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How to install dg pathway Videos

CCYMLLV #11 "Decomposed Granite Install!"

In this episode of CCYMLLV we installed Decomposed Granite for one of our clients backyard remodeling we are working on. Previous Episodes of CCYMLLV ...

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Can you do a review on your truck 
Sure man! I post videos about my truck on my personal account which is YouTube.com/theroyfoley if you want to check some of those out too!
Looks good brother I see you on instgram to haha 
Thank you man, and thanks for the follow! Haha

Decomposed Granite Pathway 2

Midwest landscaping Owner Edward Wallace ( www.uniquenvironments.com ) describes the finished DG pathway construction.

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you might wanna explain about packing by watering it instead of the location and other frivolous info...
Thanks for the compaction suggestion and about the frivolous comments. ..
how much DG was used for this job?

How to Make a Crushed Rock Pathway

Learn how to create a crushed rock pathway including how to layout, remove sod, use landscape cloth, and install flagstones. For more projects, please visit Ron ...

G3video 9 4

TechniSoil G3 Pathway installation video. This video will walk you through the step-by-step process of creating your very own decomposed granite or crushed ...

Leadership Manhattan Beach Sustainable Gardening Pathways

//enviroscapela.com - The Leadership Manhattan Beach community project called for DG pathways to be installed and this was all done with volunteer labor.

Decomposed Granite Utility Area Installation pt 2

Decomposed Granite is an excellent low cost construction material that can be used for driveways, pathways, utility areas or as broad landscape cover.

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Hey, my dad put some of this DG on a back area in a home. He didn't use the black fabric, he simply dropped all of it on the ground put some white powder on it that smelled like cinnamon and then rinsed it all up and spread it around the ground. The owners of the house now want to remove it because there seems to be a bunch of little holes everywhere, from worms....is there anyway to deal with this problem? THANKS! it was his first time.

Laying Pavers on Sand or Gravel (Paving Backyard with DaznDi Properties)

Laying Pavers on Sand or Gravel Paving a small backyard with DaznDi Properties In our new video I show how to lay concrete pavers in a small backyard.

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Daz, for the DG you layed next to the pavers, did you compact it at all? Did you compact any of the area that put the pavers on? You presented your process in a very clear way. Thanks!
+Dave Allen with crushed granite it compacts well with just walking all over it or with a hand roller. I only used the pressure of banging the pavers down firm with a rubber mallet. After the granite has been packed, I water it well to help settle it in.Hope this helps you out and thanks for your question and comment!Daz.

Decomposed Granite Screenings

Decomposed granite screenings, also known as DG, in a crushed stone form is used as a pavement building material. It is used on driveways, garden walkways, ...

How to build a flagstone walkway part I

Stefan Grunkemeier and Craig Bohrer of Simply Rocks offer an in depth tutorial on how to build a flagstone walkway. View more of our work at simply-rocks.com.

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Can you ever just set thick flagstones, say 4" thick, directly without the base? Our soil is heavy clay or sand plus clay and I'm wondering if I could get my grade, tamp it, put an inch of sand over it, and set the flagstones since what we have is 4" thick and there's zero chance of them ever breaking.
+Stefan Grunkemeier Thanks for the reply. Turns out, I built it yesterday and did set it on sand for leveling as you described. Even though it's on sand, I'm going to point with 1:2 cement:sand in the gaps rather than fill will sand or gravel. This is a narrow side yard where there's no room to grade out 10 feet, so I pitched the stone to carry stormwater to the back yard. I need to point the gaps so that water will flow over the walk rather than sinking between the stones. It may crack, but I'm hoping the 4" thickness will help. I'll know in a year or three. Thanks for your help! Yell if you think pointing is a total disaster. Moving stormwater is more important than looks.
you should be good. at least use sand for leveling, though
all in what's the cost per square foot of a project like this nowadays?
+Stefan Grunkemeier thank you for the courtesy of your reply. This was a very good video, btw, and the finished walk (and the previously-completed patio) look great! 
Between $18-$30 including excavation/base/finished stone work. Mostly in the $20-$25 range
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