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Hamilton college gift store Videos

Go Skate Day Hamilton By The Local Skate Shop

Go Skate Day Hamilton By The Local Skate Shop #thelocalskateshop905.

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dopppe! i wish my ollie was in there lol but still dope

Doug Wilson Interviews Mark Driscoll (Part II) | Spiritual Gifts & Cessationism

Doug Wilson interviews Mark Driscoll on Spiritual Gifts and Cessationism. //www.canonwired.com/featured/driscoll-wilson-spiritual-gifts/ Subscribe on ...

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Reformed Charismatic is an oxymoron
I'm a Confessional Lutheran and I'm nervous that we'll lose an ally to this plague. :P
all the spiritual gifts are for the Church today - they never ceased
It amazes me how unkind and ungracious people claiming to be Christians are on this forum. People are flawed and people fall. To automatically negate what Mark did, which was often very good, is not a proper Christian thing to do. If you disagree, that is fine, please do. Reject what you see as improper as you are indeed called to do so. However, one should always do so with a little humility (or maybe a lot) because YOU are not God and YOU do not know the end of all things. WE will not know how this all shakes out until we stand before God. So, to state things categorically as if you are the final arbiter of theology is to be very dangerously close to placing yourself on someone else's seat (God's). Stand up, get on your knees and pray for a wounded brother and actually put your faith to work for good rather than evil - which is what I would call the MEANNESS of so many of these posts. 
+Joel Appenzeller "Wounded??" That term refers to someone who has been hurt while fighting the good fight. My eyes are bleeding! Sheesh. Phil WOUNDED HIMSELF! He needs and needed to go through church discipline. I never have trusted him...and I certainly wouldn't trust him now. My first impression of this video...in the first couple of minutes...reminds me of a mature adult interviewing a young child who has too much education, and is still a child.
Doug Wilson needs to be more sober minded in his speech. How many times during this interview did he try to be witty, clever and funny instead of seriously seeking the mind of the Lord? In addition both these men appear to have a mis-understanding of how the early church operated as per Mark Driscoll's following comment at 16:20 "We'd never allow that at a meeting...(referring to somebody speaking what they believed the Lord gave them)... If you feel like God has given you something you go meet with the elders, they'll convene and pray. Nobody gets to just talk. I mean... my golly then your church turns into some Jerry Springer episode. That's bad." I don't think the early church needed the approval of the elders before speaking among the congregation or before they went into the streets to herald forth the gospel. They were all in agreement for the most part in what they believed and spoke and everything tested by the word of God. Surely there must have arose disagreements from time to time but these would have been handled in a spirit of meekness and love for the truth. "And the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets." 1 Cor. 14:32 Colossians 1:18 says that Christ is to have the preeminence in all things NOT the pastor, NOT the church building or music ministry or elders or the religious denomination. A local gathering of believers is to be Christ-centered. Acts 4:32, says "they were of the same heart and soul. Acts 1:14, States they prayed and continued together in "one accord". Note again the word "all". Most local churches today are nothing more than organizations rather than an organism consisting of lively stones fitted together upon the Rock, Jesus Christ, who is the chief cornerstone. Any 501c3 incorporated church is NOT a New Testament church so this eliminates 90% of all local churches because any 501c3 church is a creation of the State carrying out public policy and is therefore a State church under the State's jurisdiction rather than Christ's jurisdiction. Such churches are muzzled and have lost their authority.
+Eli K The true church of Jesus Christ never paid taxes because it is a creation of Jesus Christ and NOT the State but a state church might be subject to taxes and that includes most congregations today. The power to tax is the power to destroy and whatever is taxed or licensed you don't own.
+Carlton Williams What? You think any church that doesn't want to have to pay taxes on people's tithes is automatically not a real church? That doesn't make any sense and is most certainly not Biblical.
Driscoll claims in this talk that God actually spoke to him and gave him some heavenly advice. Apparently he told Driscoll to 'preach the bible, plant churches and train men' Er, I thought good ol' Yahweh was meant to be omniscient. Wasn't the Guy in the Sky able to see how things would turn out when Driscoll acted on these holy words? A monumental fuck-up on all front is what happened - one which has made Driscoll and his Mars Hill church an international laughing stock. I reckon the Christian god needs to brush-up on his omniscience skills as a matter of urgency... 
+Utopian Lobotomy I think God exposed him as human being shaped by God. 
God knows if Driscoll was going to "make some crazy ungodly things", still he appointed Driscoll to be a church planter, pastor, and teacher. Why? I don't know. But Driscoll has blessed a lot of people in a lot of things, and in this way God's name is glorified. A lot of biblical figures screwed up as well. But God still used them anyway. Why? Perhaps so their pride can be broken and proclaim all the glory belong to God alone. 
What I really wanted to hear was how he paid a company to fiddle the sales figures of his sex book in order to get it into the best-sellers list. Still, when an alleged 'man of god' resorts to underhand and dishonest practices, I suppose it's OK...
+MrsWebfoot For those who do not understand the Result Source scandal, here is a more accurate description of how Result Source works. Mars Hill had to pay $35,000 to Result Source to manage the best seller scam plus they had to pay for 11,000 books - 6,000 at retail, 5,000 at bulk. This is how you get to over $210,000 in tithes funding this scheme. The books were neither stolen nor bought for the church for later use. Bulk orders for the church are limited to about 56 copies in order to count for the NTBS list. Saying all 11,000 were simply purchased for use at Mars Hill is a false and misleading statement, however unintentional, and I assume it was. This was a carefully orchestrated scheme. Mark and Grace Driscoll met with their agents Yates & Yates and were informed of all of the details, and they agreed to this. Sutton Turner approved the contract and paid the invoice. It was the MHC members who were both deceived and forced to foot this nearly a quarter of a million dollar bill so that Mark could forever advertise himself as a NYTBA. He reaped the benefits booking gigs on Fox News and The View. He loved every minute of this. The reason people need to not forget this is because Mark is unfit for ministry for a number of very serious reasons and he refuses to seek restoration and is still taking the pulpit actively right now. From a commenter on Wartburg Watch (this is consistent with everything I have read in first hand accounts and review of contract) It was in response to someone asking if credit card fraud was involved in this scheme: "This is my understanding of how ResultSource works based on my review of the MH contract, internal memos and other articles. Perhaps others can add to this. Although some ResultSource employees might use credit cards in their own names, I believe the bulk of the “credit cards” used are simply pre-paid Master Cards, Visas and American Express cards. It acts the same as a gift card. You can purchase and load money on these anonymously. The other payment types used by RS are Amazon, Barnes & Noble, BAM!, Borders and similar retailers’ gift cards.The way it works is that the author – think Perry Noble or Mark Driscoll – are required to submit a minimum of 1,000 different names and addresses with no more than 350 per state to RS prior to the book’s launch date. Someone from the author’s camp has to enter the 1,000+ names and addresses PLUS fill out 6,000+ personalized gift order messages (the 240 character box you use when sending a gift) with all that then being transmitted to RS along with enough cash to purchase those books at or near retail (well over $100,000 depending on the price of your book). Then “magically” people all over the US receive up to 6 books in the mail from book retailers like Amazon, B&N, BAM! and Borders, etc as a “gift”. The person receiving the book neither desired nor ordered it and likely won’t even read it. The cost of those 6,000 books at or near retail is paid for by the church’s tithers and may end up in a goodwill box or trash bin, unread. This really happens. I know someone who received one of James Robison’s hard cover books in their mailbox with a gift card using their name and telling them James felt called by The Lord to give them this book. It was a little weird and invasive. The book was about Right Wing Christians taking back America.The remaining 5,000 are bulk orders. The author has to submit the names and addresses of 90 retailers/organizations for a drop shipment of books (average 56 books per address). Pastors tend to comply by shipping bulk orders, for “free”, to other churches plus bible colleges or seminaries. Again, the author’s tithers pay for books that no one asked for. These 5,000 are purchased at a bulk discount. It’s a great way to try to indoctrinate students with the false doctrine taught by people who are in the act of cheating and deceiving when the students/congregants receive the books. Hurray for Christendom!Mars Hill had to foot the bill for all 11,000 books (which was approximately $200,000) PLUS pay ResultSource an additional $35,000 in fees for RS coordinating the purchases via on-line retailers (mostly) using their pre-paid debit and gift cards. It’s a nice chunk of change for only having to enter pre-typed data about 1,100 times. So while no credit card theft is involved there still is a bit of identity invasion in that someone’s personal name and address will be used to ship the unwanted, unsolicited books to. Hope this helped.
+MrsWebfoot No problem. But I never said Driscoll had stolen the books. Indeed, nobody has accused him of that. What he did, amongst other things, was use church funds to make it appear that the public had bought far more copies of his book than were sold legitimately. Anyway, it's now academic, as I see he has resigned from Mars Hill.
+MrsWebfoot What the f**k are you on about? Driscoll arranged for a company to fiddle the sales figures of his sex book. He used church funds to do it. Did Mars Hill know at the time? No, they didn't. When the church found out, they were not best pleased. Why do you think that they kicked his fat ass out the door for six weeks? Because they were delighted with the way their chief pastor was behaving?Actually, it's now 8 weeks and he has still to show his face. Jesus took only three days to come back from the dead. Allegedly. Looks like Driscoll is going to take a lot longer (if he makes it at all).
It's okay, he only did it because God told him to. 
Check out this guy Wilsons bio on Wiki and his "slavery" views. Crazy, Oh yeh he is from Idaho, land of the white supremacist
+Daniel Malloy how is your ministry? You are clueless
+Izzachar MannIzz, I was joking, however these guys are clueless on the baptism in th HS. They mentione George Mueller as a charasmatic, which he was not, great man of faith, but not charasmatic.
You and others may disagree with Pastor Wilson, but I do not think he is a racist. Read the dialogue between Pastor Thabiti Anyabwile and Douglas Wilson.You can find much of the dialogue by going to his blog. Blog and Mablog (dougWilsDOTcom) do a search for Thabiti Anyabwile. Much can be leaned of his viewed from this dialogue.
I wasn't offended, I just haven't met one. When I lived in Huntington Beach California I saw Nazi skin heads all the time. I don't know how we got that rep. I have heard that there are some militias up in northern ID.
NampaNo offense, I was just commenting on the racist attitude of the Pastor, and whether you know it or not the rest of the country views Idaho as a bastion for militias and white power groups. 
I have lived in Idaho for 6 years and have yet to meet a white supremacist. Maybe they are hanging out with Bigfoot in the deep woods.

The Palladium Theater St Pete Fl

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There's an echo before you even get in the door. That's gotta be a good sign. :)
Talk about regular wise guys being Italian I love it lmao straight bosses
You guys need a sitcom immediately!!!!!!!
Queens loves you Vic!!

Historic Daniel Boone Home Gift Shop Renovation - Lindenwood University

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Christmas shopping at the E. J. Korvette store in New York; Operation Christmas S...HD Stock Footage

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Great video! I've subscribed and hope you can check out my channel too!
+BlueBee thank you
this is super helpful, thankyou xx
+Ashleigh Phillips glad you enjoyed!!
great vid! I have a channel too if you want check it out and sub
+Olivia Aimes thank you

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