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Mercedes new zealand Videos

Mercedes AMG SEC Widebody in New Zealand

My 1985 Mercedes AMG SEC Widebody. Black, 81000km, 5.4L SOHC V8, AMG headers, full Alpaca grey leather interior, AMG steering wheel, AMG white on ...

User Comments

@casper - is it possible for you to find another one like this?
Nice, similar to the E30 chassis BMW M3. (00[][]00)
What happened to this car? Did it stay local?
That its how a Real Car should look like!
These are great, timeless cars...
is the car for sale mate :) ?
No, been gone for 6 mths now.
Still for sale? Link to ad?
Yes it is. For NZ$26,000.
fantastic condition !

MERCEDES S CLASS - TEST DRIVING | Dusty Road in Auckland - New Zealand

S-Klasse Mercedes - Mercedes S Class Testdriving on dusty road and Off-Road in New Zealand | Juergen Schreiter Testdriving Mercedes S-Class.

L 319 D Mercedes-Benz New Zealand Feb.78 Carol and Danny

We drove our yellow camper starting from Germany in 1976 to New Zealand and sold it in Gisborne to Carol and Danny in February 1978. Can you help us to ...

2012 Mercedes Benz E63 AMG Gulliver New Zealand

Brought by Gulliver New Zealand, Mercedes Benz E63 AMG Twin Turbo is a great car to drive. This driving under blue sky, no other traffic, no traffic lights, ...

Mercedes-Benz New Zealand AMG Drive Day 2011

YEP New Zealand - Selection Camp - Mercedes Benz day

//www.mikehorn.com A total of 27 persons, including 9 Young Explorers, were involved in an expedition through the largest National Park of New Zealand, ...

2014 AMG Snow Challenge, New Zealand

The AMG Snow Challenge was once again held at the Snow Farm located 35km from Wanaka and 55km from Queenstown, New Zealand on the top of the Pisa ...
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