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Iphone manual silent Videos

Silent Hunter iPhone Gameplay


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hey every time you see a ship how do you get it to let you speed up the sub and let you fire the tubs because every time it wont let me dive or speed up my sub please let me know soon
Umm, what do press on when u press the link? I don't speak chineese...or japaneese...or whatever language that is
mhhh ... so i could make a movie about with stars and wars in it, and call it star wars ?
programme die die welt nicht braucht ... apps with no need in this world ...
why did they even use the name silent hunter ?
because the sub is silent and it's hunter
А на андройд есть?

The Silent Age Episode 2 Chapter 9 : Inside Archon

IOS/Android Walkthrough Here's a guide of chapter 9 episode 2 for The Silent Age iOS app. This tutorial will help you beat this level quickly and is a part of a ...

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Thanks :)

Silent Hunter : iPhone & iPod Touch

As seen on //silent-hunter.uk.ubi.com/silent-hunter-5/iphone/ Silent Hunter comes to iPhone & iPod Touch.

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@guitarheromast123 it's been released in Europe, Asia and Australia. It will be out in the US and the rest of the world by the end of March
Please Ubisoft make an iPad port, or at least optimize it for the iPad. Maybe with extra Acts, more upgrades and better graphics? plz
even thought i dont like these types of games i bought it and it rocks keep it up Ubisoft btw any other iphone game coming from ubi?
@pcaviator687 It was a typo Atlantic but in England its spelled Attlantic I have this game n it rocks
i wish it was that fun to select ur sub in the PC version, looks good but who will buy it?
i searched the game in itunes and it had no match >:( wtf wuts the game called?
for an iphone game the graphics are good! 3d ocean woves ftw! :)
ipod touch iphone?? the apps are da same right??
Sooper Duper shit :x Woow amazing ! 5 *****
Androidandroidandroid pleasepleaseplease
Where exactly is the ATTLANTIC ??
No no android apple only!!!!!

Silent Hunter IPhone & IPod

The critically-acclaimed Silent Hunter series is now available on iPhone and iPod Touch. Experience a new and different gameplay designed exclusively for ...

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disgusting. hideous. realistic, are you KIDDING? GET A PC look i've got the best graphic of a game for iphone is like saying LOOK i've got syphilis THE BEST OF ALL SEXUAL TRANSMITTED DESEASES
Finally, a review with gameplay video. Thanks:) Now, if only they would release it in the U.S. app store!

The Proposal Video [Original] 24-05-2013

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