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How to install bedroom door Videos

Replace Interior Door "no hole blank"

If the door jambs are in good shape and the door itself is all that needs to be replaced, you can purchase a door blank or slab to replace the one you're removing ...

How To Install a Slab Door - The Home Depot

Let The Home Depot show you what it takes to hang a new slab door or to replace a damaged one. We'll also so you the tools required for this moderately ...

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I've installed both pre-hung and slab doors. There is no comparison between the two. PRE-HUNG DOORS ARE MUCH HARDER TO REPLACE. To replace a pre-hung door, you need to demolish the old doorframe and casing, and get down to the rough opening. Handling and setting the replacement pre-hung door is awkward, and you have to "shim" between the rough opening and the new door frame. It's kind of an art, and don't attempt it without a 6' level. Say, what kind of flooring do you have around the old door frame? Think about how to patch or cut that material to make it agree with the possibly different shape of the new door frame. That's a surprise headache because you took HD's advice and elected the pre-hung door. Forget about Home Depot's advice in this scare video. As one viewer writes below, sandwich the new slab to the old slab, make sure the lockset holes agree, and then transcribe the exact locations of the hinges. Yes, you may need to carefully trim the edges of the new door, but once again, that's easier because you have the old door right there as a template to copy. So why is Home Depot trying to scare you into a pre-hung door? They generate AT LEAST TWICE AS MUCH REVENUE FOR HOME DEPOT AS SLAB DOORS.
I'm looking for info on installing a slab door (old door I found). I have mortise hinges from the previous door but the cut outs don't match up. Plus, the door itself is just a couple of inches shy of the frame width. Would these hinges work just as well without creating additional cut outs? It looks like the would, but if anyone has experience with this it would help. I don't want to start drilling holes everywhere & discover it's all wrong. Thanks!
Place old door down on the saw horses new door ontop line the top and hinge side up perfectly with the old door. Use a square to transfer the hinge marks up onto the new door. take old hinge and trace the outline of it onto the three new hinge markings. Then router it out and thats it. When hanging a door make sure the hinge side is perfectly level if not your project is doomed.
Of course if you don't put a bevel on the door edge you will hear a nasty clunk of the door hitting the jamb when you try to close the door won't you? First tool I get out is a carpenters square in this imperfect world. I am a door specialist and they left out 4/5's of the information you need to do this job but it was fun to watch.
NO NO NO! Remove the hinge pins and place door on ground or on top of new door then transfer hinge locations with a pencil, router out the hinge slots and screw hinges onto new door. This is not a 4 on difficulty scale, it is maybe a 2.
What a fake! Using their technique no one would ever get all three hinges close enough to where they belong for the door hinge halves to line up with the hinge halves on the frame.
There's more to replacing a slab than cutting out hinges. This is the laziest demonstration. More times than not you have to cut or scribe the slab in order to get it to fit.
Home Depot is my 2nd. Home, but i never buy doors there why? Hollow core doors there have fiber board blocking. Not the best stuff.
what a worthless video. what about trimming the top, bottom, and beveling the lock side. What a joke.
@PenultimateRun Yes they are I just bought Model # 87360 Store SKU # 759422 check it out
Will home depo but the hingle slot of the door slab?
geez, this is a 4/5. thought it'd be simpler.
Hairy hands!
True that!

How to Remove and Re-Install an Interior Door

This video will show you how to remove and reinstall an interior door.

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i wish i could give this vid 2 thumbs down
In his defense he did remove the door.

DOOR INSTALLATION (The Quick Door Hanger) (CC)


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It seems like a nifty little gadget for DIY enthusiasts, however it maybe a little time consuming for a chippie working onsite – more so in the UK. I still think I would much rather use timber wedges between the door lining and the wall, but everyone has their own system to which they become accustom. Complements on the video though, I like how you clearly explain everything – you would make an excellent teacher to future apprentices looking to enter the trade if you’re not so already.
You want more strength, just use some more brackets or attach some strips of heavy gauge sheet metal. Besides, what usually breaks when a door gets kicked in. The latch side of the door frame splits all to hell. I've had to fix many an entry door after someone kicked it in on my job. Even one that was kicked so hard, it broke the deadbolt in two. But the door jamb never moved out of plumb. I just replaced the inside casing trim, glued the door jamb, finish nailed, replace hardware, done :)
This "new" product is a copy of a very old one. Doing one re-model on a house built after WW2 I found something very similar on the interior doors, a piece of sheet metal that came from the pre-hung door jam for nailing into the headers/rough openings. There were no nails, shims or screws used in the door. The underside of the door jams were marked "Globe Mill Works" I guess the post war housing boom and lack of skilled finish men necessitated a sheet metal quick fix. I bought this: GREAT
I'd seen this product directly from the manufacturer before watching this video, and I can tell you that the way the manufacturer recommends the installation is exactly how Bob said. If you watch the video from the manufacturer you will see how wobbly the door looks. Even before I watched this video I had notice that you needed more of those clips to make the door feel solid. If you had watch that video you would realize Bob doesn't work for them at all, since he isn't doing it their way.
I hung 3 doors faster than ever tonight using this product, however, like you I was not completely convinced that 6 brackets on one side would be enough. I was thinking that I was going to need to go and get some shims and finishing nails and make it more solid, but after watching this simple (yet genius) idea, I think that I will take those 3 doors down and put brackets on the other side. I have 2 more doors to do (5 total) and I bought a "10 door pack" so it was 'meant to be' I guess.
Lol? My Dad made a similar system using strips of heavy galvanized sheet metal to connect the door frame to the building framing. He swore it was a lot stronger than finish nails thru shims. Remember, shims are low grade timber, and also, the forces of the door are acting at right angles to the finish nails. So this system is actually a lot stronger, you don't need shims. Plus, you won't mar the finish of inside the door (no setting nails and wood filler required here).
I think this is a good question for the manufacturers... but if your wall frame is made out of metal studs, basically you have the same issue. Thus, those frames almost never get loose, so I would imagine this system should work the same way. Although, that was one of the first questions I had when I first saw this product a while ago. Also questioned the fact that with the installation made as per the manufacturer's recommendations the door looked a bit flimsy to me.
First let me say I do recommend using this product. The bigggest advantage it gives you is keeping the frame in place while making all your adjustments. Adjustments are easily made by loosening the screws. Each package contains 6 brackets so you will have to order 2 sets of brackets per door to install as in this video. I did one door using brackets on just the front and it was a bit too flimsy. I shimmed behind the top door hinge just for my own peace of mind.
You are correct,"YEARS" was a bit overdone,however I am sure with you as with me some doors seem to fall into opening and almost hang themselves and others,although same situation, can put up a fight and nothing seems to go well ! This could just be me as a re modeler my job duties range from ditch digger to cabinet installer and I rarely do the same type work for month after month as I am sure most DIY'rs are in the same position+++Thanks for the post Bob
@1INACTION Yes, you only need to cut off the door jamb on the high side of the floor. This will allow the side of the door that is off the floor to touch the floor also. IMPORTANT! place door in opening first- shim up low side only untill top of frame is level,measure distance you shimmed up and cut that amount off opposite side of jamb(ie side of jamb still touching floor) Let me know if this is understood before you cut+++Bob
Seems easier and faster to just tack on all your trim to the door casing on one side of the door then level and plumb that. Shoot trim to the wall while plumbing and leveling. Shim behind hinges, above and below striker and top and bottow of striker side. Shoot nails through casing into shims. Trim backside of door and call it good. Seems like this system adds work and time. =/ Neat idea I guess.
These things are worth every penny. Home Depot door aisle, orange bag. Same price as shims with no headache. I only put them on 1 side of the door, not both, but i added long screws through each of the hinges for strength (company recommendation). Great video though, it led me to this awesome product. There is literally 100s of 5 star reviews at home depot..com. Awesome, just my opinion though :)
Hey, Bob... I'm from Brazil and here we got diferent ways to isntal a door. But this one is very easy and fast, even to amatour carpentiers like me. My hobby is to work woods like this almost every weekend. Great job, buddy!!! By the way... as a country music fan, I liked so much the video intro, with a solo guitar song. Could you tell me the artist and song's name? I'll be much glad! See ya!
I dont delete comments unless they have profanities in them. Everyone is entitled to their opinion it just so happens that I believe it is useful for people with limited experience. Not a salesman or affiliated with the maker of this product in any way nor have they contacted me to as much as buy me a coffee. Sorry you did not find this useful but different strokes for different folks.+++Bob
blimey this system will take you hours to do. why dont you just use the old door as a template and use wedges to adjust, i hung my doors 4 of them in half a day using basic measurements if you cant hang a door dont try. get a chippy to do it he can do in less then a hour , and maybe cheaper than buying these systems plus all the tools your need if your a novice.
Apparently you didn't watch the part where he said that he is showing how to use this new product... in other words, it's almost like a product review. Not a video to compare which system is better or worst. This helps many people to know what new products are out there and help them decide whether or not it's worth trying those products.
My concern, do the small tabs that help position the clip force the moulding to slightly stand out from the door frame. I suppose the tab would lay under the indent on the rough side of the moulding & the same with the tongue which attached to the 2x4. I'd hate to order these things & then find that my mouldings wudn't sit flush
i like how you keep saying "what they recommend is" as if you don't know who makes this product. you either make it or are a partner in it. this makes hanging a door more complicated in my opinion, even for a first-timer, and you probably know it and will delete this comment. good salesmanship of a useless product
I don't understand this product at all. If you can follow the instructions to use the product, you can much more easily just hang the door normally. Also, why use the other six brackets? If you feel the door is loose, wouldn't it be much easier to just throw a few shims in and screw through the frame?
@HomeRemodelWorkshop Bob i am not knocking your vids, but be fair, this product is supose to be for the layman. alot of people would get boggled by the things you have to do with this product to get a door plum. i guess your just showing wha tit intails. anyway i enjoy watching the vids, thanks.
Seemed more to do with door lining than actually shooting a door. Say like shooting in a door existing door lining. I'm from UK so we normally have to shoot and chop recess for hinges in door and lining and chop mortice for latch and striking plate. Do your doors come pre hung in door lining?
Your method is interesting and I am sure it would provide additional stability. When I used this system I used the number of brackets recommended in the kit, but I did replace the center hinge screw with a 2 inch wood screw to anchor the hinge side of the door and provide more stability.
Always hard to say bad things against the tryed and trusted but with-out having an experienced person with you to walk you through your first door there are many mistakes that can be made.This product seems to keep that to a minimum for the first timer/Diy'er+++Bob

How to Replace or Install a Door

Our door needs a facelift so we are going to show you how to replace an interior door. //nutsandboltsdiy.com/how-to-replace-an-interior-door/

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how do I line up the screw holes for the hinges?
how to fix it to the wall
Great video. Thank you!

How To Install A Door Knob Or Replace An Interior Door Knob

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You made it look easy enough! I'm sure I'll find a problem :-) Thank you.
+chloe23112 You're welcome. Hopefully you got your new door knob installed with ease. Thanks for watching.
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