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Durham university phd Videos

The Archaeology of Leprosy: Challenging Stigma

Ms Kori Filipek-Ogden is a PhD student at Durham University's archaeology department. Kori's research examines Medieval skeletons to study the clinical and ...

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Sounds as though the main hope is to stop the religious ostracizing lepers. Good on her and her colleagues.
+WarblesOnALot Going a bit feral is a very pleasing feeling. I applaud you.
+WarblesOnALot I do not acknowledge your propitiation, nor does it hold sway in my life, as you propose. Sorry, life's like that sometime. Don't let this get you down, though. Follow your dreams.
+WarblesOnALot If you find pleasure in differing shades of gray please enjoy your ventures. I find simplicity in Atheism and can draw a clear distinction between magic and the natural order of things. The natural order of things is under constant study and revision, that's a good thing. later
+WarblesOnALot Here Here..!, the Atheist wheeled empirical science much like a super power to bludgeon those who slather on about Sim Salabim poof voila. LOL
+Archaeosoup Productions Yes, she found that in the distant past spiritual people cared for the lepers then that care seemed to change. Or, was it that society cared for the lepers in the distant past and that had changed? Perhaps I injected a religious bios where one need not be.
Actually, as Kori says, it's primarily religious folk who provide care in these circumstances.Often the problem is broader social 'norms' re: clean and dirty, diseased and healthy etc. Obviously religion has a lot to answer for, but remember it's not the cause of every distasteful societal trait.Thanks as ever for commenting :)

The Customer Led Network Revolution (CLNR)

Why Duke University: Econ Ph.D. Students Weigh In

Duke Economics Ph.D. students discuss their favorite things about the doctoral program, Duke University, and Durham. If you are interested in learning more ...

Importance of Tacit Knowledge in Education | Richard Brock | TEDxCambridgeUniversity

All good teaching must start with some sort of common assumption between the teacher and the student. These assumptions can then provide the basis upon ...

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Very dangerous talk. Arguing in favor of tacit knowledge and not in favor of the common link of fact and stance/ disposition/ ethos :), it can be easy to overlook how these two mutually shape our way of thought. Richard Brock mentions psychology and philosophy which are important factors to be considered. Sharing ones thoughts in a proper manner is a means of combining factual knowledge with "instict" (as it was refered to, during the speech) and vice versa. Indeed there has to be a revolution in how we proceed to aquire and implement knowledge in everyday life and an important factor might be communication with proper thymos (as described in the beginning of Peter Sloterdijks book - Zorn und Zeit). There has to be more public room fot this debate, I claim.
Tacit knowledge example for me... In my life as a computer administrator, I would ALWAYS reboot a computer system at least twice after installing a program, because I had the tacit knowledge that if I didn't do this ritual... something weird or bad would happen later, sometimes much later, and would be hard to figure out. Thanks for teaching me this powerful concept.
Good teachers already do this (don't just teach facts - intrigue, challenge and create experiences for students). Their gut feeling (tacit knowledge), along with some experience in creating products in the real world, tell them this. Steve Jobs once said that young entrepreneurs should be attracted into teaching, I agree, they would do all of the above automatically.
Paused the video at the coin example, had insight when I discovered the solution. Took me 1 minute. Wow
You should talk to Derrick, the guy from the Veritasium channel.
Not a very complimentary camera angle at 1:20
A great talk!


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