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1966 Ferrari 330 GT 2+2 - Jay Leno's Garage

1966 Ferrari 330 GT 2+2. Finally! A Ferrari visits Jay's garage, courtesy of Adam Carolla! » Subscribe: // » Visit the Official Site: ...

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lol Jay no offense but you tend to break alot of peoples cars when test driving them. You remind me of this one U.S. Marine friend i have, hes balls to the wall 87.2433% of the time when driving.
+Andrew Walker I would love for jay to dump my bike i'd probably get a new one with less scratches
+Andrew Walker he can afford to break them
Wow - people used to call my first car a "baby ferrari" and I thought they were shitting me. It was a '68 Fiat 124 Sport Coupe designed by Pininfarina. The body styling is similar but more boxy - but the interior especially the dashboard is a near duplicate ! I guess I am not dead yet because I learned something today !
+kolby4078 Yep. Exactly. "Scars are like tattoos except they got better stories . . ."
+4nuk8rthat was 40 years ago though believe it or not people are capable of learning
+4nuk8r wont deny itthere are risks driving a car hardjay id not your average hooligan though
+kolby4078 Wrapped it - and I MEAN  W R A P P E D    I T   around a telephone pole in 1975.      The cop who did the accident report said " I never saw a car wrapped around a pole ten feet off the ground before !"    Hint - the wreck involved hills and a "landing" on the front of a (stolen) Corvette going the other direction at high speed. It did not stop.
+4nuk8r hope u still have it
Beautiful car..... But what's with the sloppy red paint on the tail pipes??? Anyone?......
+David Falconer That's the Ansa exhaust.  They come from Ansa like that, and he didn't bother to clean the tips up before installing.  I love the way that Ansa exhaust sounds and even looks, but I agree that compared to how pristine that car is, it the sloppy paint doesn't do the car justice.
I agree and sympathize with the comment that cars post the late 60s are compromised designs, having to meet so many regulations. This, in my opinion, is even more so in Formula One - where today's cars are anything but the ultimate in performance and efficiency that they should be. A racing car in the premier class that is an awkward, hideous design, constrained by so many daft regulations - no thanks.
+promerops Funny how just about anyone can buy and register a motorcycle, which has no safety features (and it's OK by me) but a car needs all kind of stupid regulations...

A look at Nick Mason's car collection

Mark Hales, driver and author, walks us through Nick Mason's garage.

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soo much money for shitty band drummer
+mikemer79 "shitty band drummer" What an idiot you are, get your facts checked, cunt.
+mikemer79 that 'shitty' band happens to be one of the most influential bands in history.
The Floyd did not abuse drugs. Syd Barrett did only. They made some of THE BEST music in the history of humanity. Superior talent and superior taste. What a stunning collection!
True true.
+Jason Schauer The whole band is incredible, i like what they stood for and how pure they were with their art. No bs whatsoever, very similar to the doors. No response doesn't mean he never read it, who knows : )
ha ha.  I know it.  I really don't think he was nearly as great as Roger Waters' sheer brilliance but I guess I could be wrong.  I just admire Waters so much.  But everyone says Syd was the real genius.  My hat is off to everyone involved in he Floyd.  I sent Roger a letter a year or so ago.  No response.  ;-(
+Jason Schauer Syd should have changed his name to aSyd lol. He was awesome though, wish he stayed on the rails and Gilmour never replaced him. Syd was like Jim Morrison, the genius of the band.
Completely false.  I am a fanatical floyd fan  Read everything written watched everything posted on any channel or source.  You are dead wrong.  They experimented slightly and only slightly.  Syd abused.  Roger did smoke pot only in a blue moon.  Alcohol was and still his his thing.
they all actually did, but syd did all the time while the rest didn't.. allegedly the rest of them did take acid few times but they mostly just smoked.. read the book ;p

1981 Ferrari 308 GTSI - ROBIN 1

Here is Oscar Verdugo. He didn't buy his Ferrari because it's the same model as in Magnum PI, he bought it because he loves Ferraris. Later he found that ...

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Nice video. A load of nonsense though. The 308 GTSi was a terrible car, and by the far the worst Ferrari I have ever driven. Engine has no kick, no noise and no soul.
And which ones have you driven?
You're mean! You must have driven some rubbish Ferrari's if the GTSi has the most soul...
You are a dumbass, that car has the most soul of any ferrari I have ever driven
Don't get me wrong the 308 is awesome but I still don't get it why Ferrari is so hyped they aren't much more reliable then other cars and certainly not more beautiful
+ReelOne Good point ReelOne, but don't forget that most Ferrari owners buy the car for the passion, the heritage and like you pointed out....for the exclusivity.  Now, I know there are some Ferrari owners out there who buy a Ferrari simply because they can, because of wealth and yet will never know, understand or even care what the prancing Cavallino means......its sad, but for those of us out there that love "the car" we will always know why we bought a Ferrari......for the passion.
+ReelOne yup but you could buy Alpine's and stuff
You don't buy a Ferrari for it's reliability.  You buy it for the exclusivity.  Some peope think it's stupid to pay that much for maintenance.  Guess what, it works in real Ferrari owner's favor because it means less Ferrari on the road and keeps them rare.  Not everyone wants to own or can own a Ferrari, it's not easy...because if it were easy, then everyone would own one.  :D
Sorry, cant say anything good about the car exept it was beautiful. I used to drive a late 328 in the 90s, which had a little more hp than the 308 (270). And it was slow. Very slow. It never reached 260 on the Autobahn. My father had a 250hp 911 at these time, and the 328 had no chance against this one in any way. The sound was beatiful but even inside the GTS you heard: nothing. The frontlight was poor, the brakes were poor, the chassi also. Of course the car had several mechanical problem, while the 911 of my father runs and runs and runs. It wasn ´t a good sportscar.
Ive owned a 308 gtsi, and driven nearly every variant of 911 on planet Earth.  To say that you heard "nothing" makes me wonder if you have ever really driven one.  Its literally the very first thing that is noticed. It is wonderously beautiful sounding.  No, It is not the most powerful Ferrari built, but it is arguably one of the most elegant and beautiful ones.  It is also a very fun car to drive.
+SonstigesNo, I care about Ferrari 308s. That why I'm watching this video.
+Tsvetan Tsekov Because I work so much, and coming here and discussing here, even with people who have no clue, distracts me in a good way, smth. I don t have to care, know what I mean? :-) A few seconds-brake I don t have to think about my work.
+Sonstiges Why bother? :)
+DelkoDuckThe one obviously cares about my dads 911 and my old 328 is you, answering here. The ones saw this vid without writing me are the ones who didn t care. You do.The Carrera of my dad was heavier than my  328. Both cars sold along time ago. I know the 928 and I love it, but only at the Autobahn it will have a chance against a 911 of the 90 sdays, not at the track. Of course the 911 has more weight in the rear, that s only good for accleration, but not for curves. The days weren t glory, I still own a fast car, and its neither a Porsch nor a Ferr. But its a problem to you when I speak about my old car, I can t help. Think whatever you want to think.
+SonstigesEvery time I watch this video I see your obnoxious comment. 911s are lighter and have more weight over the back tires than a 308 or 328, of course its going to be faster. No one cares about your daddies 911 or the autobahn or your glory days in the 90s.By the way, my friends 928 will slap the shit out of your dads 911 on a track or the autobahn.
Guys, just drive your sportscars and be happy :)
I AM over 50 years old and I HAVE raced lots of cars. I am NOT a 'hater' and I'm not a gynecologist either, but I know a cunt when I see one!
+MrIFARIYou are not 50 years old and you never raced a car. You also are a hater and you insult me. Anypne can see now what you are, a little Ferrarifanboy with zero experience in cars. My 328 was on of the last built with ABS System, both cars, my fahter 911 and my 328 were built in the end of 80s.
You REALLY are a stupid muhfuggah.....328s were last built in 1989 as for the rest of your inane post.....IDGAF!
+MrIFARIOf course you driven formular cars. I compared a 911 and a 328 bot cars end of 90s, with nearly same hp. Its a myth that Ferraris are racecars for the street. A 599 is not a racecar for the street, a Testarossa never was, a Maranello never was and a 328 even wasn t a good sportscar. The suspension waht way to smooth, the engine was lame, the tyres were to small, the car had no downforce . A racecar for the street was for example a 430 Scud, same with a 911 GT3RS, McLaren F1, Carrera GT, Ferr. Enzo. But the normal Ferrari never were and arent even today.
Wow, 40 years old huh, well BFD, I'm in my 50s little man and my first car was a 1973 Pontiac what's your point?!? I've driven Formula cars and I can tell you without any apology that Ferraris are like race cars for the street with a little leather and AC added, plus some civility built in. This video is showcasing Ferraris from the 70s and 80s, but a dick head like you comes here trying to compare the old cars to modern vehicles......Do us all a favour Skippy, just go take your Audi or your friends and neighbours cars and take a very long drive off a very short road, because I'm done trying to elucidate for your stupid ass!
+MrIFARI Oh my god. I m 40 years old and my first car was 1976 911, a car that hard to manage you wouldn t be able to drive to an S Curce at full speed without wasting it. I driven cars hard to manage and I driven others, don t need this bullshit from a maybe 20 year old. In a R8 there are as much computers as in a Italia, cause it hasn t four wheeldrive but the 7DCL750 Getrag system (german company by the way) and the Sachs (also german by the way) adjustable chassi and all the other computers, and in a FF you have the fourwheeldrive too. I m in this sport now for 20 years as a hobby and in younger days I used to race a Jag E-Tuype S1 into german classicseries. You don t have to tell me how I have to race a car. The sound of the 328 was lame inside, bear with it, in the 355, 360 and followers you hear it much bether. The 430 F is too noisy in my ears. My neighbor has a used 599GTB. cause they were so damned cheap because of the italianeconomychrisis I m buddy with cars like this. They are only cars like Audis Porsche Astons, Lambos etc are only cars. A piece of metal. Grow up.
BTW, if you really want to hear the engine of any high performance sports car with a small displacement engine -- YOU must learn to put your foot down HARD on the gas pedal and let the car show you what it can do and I don't mean with any 4 wheel drive, computer controlled nanny car like an Audi!
Ferrari was building high horsepower, performance oriented, multi-cam sports cars and race cars long, long before any of the marques you mention and Ferrari is the man and company that set the bench mark for high performance purpose built exotic cars collected, cherished, desired and respected all over the world for more than 60 years...The other brands are just the followers, they are duplicators and imitators, but they are not the originators....."I sell great engines, the car is for free." -- Enzo Ferrari....Case Closed!
+MrIFARINo. They are sportcars like others. You only think that nothing can comparedt to them cause you are a fan and because you are a fan you can t see thinks like they really are.  I ve owned a 328 GTS and I can tell you that even if the roof was open you heard nothing inside from the beautiful V8 sound. Maybe the 328 you sit in had a sportsexhaust of Eisenmann, Tubi or something. With the serial the car inside is quiet as a feather falling down to earth. In the old days, in the 80s and early 90 the Ferraris were bad cars and bad sportcars. The worst Fs I ever driven were the 348, a car so bad you have to wine, and the Testarossa, slow unreliable and bad too, quality was a bad joke.  Montezemolo fixed their problems. The Maranello was the first good V12 Ferrari since decades and the 360 was the first good light sporty Ferrari since... well, the Dino? Since they use Getrags, Sachschassis and so on  the cars are good sportcars. I can feel something like I feel in a Ferrari in a Lambo too, I feel it in my current Audi R8 V10, I felt it in the Carrera GT (most beautiful engine sound I heard in my whole live) I once had the honour to sit in, I would feel it in the Pagani if I some day have the chance, I loved the sound of the SLS I driven once, I loved also the Aston Martin V12 I driven once, they are DIFFERENT to Ferraris but they show also great feelings. Open your mind and stop thinking only Ferrari has  beautiful daughters. By the way: my friends F430 is a fun to drive, but it s not faster than my Audi, and they were produced in the same year. It depends what you want. My friend drive his Porsche all day also winter, and on Sunday his F430, because the car is not reliable enough for all day. I prefer to have only one car and this i a R8V10. I drive it every day, also winter. It s a car not something to play with. Everyone has its own believes and needs.
To say "inside a 328 GTS you heard nothing" is bullshit imo....I've been in and driven a 328 GTS and when that car is banging gears at redline the sound is nothing short of AWESOME....NOTHING compares to a Ferrari at redline, and that is ANY Ferrari! The appeal of them is not just visual, it is aural and visceral.....You don't just see them and find them attractive, you hear them and FEEL them deep inside of yourself....more so than many other cars and that is why Ferraris are distinctly unique in comparison to other automobiles......they are not like any other cars, they are extra-ordinary vehicles with extraordinary looks, sounds and power.
+Ken D No its not the car for me. But if you would see a video about a car you driven you would watch it also, I guess.
Maybe this isn't the video for you then.

In the Pits at Laguna Seca 2013 - Jay Leno's Garage

In the Pits at Laguna Seca 2013. After a visit with shop foreman Bernard Juchli, Jay indulges in his passion for rare, early race cars at the Rolex Monterey ...

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I havent had this much enjoyment on youtube ever. Great Uploads Jay!!
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I have no idea why I missed this video. =\ I check the Youtube page everyday checking for new videos, and I don't recall seeing this and the 2 after this, yet the newest videos I have seen and watched. No idea why these didn't show up. Glad they did now, got to enjoy more automotive content =) Thanks Mr. Leno and staff!! =)
the wheels very good
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just Big toy .
this is one
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