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How to change illustrator canvas size Videos

Illustrator CS6 Pattern artboard size tutorial

Creating tiling patterns has become easier in CS6. But its features are oftentimes demonstrated using a simple, single design where size is not an issue. What if ...

How to use artboards in illustrator

Follow this step by step tutorial to learn How to use artboards in Adobe Illustrator. Don't forget to check out our site //howtech.tv/ for more free how-to videos!

Illustrator: Setting up your workspace

60 Second Photoshop Tutorial Change Canvas Size HD

Graphic Tutorials, After Effects Tutorials, Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials, Tutorials, Photoshop Tutorials, Illustrator Tutorials, WordPress Tutorials, PHP Tutorials, ...

Using The Artboard Tool In Adobe Illustrator

Shows how to use the Adobe Illistrator Artboard Tool to change or adjust the area of a graphic file for saving to the web. //www.cnetsys.com C-Net Systems ...

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You can make it match the size of your artwork exactly by grouping the objects together, then clicking on it with the Artboard tool selected (don't drag), then you can delete the larger artboard by selecting it and hitting backspace/delete. Make sure all your text is outlined though or you'll have it potentially cut off the descenders (like the "y" in this video) as happened here. It saves you a few seconds and helps all those with OCD when it comes to lining it all up haha.
Thank you so much. I really appreciate this video it was so helpful and user friendly. I'm doing an multimedia module using flash, indesign, web hosting and illustrator. I couldn't figure out how to make the graphic mobile. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
im using cs5 and i cant copy the guides inside the artboard. i looked it up and i cant find anything. droping the guide on the artboard doesnt help. Is it something related with preferences? Thanks!
Thanks for the tutorial. Does anyone know how to make artboards "snap to grid" or "snap to guides"? They are not snapping for me. My objects do snap, but not my artboards - very frustrating.
i have a question. is it possible to copy an artboard from one illustrator file, and simply paste it into the canvas of another illustrator file?
After four hours of searching I finally found you... with all my heart, thank you.
I'm using version CS2, but I can't find the Artboard tool on that version.
Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!
great tutorial, ive also created one,
Thank you, I needed this!
cool thanks!

Omnigraffle Pro (5.4) Tutorial - Getting Started

Here is a not-so-brief introduction to getting started with Omnigraffle. Supplemental files used in the tute: ...

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Hi! Thank you for this video. I did the shortcut as you showed but the Group and Ungroup just doesn't work for me. The Zoom works fine. And I am using v6. Any ideas?
Thank you so much! I tried what you said and it's working now. :)
+April Yang Sometimes The Mac OS keyboard short cuts wont take if you have the app open. Also, if the keyboard short cuts already exist (like you've created them already or want to change them), editing the previously existing ones usually doesn't carry over. Try deleting them and creating a new one.

How to Align Objects | Adobe Illustrator

Do you REALLY know how to pack correctly? We didn't either... Click here to learn How to Pack Like a Pro: //bit.ly/1SOIXuw Watch more How to Use Adobe ...

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You didn't really explain how to make a key object. You spent all this time on common knowledge stuff, but didn't cover the more crucial, difficult to understand topics. Disappointing.
Nods head in agreement.
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