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2001 honda accord supercharger Videos

Virtual Tuning 2011 Honda Accord V6 Vtec Turbo Supercharger XD

ps aki perdiendo el tiempo en un honda accord 2011 virtual tuning.

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Nice job, man! :)

2001 Acura CL Type S with Comptech Supercharger Supercharged

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Gat the same car 01 acura cl type s comtect supercharge.and headers and full exhust 6 speed cant complain super fast
What supercharger did you put in it and where did you get it from I have one and trying to hook it up.
I think that supercharger is like 3 grand maybe less, last time I checked was 5 years ago.
How good does the transmission hold up. I found with a new tranny 178,000 on the car
how much did it cost for that supercharger
dam nice i wanna get one now
haha sickk!

Full catback exahust, headers and supercharger on v6 Accord ocupe m/t 6 speed

RIPP Tuned 200whp 2001 Accord EX Turbo F23A Automatic

This is a RIPP tuned Accord with a small Garret turbo, ported head and 2.25-3" exhaust system. Its being tuned with a Greddy Emanage Ult on stock injectors ...

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now i got a couple of questions for a similar build, have u found a good set of aftermaket pistons and rods for the F23, i have had no good luck. and how good are the stock internals holding up to 5 psi and have u boosted higher or heard of anyone that has on stock internals on the F23. Whats better for the accord as far as tuning managment goes atleast for your money, thanks
@markkjay In case you did not know the 200 hp v6 is not any faster stock than a 2.3l 4 banger of the same body style. and the 3.0 was not built with a manual until it was put in the girly looking 2003 body. Turbo that automatic and you will be swapping trannies every 20k miles. Bigger engine= more wieght..weight all in the front= bad handling. now you know why
@reydeboricuaz1 a year late but just so you know our 3.0 v6 accords are 200 hp yes...but to the crank. his is 200 WHP...that's 200 to the wheels dude. our accords will put out 200hp but due to power lose through numerous things in the car we can make out 150ish WHP so yea...he's still faster than us with his 4 banger.
Im hoping to do a turbo build on my f22b1. Im built for all motor as far as internals go right now. Pushing 283 whp @ 5800rpm and 310 ft/lbs @ 5200rpm with a built head and high comp pistons. i want to see what some turbo pistons on 8psi will do :D 350whp?
@reydeboricuaz1 Congragulations you bought a V6 accord that does the same 1/4 mile of a stock f23a1, but handles alot worse! SMART GUY That car in this video woud stomp your car by at least 3 car lengths in a 0-60 race
CONGRADULATIONS, YOU JUST GOT TO THE HORSEPOWER OF A 3.0 V6 ACCORD STOCK!!! lol, im just fuckin wit u, i have a 3.0 v6 that im lookin to convert to stick since they never made that style accord v6 with manual tranny
j/w iam about to start to turbo my auto accord how did you tune it how what i understand the transmission computer is in with the engine computer and i was wondering how you managed to get around that?
well what i'm saying is that you should have done the turbo last. you should have probably tried to tune it up to 200+ then add the turbo, which will then add on amazing hp lol
An Auto Accord this one makes 140 whp with heads and cam and header. The turbo brought it up to 230ish with a slipping clutch... please read the description before posting.
im tryin to turbo my 1999 Accord lx, all i have on it is the exhaust, how much more would it take to run about 8psi, cause i cant find any pistons or rods for the F23.
nice car ,but i can easily make a F23A have 200+hp with out a turbo. just a noter. and with a turbo i can probably make 300+ easily. believe it or not.
hey are you guys located in NY? i think by the name of shahid and his accord was modded at your place. put out about 363.29whp 314.08wtq @ 11PSI.
how much does it cost to turbo a auto accord cuz im looking to get one. and how can the psi be before its too dangerous for the engine
Yes, we are swapping the trans and getting through the electronics involved. We will post results as soon as we get them.
it would be better off to get a 5spd, u cant rely on 98-2002 accord automatic trannys as there was a HUGE recall on them
200HP is not alot get a 16psi turbo kit or something which is worth it rather then a 4 or 8 psi kit you are getting.
what can you do for a k24a series engine. I want to build up my 06 2.4L accord but having trouble finding parts
Cool, this car now has a custom turbo system and is making 340whp with 10psi... we will have video up soon.
I Pulled out the crappy F23 and the Auto and put in a H22 with LSD and Im going to Boost the H22
swapping, so your going for a 6speed manual, or just beefing up the auto trans thats in it?
@acurais1 It's the transmission... He's purposely going to let it die and do a manual swap.
do you still have the front lip cause I want to buy it and put it on my 02 accord sedan
wow dats a stock F23A with turbos? cool! I have a stock one myself. Thanks for the vid
i could never really understand on how they dyno an automatic car. anyone know?
r u still using ur auto tranny thats slipping or u got a new tranny with that?
3.0 V6 makes 200? 3.5 makes 210/240? Why not turbo one of those instead?
There are no 6spd trany for the I4, 6spd only available in V6 model.
Its all custom, sleeve, pistons and rods. we can build it for you.
very cool, are you going to beef up the transmission anytime soon?
@thelazyguy13 so in your opinion the 4 cylinder is better?

Acura TL Comptech supercharger....

Just finished installing comptech supercharger on the acura TL...

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Mike will this setup work on a 2013 Accord v6 3.5 thanks
+Mike CVT My Accord v6 sedan is pretty fast already with just intake if I install this kit I'm gonna have a lot of traction issues.
+Mike CVT Thanks bro I'm gonna look into it what's the model number.
Yes it will

Neuspeed Supercharger for VW 2.0 Engine from MK4 Jetta or Golf (Was for sale, now sold)

This video was to show my supercharger that was for sale and everything that comes with it. I put it on my Jetta with 98K on the car and took it off around 10000 ...

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I've got a 1999 2.0 5th speeds jetta and asking if I'm able to put a turbo or supercharger on it
Yes to both
Will this fit a 1995 jetta celebration
If you swap the lower intake intake manifold from a mkiv 2.0 I believe it can be made to fit a mkiii 2.0
Do you still have that Supercharger?
+YUNG DUCK long gone
I have mk4 2.0 jetta myself an I have 2" coils and I saw this supercharger on neuspeed, is it really worth the 2500 for the power and is it a significant increase? I'm serious about buying one an wanna know if it's legit, thanks man
It isn't even available from Neuspeed directly anymore, but many places still sell it. It adds about 40 bhp or so.

97 Maxima Supercharger Idle

1997 Nissan Maxima with Stillen Supercharger Kit Vortech V2 S/C w/ 3.125" pulley (11psi) Blitz DD Blow Off Valve.

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Is the motor built out at all? Im looking to boost my 4th gen maxima. it has 120,000kms on it. Looking to hit around 10 psi
hello how do u got the supercharged in there I have a maxima and I wont . To put supercharger but I can't not fin nothing
Stillen makes the supercharger kit. I have a VLSD 5spd from an Infiniti I30t.
It must be a fun car to drive. Did the fuel mileage drop badly?
about how much was the cost overall
how do I do this myself???
You buy a supercharger kit...
is it an automatic maxima?
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