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How to change uxtheme.dll Videos

how to replace uxtheme.dll

sp2 patch //themes.belchfire.net/uxtheme_files/SP2/6.0.2900.2180_EN.rar sp1 patch //themes.belchfire.net/uxtheme_files/SP1/5.1.2600.1106.rar file ...

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Thank you!!!
Thank you!

How to Patch the uxtheme.dll File (the safe way)

Are you bored of the plain Luna theme, want something different than the Media Center Edition skin, and just want to have any theme you want? Well, with this ...

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I had to move to another user account cause the regular account got corrupted. I should have read before but trusted the guy and payed no mind to the trouble he's caused. Makes you wonder if "the safe way" is really a sinister remark. Your options are: Restore your system, delete the uxtheme file, and restore the ntuser.bkf file to ntuser.dat that's if you have the ntuser.bkf (backup/hidden file) in the user profile folder.. if not, move to another user account as last resort
Never had a problem installing themes till SP3, so some XP versions may not need 2 b patched but may have a policy set in registry to prevent third party themes. So, before patching Uxtheme, check on: Start\Run\type regedit \ok, and go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\& CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\policies\Explorer. Policy value may be named: "NoActiveDesktop", "NoThemes", "NoBackGround-or-WallPaper" with a "1" in data, is present, change the "1" to "0"
People, DON'T TRY THIS it may mess up your user profile. Check step 3: "Start the replacer.cmd file and type in C:/WINDOWS/uxtheme.dll and press enter".. (inverted slash?)That alone gives an idea of the guy's level of knowledge so don't fall for his instructions but look for the right way and make sure what you read works before you attempt it, do it from another user account, create a new one if necessary so you won't corrupt your regular account in case it fails
WARNING!. don't try the trick on this vid it can mess up your OS, instead try the "UXTheme Multi-Patcher 6.0". Multipatcher will do it all with a double click and it WILL NOT mess up your Operating System. Multipatcher can patch XP, Vista & probably Windows 7, but read the info before taking my word for it. Also check that you don't have a security policy in the registry that may prevent you installing themes.
AND backup your "NTUSER.DAT" file before attempting it ay other way. Tools\Folder options\View\show all hidden files & folders, and uncheck 'Hide system protected files', next browse to your user folder and if you already have a 'ntuser.bkf' (or .bkp) file, copy the "ntuser.dat" file to another folder outside the user folder.. just to be safe, and rename it ntuser2.bkf.
Thanks =) I have SP3 RC2 too and I have heard the Replacer could harm you're computer, too. And the good thing is that you are doing this manually, and you can just unistall the Replacer after you've done the process.
Safe as in your computer won't completely stuff up and lose all installed programs like mine did.(Don't worry, I didn't properly follow the instructions on the website I used, it's safe if you do it right).
Instead of dragging the files, you can type in where they are saved. Say the new uxtheme.dll file is in your desktop, you would type in this: C:\Documents and Settings\YourLogonName\Desktop\uxtheme.dll
hey dude, I got that "Alienguise" themes shit installed...if I wanna change 2 1 of these themes do I just keep going along with this vid or do I have 2 like turn/uninstall "Alienguise" ??
thanks,, because of this video,, I was able to bring my laptop back... it was on fatal error because of wrong uxtheme.dll.. but with this solution, it helped me a lot... Thanks man!
hey help me my computer blacked out!!!!!!! im getting a black screen at the welcome jawnnn!! can any body reply me with the solution for this issue. i thank u guys in advance.
Yo , i have a question , my harddisk isn't C but D do I have to yp C:/WINDOWS/uxtheme.dll ??? please someone , reply on this comment , I don't wanna screw up my laptop xP.
i love u man its work man i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
I'm using SP3. I got as far as step like 3, but as soon as I hit enter it closed. So I insisted I rebooted since I didn't need to hit "Y" for yes. Is it still patched?
for some reason it doesnt work, the next message shows up : DAT FILE NOT FOUND "C:\DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS\USERNAME\DESKTOP\DATA" PRESS ANY KEY TO QUIT help please
everything is cool but when i click on the first link ti says for service pack 2 im using service pack 3 what do i do plz relay to me i really need ur help???
how can i do this if the replacer program opens up full screen? I don't know how to minimise it down so i can drag the file on to it. can anybody help?
Does it work for vista cause i messed my computer up by trying to patch files and i just got it fixed and if i mess it up again my dad will kill me.
Can any one give me link to download the original uxtheme.dll because my original uxtheme.dll hav lost please .... my windows in trouble :(
If your hard drive is D then you would type in D instead of C. I would set a system restore point before doing this though, just in case.

How To Patch Uxtheme.dll And Apply Custom Visual Styles To Windows XP ~FREE

Before making any changes to your computer, I always recommend creating a system restore point first, just in case you happen to encounter a problem, you can ...

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Can it fix my problem i cant change my theme back to windows xp normal theme my current theme is windows classic when i try to change it the theme is not change please help me
Watch a video in my channel to make it easier... patching DLL's didn't work for me .. :S
hope it works

How to patch uxtheme.dll for Windows XP SP2 and SP3

Hello everyone! This video will you show you how to patch your uxtheme.dll file. Patch for Windows XP SP2: ...

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It's supposed to do that. The reason the window comes up is because Windows recognizes that an original system file is missing (uxtheme.dll), and tells you to fix it. Hitting cancel was the right thing to do, since you don't want Windows to fix the "problem". The reason it switches to Windows Classic is because you don't have a theme running. Just download a .msstyle and enjoy.
Right-click on "My computer" and click "Properties" (all without the quotes) you should see informations on your computer and it should tell you wich SP you have. If it does not display it, this mean you do not have it. In that case, you can download it on the Microsoft website
Sorry, but I don't know how to fix this problem... the CD is probably the Windows XP CD but I don't know why they would ask that... I'm reallt sorry but I seriously don't know why this happenend :( You can try asking on Yahoo answers or any other computer helping sites.
Try doing it on an administrator account, that is probably the reason because usually you cannot install things on a limited account so patching uxtheme must be a problem too. Hope this helps and tell me if you have other problems with it!
Guys, watch my newer videos please, this one is really bad compared to my new ones, I now do my tutorials with voice and better quality/size Thanks for watching this video guys by the way :)
doesnt work, well i patch my uxtheme.dll but them when i go to appearance it doesnt show there? lol , i double click on the visual styles files but still nothing
whenever i open uxtender,it says " unable to open file,and yes,i am sp3,and i an limited account,so if that is the problem...let me know.K?
Oh, I did not think about the replaced file... yeah, that was the right thing to do then! Thanks RedPenumbra!
When you patch uxtheme.dll, open the theme that you downloaded after that, you should be able to use it.
Yeah, you have to open the theme directly from the folder if you don't have it in the themes menu
i cant download 1.2 of the patcher only 1.3 i think its updated and the updated one doesnt work
I don't think vista has an SP2 yet... but, for SP1, I'll put a link in the description ;)
Can you please tell me more details? If you want a person to help you, tell more details.
Thanks for the info, this video is pretty old so the links are very not up to date...
nah i took the wrong patcher xD thnx for the vid it worked after all ^^ i'm subbing
thx a lot ^^ the link u gv for XP SP3 uxtheme.dll is for all version of Xp Sp3 ?
Hmm, can you give me more details? Maybe I can help you if you give me details.
now its working but my computer chooses when it wants to patch the file lol
hey fren, how about vista ultimate sp1 n sp 2 ? btw , thx for sharing ^^
hey if you guys want AlienWare Xp theme pack Check out my Channel!!

Windows Tips and Tricks - Changing Window's Theme

This will show you how to change your default theme, and will show you how to allow unsigned themes to be used. for additional help please message me, ...

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Thanks for this video man I have been trying to figure out a way to make my xp look like vista.Now can you make a video on start up and shutdown sounds?
where can i find the replacer on xp sp2...cheers....plz reply on my channel....top lad
Glad I could help guys! I might do one over the sounds later on when I get some time
on the Uxtheme.dll link i have no idea what to click or what to download :S
nice video but do you know where is the link that you posed
dont matter i got it 0.- electric zune rox my sox
the uxtheme.dll replacement page dont work =(
mumble, mumble, mumble....
dude...you need some coffee!
Uxtheme link is broken
Grr...My intanet

uxtheme.dll Review - How to Fix uxtheme.dll Error

Tutorial: uxtheme.dll Review - How to Fix uxtheme.dll Error Info: Microsoft UxTheme Library, v6.0.2900.5512 If you encountered the above dll error when you ...

How to Patch the uxtheme.dll file in Windows XP (Easy & Safe)

A quick tutorial that I made on how to patch the uxtheme.dll file in Windows XP or Vista. Download link for patch: ...

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Nice Tut, Good Q ; )
the links broken
is this safe?
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