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State college skiing Videos

Mogul Skiing "Shred Like Lettuce" Seastead Productions 1994

Mogul Skiing / Freestyle Mogul Skiing "Shred Like Lettuce" Seastead Productions 1994 Produced by: Bryan Seastead Matt Weiss In association with: Castleton ...

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Thats nothing. Everyone on my mountain skis that good. We founded NASTAR and have the only triple diamond. You can't get away from ski school. Even a ladies ski school. You do you think made those Moguls? All the other skiers, that they closed this slope for the day on Bear mountain its called. But the northern lights it's called is the longest mogul run on the east. Not me ,but the kids do doubles on my mtn. And they got shovels hidden all over to build jumps. Don't scare ppl, ski school man
Hey Folks, wanted to share a fundraiser with you guys. We recently partnered with High Fives Foundation who provide resources and inspiration to athletes who suffer life altering injuries. We designed a tee, depicting the old school classic Daffy Twister Spread trick, and $5 of every sale goes to support high fives. We'd be stoked if you could give us a shout out to your community and help support this great charity: https://teespring.com/hot-dogger-tees-daffy-twister
If the assignment was to throw as much random shit into a sub 10 min clip as possible than this video gets a A+! Castleton has produce some fine video editors. Travis and Hitchcock are not among them. Just kidding! Good to see some throwback footage from the 90's! Killington Television; not just a job, but it sure feels like it!
Morty here from back in the day now coaching at Squaw Valley, still bumpin.See Petrecki here and there , Mckeever, and Dave Freindel. One of theese days I will come out of retirement but untill then I will shred like lettuce
I agre 5:22 its more than great... Remember thoose days they were good... Now Im old and my knees hurts... I do my sliding in the car nowadays.. But you never get the same adrenalinrush as on skies... Thank for the video
I typed in shred because I was looking for guitar videos, but as an avid skier, I was not disappointed when this was the first vid. Love the retro sound track and the wicked ski shredding!
8:52 heh back when dudes made sure to separate it into 180 + iron cross + 180 instead of all one motion. even on trampoline playing add on thats how it was said haha
That's Sergei Shupletsov who was an absolute mogul master. Sadly, he died very young and many in the sport will miss him forever. His style lives on even today ...
what i would give to ski mogul runs like that, all of them that i get to rip have green runs cut across, just get my speed and rythem set then hit a flat spot
Brian you gotta post this in a format to see I still got a wore out VHS of this but needs to be seen again.. Ski Valley freestyle!! 
An ACL Repair. I felt this surgery was so much a part of the sport, I needed to include a short clip in my movie.
a moments shifting by anything box - great stuff but a little synth-wimpy by today's standards.
That was definitely a trip down memory lane! I don't feel old school, I just feel old!
Great to see some old friends from Killington--brings back a lot of great memories.
Already 20 times too slow and even slower with slow motion = painful to watch.
Whats the trick at 8:46 I've never seen it before (or its just the camera angle)
Very nice Bryan. Great bumps, editing and people turning it both ways!

Mogul Skiing "Kick Start" Seastead Productions 1991

Freestyle Mogul Skiing - 1991 "Kick Start" Freestyle Mogul Movie Seastead Productions 1991 Produced by: Seastead Productions & Bryan Seastead Special ...

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@chh5555 ive got a pair of 2002 rossi bandit xxx's in 193, stiff as iron and 18lbs for the pair with about a 30m sidecut radius, i also have a pair of 09 rossi roc pure mountains, medium stiff with a 16m sidecut in 170, i hate the new rossis compared to my old ones, the old ones are just a blast to tear up the bumps with, has to be powder bumps or soft, any ice and theyre unskiable, new skis are for people who compensate for their bad technique with new technology, lik rockers in powder
A video of all my ski hereos from back in the day! It's great seeing those shots of Edgar doing doubles! Man, that's the good old days of bump skiing. I still miss those old natural mogul bump courses. Some of those turns towards the end Nelson Carmichael (??) looks like he's dropping a body length down the mountain with each turn.
I tend to never believe anything on youtube ever. but if you are really rick emerson let me take the chance to say thanks for keeping the throttle WIDE OPEN for us to watch. :) If we all weren't so dumb from all those hard landings one of us would have built a time machine by now eh?
YEAH!! Mashed taders on Outer Limits! My knees started aching just thinking about those good old days. CJ Turner (aka "Turbo") wearing a windsurfing PFD, Bobby, Chuck, Steve, Donna ripping it up... thanks for posting this... good times and better memories! -Rich Adams
I have been waiting since 1991 for someone to make a mogul video to that song. We must have wore out our crew TAPE on the drive to Kirkwood that year. Thank you for making your videos I see you still have the passion for our great sport.
Love Killington. Been skiing since I was 3 and am 29 now....and moguls are the greatest challenge...I still take lessons when I can....these guys are awesome. I can daffy but I prefer to do so on blue squares haha!
Here's a cool thing...if you put 74sodapop's Joy- Apollo 100- 1972 video in another tab, start it and come back to this tab and start this video as quick as you can, they sync up in a really cool way.
lol i love the first shot of this vid.. it's spring all around... except outer limits... def. spring skiing... but no ice! and the moguls are soft! can't wait to be at killington this spring!
Awsome video of Killington during the good days where Bear Mountain and other trails were open past April. Moguls are a true leg burner, especially on Superstar, and outerlimits.
Hey Man....Rick Emerson here: that is awesome !! really brings back memories...:-) Love it !! I miss those day's, shoot me an email if you get a chance. Thx, R E
Would love to see some 200+ boards on the hills these days! Great skiing.... back n the day when it took real effort to turn those things.
Cool video of moguls all over Killington. Snow dosen't last that long anymore. Superstar and Outlimits are true classic trails.
Gold Jerry... Pure gold. You guys make Plake and Hattrup look like they are gate bashers. A truly awesome old school production.
Hi Everyone. How time flies. Great to see the action from back in the day. Thanks for posting this Bryan! -Chris Moore
Thanks for the trip down memory lane! Don't forget, the women were there too! Need to find some Donna Weinbrecht!
pretty sweet i like the huge daffys and fakies i think im gonna try some of that this year
Fast song and crappy skiiers LOL, i've never seen anyone who can ski bumps better than me.

Ski in State College

Skiing - Jubilee College State Park - March 2013 #1

Downhill Run at Jubilee College State Park near Kickapoo, IL...and you thought the Peoria, Illinois area didn't have any downhill ski opportunities!

LCS Ski and Ride Club Night Shred

Lyndon State College Ski and Ride Club gets a new generator and lights for our on campus terrain park. Since it hasn't snowed yet and our on campus ...

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@TheJoeArmitage thanks man! i used my roomies dslr d 3100 and i hopefully and getting a d5100 for christmas!
Holy shit cam thats all I got to say. That was sick
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