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New mexico unemployment insurance Videos

Fiscal Cliff and Workforce solutions

And here in New Mexico, many are nervous about the fiscal cliff those who depend on unemployment benefits received a warning in their voice mail on Friday ...

NM Dept of Labor website "Sprint" : KOB News 4

Rep. Stewart Discusses Education Issues on Morning Radio

Workforce solutions

It's been more than a month and a half and still dozens of unemployed New Mexicans can't get their benefits because of glitches with the new department of ...

Weekly Update: Debating Unemployment Extension

Senator Jeff Bingaman talks about the highlights in the Senate this week, focusing mostly on debates to extend unemployment benefits, and the Natural ...

UTEP Lecture "NAFTA at Almost 20 Years- Growth Perspectives" Pt.2

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House Democrats to Bring Unemployed Guests to State of the Union

WHO Rep. Sander Levin (D-MI) and Josie Maisano of St. Clair Shores, MI Rep. Mark Pocan (D-WI) and Brian Krueger of Mount Horeb, WI Rep. Alan Lowenthal ...

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I'm not to thrilled with either party in Congress, but the Republicans are setting themselves up to be unemployed themselves this November. Leave them in the cold should be their motto for those struggling to find a job now. 
I cant believe the congress took a week off to debate this while others are in great need..

1.3 Million Unemployed to Lose Benefits THIS WEEK!

Video commentary that covers the latest economic and political news. Jobless Bill Dies Amid Deficit Fears ...

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There are 1 billion Muslims......and approximately 15% of them openly agree with Bin Laden. That's 150 million potential terrorists, but there are tens of thousands fighting in various countries, including Afghanistan and Pakistan. Since they didn't extend the benefits and keep adding to the stimulus, unemployment is going to stop and the reality that we are in a DEPRESSION will start coming home. What's kept this a secret is the fact that we've been subsidizing joblessness. Didn't do it in 30s.
@UncoverTruth Thank you, I was more or less thinking the same thing. The way I see it, some people really need those unemployment benefit extensions to buy time for them to break into and get established into something new that will open them up to new employment or business opportunities. I understand that these benefits can't last forever, but I don't think 6 months is quite enough time to get established into a new field of work which may be necessary in order to take part in the new economy
In May we're @15 million taking unemployment; (not the number who are unemployed) stopping payments to 1.3 million is a 9% move in the right direction. One problem is that the minimum wage is still fixed and needs to be removed, then companies can begin to hire workers at a market driven rate again. Low skilled people taking unemployment have little incentive to seek new work. Now they will. However, many will also seek our property instead and B&Es will rise quicker than the return to work.
@smowkdaddy It was in fact a false flag operation. That night the towers and building 7 were demolished(controlled) Bush declared war on Iraq. Iraq had nothing to do the trade towers. They already had intelligence on Bin Ladin and his whereabouts. Hussein was caught and yet they have still haven't been able to find Bin Ladin. There is too many coincidences that happened on 911 to believe it was hijacked planes. The pentagon always has a fighter plane to intercept traffic but not that day?
@Linsteadite Wow. Perhaps you should move to your beloved Afghanistan. I might not agree with the war over there, but I would never dishonor those that are asked to fight in that war by our government. As for Sean Bell, he tried to run over a police officer & rammed a police van twice. Getting shot is about what could have been expected for that behavior. 26 of 50 rounds struck the criminals. I call it a good night's work for cops that were defending their lives against would-be murderers
@anamericanstandard I don't know much about the situation, but the police must have had a reason to open fire and must have had a reason to reload to continue firing. I've worked with police, they're not superheros, but keep in mind they are also rarely stone cold killers. i.e. I doubt this guy was an innocent bystander. I feel bad for any of his family, but you have to be impressed by the guy... 50 shots to take him down? Sans PCP that has to be some sort of record. One tough hombre!
If most here believe the country is sliding into the abyss then why do we think the government isn't taking steps and pre-positioning troops and resources? Where would you keep troops in reserve if you (GOV.) knew the real financial truth? The Romans needed troops, but not near Rome. If things get bad, how do you pay troops with inflated money? Think! You keep them overseas, safe from going AWOL. Then bring them back when you need them. Why else would Obama widen a losing war?
@Danette2007 I don't think unemployment benefits should run out. The best way to get people off benefits is too make work pay by reducing taxation and legislation. Unemployment is the failure of Big Government to manage the economy and rarely the individual, yet still too many people stigmatize the individual and not the government. Its so obvious that the majority of unemployed are NOT "bone idle" and would jump at the chance of a job. "Why kick a man when he's down?"
@dragonpat666 Again...stop assuming you know what you are talking about; just because Rachel Maddow and Keith Overbite only talk about the "War" efforts doesnt mean that this is the bulk of our budget in America...noone will fathom mentioning Medicare or Social Security in a bad light on national "news" due to the outcry from the elderly and poor who feel they are entitled to this ever increasing piece of the National budget...greater than 50% now.
Point taken on unemployment benefits. Such extensions are really beneficial for those who are trying to develop new skills and abilities that would enable them to find new employment or business opportunities. It takes time to get into and get established in something new. As for the shooting incident, it just serves as another example of how the police and detectives are just a bunch of people in uniforms and badges who can't be trusted.
@waltersfriend If you really want to uphold a free market ecnomy - you let the chips fall where they may...ie: you do not bail out banks or corps. or have govt. takeovers of certain industries. Now people are realizing that what you believe/perceive, may not always be the truth. You are right- If the 2008 crash was met with "bad choices should be met with bad results" then we wouldn't be facing an economic train wreck of epic proportions.
@dragonpat666 You are a great example of American eduaction...the data is specifically avaible to you; yet, you fail to find out on your own where the money actually goes. Entitlement programs, unemployment included, account for over 50% of the budget - and taxes do not pay for 100% of the budget...borrowed money form the Federal Reserve (see inflation) covers the gap - and on this borrowed money guess what we get to pay...INTEREST!!!
The whole airport security is in place to help people "feel" safer so they will fly. There is a good way to secure our airports, don't let illegal fly and profile like Israel does. But no, they target old white people and white families traveling with children. I actually saw them frisking Amish women last summer in airport security while a group of Middle Eastern men with beards and robes were let though easily. What a façade.
My sister cant have kids yo, I think its uncle S', steralizing investments at works lol. Though thank God cause she hates the truth movement and I mean she hates it like the po-po's and she kept on trying to have one and I'd be telling her that it's not a good time for birthing, lol I did it with so much respect and she kept on going and going for moths with her quest for being prego. lol thank god for that stupid old pervey Sam
@dragonpat666 drag, if I try to murder a police officer rather than pull my car over for drunk driving, I would expect my friends to shoot me too. If it takes 50 shots to stop a person from murdering a cop, so be it. I don't even know you, but if you were trying to murder a police officer, I would gladly assist them in stopping you as well. You aren't cool because you hate cops; it does speak volumes about what you are though.
Don't knock the FDIC. All the Banks will close eventually. They can't get no money out of us. We are either living pay check to pay check or unemployed. The checks in the mail go quick and will go away forever soon. This is a escalating event and NOTHING CAN STOP IT. Remember::: Prepare because I won't SHARE" I going to make some bumper stickers that say that. Maybe we need to advertise the collapse???
If the Arabs have a system set up where they dont allow interest...not my problem, let it be. but i do agree, our country is fucking morons because they arent buying into the global banking shit and thus...we label them terrorist in an effort to steal their source of revenue...oil, hoping they will then comply with the global banking rules and sell their souls/lives to a form of money.
Dump the "illegals" into California, and give it to Mexico; as long as all the politicians and shills go with it. End the wars. Vote EVERYONE out in NOV. There's a start. Look at Provocateurs for the violence at G-BS meeting. In Seattle the "anarchists" squatted in a building, the cops never kicked them out, and reimbursed the building owner afterward.
@waltersfriend First I'm not on your foot. It's in your mouth. And why carry on a conversation with a smug self righteous intellectual who acts like this crisis won't affect them whatsoever? You presume I don't know all that you have stated? We need to unite - we need to think as a group - we need solutions. With attitudes like yours....we are doomed.
@blueprophet9 Yes, this one guy must have received a really big bonus and a big raise as he has bought a BMW 760Li brand new along with a Ducati Corse for his adult kid.The other guy hinted he received a bonus plus a 50% increase in his salary.So, I will ask more as I see them from day to day as we r always sharing the what Demcad and others speak on.
@UncoverTruth That I agree with. The goverment has tried stimulating the ecomeny and it did not work today just like it didnt in the thirtys. The only thing left for them to do is devalue the dollar (1933) raise taxes (SSI act 1935) last but not least war(WW2 1941). Keep an eye on gold price, health care, and Iran not to forget about the other 2 wars.
@florin604 Thats why Bin Ladin declared a holy war against the US in 1995! You just explained the precursers to 911! It was revenge for the attack on Muslims in niegboring Serbian countries,the invasion of the first gulf war and support for Isreal! Thats the truth, truther! These same Sharia leaders want do destroy the US! Pick your side!
Mozambique in terror list of USA, have the confidential letter, that they threat the government of mozambique with the excuse of terrorism, for ozambique do what the demonic beast wants, if you want i send you the letter, from a friend of mine that works in the international bank there. That news from you are great, Amerikkka must burn.
I already lost my benefits 2 months ago. I have been doing odd jobs to stay on my feet. I am willing to work. I have applied to many many jobs. If it's this messed up for me I fear for the rest. I have heard from employers that I am over qualified, under qualified, and that they only hire people who already or currently have a job!!
@UncoverTruth because you have not had an uprising to stop the tyranney of the bankers..so whos lack of action is really responsible. the goverment will take as much from you as you let them. stand on your own two feet or take a ride on the fema train! I don t give a damn which one you choose but get off my foot.,
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