym Idonthinkso People who lost control of their mouse due to the awesomeness of Boston.

Red Eye Filmz-Radar ft Nesto & Nemo(3 Amigos)

Radar Ft Nesto & Nemo 3 Amigos off the "ON MY GRIND" Mixtape Coming Soon Directed By Nesto Co Directed By Ja'Vu Richporte(Red Eye Filmz) Shot ...

GtaV - 20 mins of off the radar Shinanigens!

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Brilliant and well timed editing.... Well Done!
Thankyou very much, ittook a lot of time considering this is my first attempt at detailed editing:) I Appreciate your feedback! :D

Boston's Rob Font excited to resume UFC career

Boston's Rob Font excited to resume UFC career.

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O wow i remember this Guy...hope he does well and stays focused...i think he has a lot of potential...he just needs to get there..and maintain.
Font's a smart fighter and he looks so poised all the time. Can see him being in the top 10 soon

Quiet Desperation (Season 1 Ep-3) "Creepy Dickhead Eyes" Reality Sitcom Out Of Boston

//quietd.com (Season One or 1) Reality Sitcom Out Of Boston. Episode 3 of three of Quiet Desperation. This episode touches upon raves and creating an ...

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oh yes... all fingers... they're rather special hands. -My Lover, Peter Bowers ROBBY. (the heart) NIKKI. (delicious) BRUCE. (fucking GREAT) DUSTIN. (amazing) BEDGOOD, BEDGOOD, BEDGOOD. power. and Jesus Christ, Madaus. Beautifully done.
robby-- catching up on this series to-day with the Kman-- we are so crazy stoked and enjoying this happy biscuits all around. more harassment forthcoming! xo
Very funny. I especially love "Bruce," because the character is fantastically close to reality. I'm looking forward to the next one.
Excellent video! Mehran was definitely channeling the 18 year old teenage girl who found an opium den in the woods with bears!
Ho shit! That's near the Pit! You should have stopped by the part of the river by JFK...that's the hang spot.
Oh and, "the album has hit the audience, we are under attack." I peed a little.
This is going on a dvd. Amazing Timing and Fearlessness. Peace
missed opportunity for a gas plug but otherwise brilliant.
Robby needs some pain in his life, someone rape him.
2:55, is that the Mormon king from Big Love??
"what's the deal with sausages" haha!!!(^-^)
I saw Panda Bear from the animal collective

Britney Spears - Circus Tour Opening - Boston, MA

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Ahhh I'm so mad this show is overrrr :( I was looking forward to it for like 3 months and it was INCREDIBLEEE!
I LOVE IT! i hope she'll have her tour her in Manila, Philippines! britney pls do so! Philippines Love Brit!
OMG im sooo excited now cause in 5hours im going to britney concert here IN VANCOUVER CANADA... ARPIL 8
Did any of you get any really good pics? Most of mine didn't come out so great.
Look at all the cameras going of the second she gets lowered! I cryed

The ATF in Ted Cruz's eyes

//www.guns.com/2015/04/15/ted-cruz-on-what-the-atf-is-and-what-it-should-be-video/ - Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz discussed with Guns.com at the ...

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All Texans need to vote Ted Cruz. I know I am. We cannot let Hilary win. God help us all, if Bernie Sanders gets elected.
+Stephen N Hillary for Prison 2016!
+Stephen N Funny you say that, Bernie is actually pretty lax on Gun control in his Home State Vermont... It's part of why I'm voting for him.
+Stephen N I think Ted C. would be a great candidate. If Barney or Hellary get elected.............................I will leave the Country and find a small Island to live on. At least there I will be free.
+Trump 2016 Both of you still need us Libertarians and Non Partisan Voters. You have to meet us half way. Republicans vote republican, Democrats Vote Democrat. Look at how fox news treated Ron Paul. You can't have a republican in office with out us. With that said, Fox news hating Trump kind of makes me like him. Maybe he is our middle ground?
+Stephen N Cruz CANNOT win against hillary. Must be #Trump2016
Senator Cruz is brilliant. He is going to be a man among boys during the debates.
+Bill Cashman He's an idiot with no chance to be President.
The BATFE should *never* have existed in the first place, Cruz. *You* of all people should *know better* by now. *You* efforts should damn well be focused on *abolishing it.*
+HTHAMMACK1 Except that the "Old West" was not nearly as violent as New York City's southeast quarter, and even then, people still weren't allowed to do whatever they wanted, either.That is a classic, neatly-packaged and long-debunked Red Herring/Straw Man combo fallacy based entirely on TV spaghetti westerns and Clint Eastwood movies - which are basically western-themed soap operas - and bears almost no resemblance to reality whatsoever. And you know it.
+Excedrine So we should have no laws as it relates to guns. We should just go back to old west in the 1800s and just allow people to do what they want?

Quiet Desperation (Season 1 Ep-6) "Kickball" Reality Sitcom Out Of Boston

//quietd.com (Season One or 1) Episode Six or 6 "Kickball" Mockumentary... Reality Sitcom Out Of Boston. Quiet Desperation episode six or 6. This episode ...

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gold dust. going to be saying that all week now.
+Rob Potylo Hell yea I have been. lol
+BostonDeadHead Did you say it all week?
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