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Bringing Human Services Technology into the 21st Century

Bringing Human Services Technology into the 21st Century: The Role of Change Management in Facilitating Innovation This free, online event was held on April ...

BBC Persian Screening - The Baha'is of Iran

28/06/2011 - The Q&A session following the Screening The films producers; Kasra Naji, Special Correspondent BBC Persian and Rozita Riazati, producer for ...

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Why? 1- Because Baha'is of Iran are Iranians, & they love their country just like anyone loves their country of birth & the birthplace of their faith and their prophets. 2- Baha'is want to serve their country and their fellow Iranians by contributing to its advancement, again, just like others. 3- You are incorrect. Vast majority of Iranians now know what Bahais stand for, who they are, & they love Baha'is. They don't harbor prejudice, but the government and clergy hate Baha'is and the Faith.
It looks like the muslims in Iram are not only against baha'is, they kill also other religious monorities or otherwise they call them dirty. All other people for them are non believers and they give themselves the right to kill others, belittle them and call them dirty dogs. I don't think there is anything wrong with other religions, no matter what they say and if they are right or wrong, they will be accused by these Mullahs because they have to pack their busiess and leave.
In Koran it says - if you go to hell do not blame the mullahs, and also only 1 out of 73 sects of Islam will go to heaven. You better think hard about this. Even your Holy book also says most of you will be wrong. - Read and think don't just follow the leaders blindly. Prophet Mohammed has given many warning to his people in so many parts in Koran. He knows that most of Moslem will do the wrong things. This is the word of God not mine.
were all human and we have the same right, its true but its obviouse that iranian majority dont like to have a bahai neighbour,so why dont you leave iran and immigrate to ur favorite land of jews!you will be in peace and iranians will be too,you cant change the conflicts that happened between shias and bahais in these 2 centuries
My grandfather was beat up in a mosque in Gamsar for changing his religion to Baha'i. His unconcious body was found in the desert near the town by a trader travelling in caravan and taken to the town of Kashan. He remained to be a Baha'i for the rest of his life.
of course i will go to hell . what do you think u will go to heaven . you need to be 100% true to allah . and that is hard . so you do the math .
Bahai says they have no connection with Israeli government than why the Bahai are not allowed to teach there religion to Israeli jews??????
what does my pic have anything to do with you freasking spies? dickface
All lies in this documentary .Baha'is are bunch of retards and traitors
Accusing people is so simple. Can you produce a proof?
same here bro i have alot of baha'i friend also afghan

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