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How to install hks bov srt4 Videos

How to install Turboxs SML BOV on Neon SRT4

Installing TurboXS SML BOV on a Neon SRT4 I found it easier to remove the hotside pipe and tighten the inside bolt from under the car.

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Will this work on the turbo PT cruiser..??
it should since its the same turbo
any seal on the new bov?
it uses two o-rings, so no gasket to mess with
Sound like the stock bov u had
It sounds the same, but holds better.

Greddy Type RZ BOV on a 05 SRT-4

made this video to show you all esp my fellow forum peoples on //www.srtforums.com hope you like this video. peace.

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modern performance also sells an adpater that has the sensor pieces and vaccum holes just to replace the mid section of the stock uppipe which is 70 dollars and then all you need is a block off plate and a Greddy BOV...makes it a bit cheaper than buying a full new uppipe with the flange and alot easier to install...im about to buy it myself
@rinxaika well the video description does say 05 srt-4 in it, so you know the car kinda will be in the video. And if you didn't like it, there is a bunch of other videos showing this bov on here you can watch. Btw your whole comment down there makes no sense, dumb fuck.
@rinxaika I got one and getting a civic next. And I'm not cocky lol. So just because a person drives a srt4 they have to be a asshole? No much logic behind that statement. I think anybody can be a asshole if they drive a car or not? What do you have? Lol
Im staring at this bov and hardpipe right now in my modernperformance shopping cart lol just wanna know, did you HAVE to block off the factory BOV plate/wastegate in order for the Greddy BOV to work or do they work together?
I got the same one .... but mine flutters :s what should I do ??? Help its a focus st 2014 wuld it damage the turbo ? At high boost it lets go more air ath the beggining and then it flutters 
Heh man got one too, but haven't installed it yet. Is that hard or soft setting on yours?? Mines gonna be custom fitted onto my rb25det neo
local guy from the 808! just realized it was a HI state vehicle as soon you opened your mouth, then saw the HI plates. rajah day!
sounds pretty sick, u should make another vid of wat it sounds like wen driving and at higher boost id love to hear it.
@daxplil well then let then engine warm up and then take the video! beat that fucker, its what it was built for!
What is wrong with srt4's? Why do purple hate them so much? I would trade my 13 for one any day when it's done.
the hard pipes are the AGP hard pipe kit with a greddy bov flange, and orderd the BOV from modern performance.

2005 srt4 cxracing fmic/kinetic wga/greddy bov

Installed kinetic wga set at 15lbs boost with working RED LInE mod to fool the pcm.running a cxracing fmic and hard pipes.installed greddy rs bov.all working ...

Stage 1 Caliber SRT4 HKS SSQV BOV 4th gear pull boost gauge

Quick video of the boost level in 4th gear, during WOT acceleration. 2008 Caliber SRT4: Stage 1 PCM installed. HKS SSQV BOV installed. AEM Intake installed.

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it's supposed to do around 10-11 PSI stock. With stage 1, you get up to around 14-15PSI. Your car might have stage 1 already in it... if you got it used. Either that, or if you see that it has the stock PCM, there might be an issue with the boost gauge, unless, the car has other mods... LIke a boost controller.
i know the stock neon srt-4 bovs leaked..but i havent heard if they do on the calibers or not..might wana look into it first, i got hks for my srt4 and i havent had any leaking problems like i did with my stock bov
stock boost is actually 14.5ish psi for csrt4 ...but the computer does a bunch of calculations and adjusts boosts depending on conditions ...ive hit almost 20psi and had as little as 5psi
how much does a caliber boost stock before the stage 1 cause i bought my caliber and its boosting 14 psi does it already have a stage 1?
Most places won't say much about a BOV voiding the warranty... Just pick a good dealer to go to, and usually you are fine.
i have the hks bov on my 05 stage 2 SRT4 w/ extras pushin over 20 pounds of boost and havent had a probably with it
ok cool thanks. i was wondering if they changed the location from the neon. i kind of like it there.
is this where the stock gauge is? or like did you move it
You're gonna love it... Made a huge difference IMO...
stage 1 is the shit!
Stock location.

50 trim SRT4 with RFL BOV

Just installed RFL BOV on my 04 SRT4. Light pulls (less than 3000rpm and less than 10 psi) Mods are AGP 50 trim, Tial 38mm wastegate,manual boost ...

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[email protected] on a dynojet at 22psi and pump gas. I haven't made any race fuel pulls yet
With meth maybe not straight pump unless the motor is built
It was built. DCR head, port
Sounds nice

Caliber SRT4 BOV Vacuum Line

Getting rid of excess lines while hooking up BOV.

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Im installing my BOV to my caliber srt4 tomorrow. If i do not get rid of these excess lines, will i hurt anything? or is all i really need to do is conect the red vacuum line to the nipple?
What do you mean by excess lines, which ones are you gettin rid of?? just wonderin'
will this somehow stop my ssqv bov from fluttering>?

Mopar bov srt4

Just got done installing mopar bov on my srt4.

SRT-4 Mopar BOV Sound Clip Compilation

Compilation of sound clips of a 2004 Dodge SRT-4 with a Mopar BOV Conversion Kit installed. Everything else on the car is stock.

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The BOV is actually right below that in the video. It's the blue thing that looks like a spacer located right behind the stock surge valve. Since it's not a traditional BOV it's harder to spot.
you do know the thing you where looking at was a waist gate actuator not the bov . and because its a neon just because you throw a turbo on it dose not make it fast lol
Modern Performance sells this, they also have another version of it they make themselves which is basically identical but cheaper.
Hey i have the same blue plate mopar but mine makes a flutter sound instead of a gush sound.
I will sometimes get that flutter sound too, after I installed an Injen intake.
o ya you are right one of my friends had one but the car blew up
Yeah hit that rev limiter....idiot.
Where can I get a bov like this???
I feel bad for this car.
mopar blow off plate?
Thanks for watching!
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