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Knestor visits SYDNEY HARBOR

Knestor in a rare bit of good weather, as Australia heads into their winter, looking out on the harbor at the iconic Sydney Opera House.

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Sydney's beautiful, definitely adding it to my list of places to visit. No, the good people keep getting back up because we must

Sydney Vegan Club Bike Ride to Wollongong

Damon, Parag, Dean and myself went on a nice long ride to Wollongong today in stunning weather on a beautiful Australian winter day. We started the trip in the ...

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Looked like great conditions for such a scenic ride. Thanks for sharing :)

Virgin Australia A330-243 [VH-XFB] - Takeoff from Sydney - 12 July 2011

Kings Gappies Manly Trip 2015

Awesome trip to Manly Via Sydney Harbour! Good to spend an amazing day with 5 legends! Australians should be band from using the word winter!! the ...

Coming Home To Baby Cat And Winter Snow

The Off Grid Project will continue. There is a new playlist called "The Off Grid Project" where videos will be showing up this year. I had an exhausting but good ...

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Good to know you're home safe mate - ignore the idiots.
Thanks. Hard to ignore someone who wants my channel shut down. Its a mess but I keep plowing forward.
Welcome back. Can't wait to see more of your phony, pointless, "off-grid" lifestyle. Hope your business manager gets out of jail, and you get a lot of sponsors and donations this year.
Well thank you very much. I wish the best for you too :)
Did u find Australia expensive ?? I was in the USA a couple of Months ago and found it extremely cheap. I wish I had have known you were in Brisbane, I would have driven down to say G'Day...I live an hour north of Brisbane on the Sunshine Coast. anyway, looking forward to your upcoming projects and videos. 
Yes Australia is very expensive for US citizens. I wanted to mention that and forgot. It opens up the US for Australian tourism. You guys have it made over here.
@11:30 Looks like you were doing some chem-trailing on the way home.
Sort of looked that way, huh
Glad your back. I did not watch too many Aussie videos, sorry. I don't like bugs, snakes, etc. I liked watching the parts of your flights back. Looking out the window while flying is just the most fun thing for me. Great to see Baby Cat even though she didn't jump through hoops seeing you. Can't wait to see how the project held up while you were gone! Welcome home.
Thanks. I also cant wait to get back to the RV and see how things wintered. I am still trying to get my car out of the snow.
Welcome back troy!!
Damn there is a lot of Trolling going on here. Great you made it back safe, and had a good experience down under. 
Looks like Baby Cat put on some weight. Should serve her well on the homestead. Looking forward to seeing how things held up. You're probably in for some rough going at first. But, I noticed a new "but that's ok " attitude - which is probably a great thing you learned on your trip. Maybe that can be your new mantra ... No matter what trouble you face just say "but that's OK". I sure hope you are able to make syrup ... that sounds amazing! Thanks again for sharing your trip. Old Timer Lee- My comments don't work right on this Android but I wanted to say " Ditto!" To your comment. Your are right! I think we are all bored with the trolls guilt by association baloney...and all their other whining for that matter. So glad Troy has held up so well to their attacks. Evil shall NOT win.
Welcome back Troy , looking foward to seeing your videos on the offgrid . 
Thanks. Cant wait to finish the trip and get going.

Canon HF M31 test Jessica Watson's boat in Sydney

Test shots of my new Canon HF M31. Only my second day out with the camera, still lots to learn (like to NOT use 25FP mode!). I went to Darling Harbour in ...

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Hey there, does your camera make a noise when you zoom in? I bought buy and when I zoom in or out it makes a noise. sound like a motor noise
it's canon LEGRIA hf m31, isn't it? =) however it's really nice!
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