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How to install jjos mpc 1000 Videos

MPC 1000 XLCD Large LCD Screen from MPCstuff.com - Install Video

Instructional video to install the MPC 1000 XLCD Large LCD Screen. This upgrade utilizes new operating system from JJ OS. The OS128 comes free with ...

Akai MPC 1000 Pad Upgrade Fix Kit Installation MPCstuff.com

This is the install of the new pads offered by Akai for the MPC1000 which are sold through www.mpcstuff.com . These pads make your Akai MPC 1000 feel like ...

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@MrJohhnyblaze Yeah man do it. They are always out of stock because when the upgrade kits come in they just give them all to the people who have pre-ordered. They never have any just sitting around in stock. It's Akai's fault. They purposely only make small quantities of the upgrade kits so that people will just say fuck it and buy a 2000 or something. But fuck Akai bro, order the upgrade and just be patient. You'll get em. Well worth it too. U might get em quicker cause u in the US. I'm in Aus
Sorry. We had not checked the videos in a while. Its not all about the money - we just do not have a video installing the older pads. It involves the same way to get the old pad set out as you see in this video. Then you will turn the old pad set around take the 2 screws holding each pad in and release the pads pigtail. Now you will have to solder the pig tail off the old pad to the new pad and reinstall. If you have any questions feel free to call us.
niCE lil' vid, but i find it funnY on hoW he says that he " he hIT his PADs hard and that they are dead froM his worK " but then at the end he says " excuSE the sounds set...i don't think i Ever used it " ..hhhMMmmmm regardleSs niCE tuttorial...i upgraded to the APS install (ANTONYM PAD SOLUTION),but now i am going to upgrade to the official AKAi ..." AKAI" should of did it THis way along tiME agO... what The HEll weRE they ThinkiNG..
Well since I have no way of knowing if my JJOS is "which ever one ya need" I guess I'm just gonna have to try it and see what happens. Thanks for the clear instructions mpcstuff Oh and you forgot to mention that the ribbon from the sensors is right where the plug is for Q2 fader so to get the plug in you have to crunch down the ribbon a bit and hope that it still works. So it doesn't really "work perfectly" at all.
@zblofu I just did the pad upgrade and to answer my own question, yes you can use JJos 4.99. Also I found the images located at the mpc forums dot com in the mpc 1000 boards. Sorry Youtube wont let me post the url. But check out page 9 or so of the thread called "FIX YOUR DEAD PADS - PICS & INSTRUCTIONS INSIDE" and there are some very detailed pics that along with this video made it a snap to replace my pads.
@g77seven The black ones already have the better pad sensors installed. The blue models have really crappy sensors which you will have to change. My advice is to order these pad sensors immediately if you are even thinking about getting an MPC1000 cause I ordered mine about 3 months ago and only just got them last week. They gave me a free set of pads cause I had to wait so long though.
Just got mine today. It was an easy install and a well needed upgrade. I had the individual pads and the first 4 pads were dead. Thanks mpcstuff for saving my mpc I don't even care I had to wait a year. I would have been waiting longer if I never would have discovered you website. Thanks again. I will be back next month for the complete all black case. I hate my original blue case lol.
Nice one for the tutorial - just installed my 'upgrade' (although I'm still p*ssed at Akai that I had to pay extra to get the pads that should've been on there in the first place!). Anyways, I'm well pleased, needed to tweak my pad sensitivity to fit the new ones, but now that's done it feels a hell of a lot nicer...was worth the rather long wait! Big up the mpcstuff crew...
Thanks for even making a video though! Side note: It's not like there brand new, they don't get crazy velocity sensitive but better than practically dead. As you can tell when demos this one at the end of the vid. There might still be a couple of these left on ebay because with these guys they'll charge you up front and make you wait til God knows when!
hey dumbass, then why'd you put your comment in a question form? you probably just found out that the single replace pads aren't the upgrade pads and are now trying to act like your so mpc savvy. take a look online, you can still find the pad upgrades on back order, it just takes months to gett'em. now go back to bangin out your shitty generic beats
i got my mpc with the basic operating system, you said in the video it would only work with jj or 3.? i just have the basic mpc os, and am wondering if i should order these pads. i have never felt or played on anything besides the 1000, are the pads really that much better? in what way? any tips would be much appreciated
im not goin bacc n forth bout a cheap ass pad up grade lol and jjos aint the only thing ive seen that many have to replace.dont get me wrong i aint sayn it wont bang out at all.and i care about my equipment looks just as much as i care about the specs.itheres nothin you can forat on the 1k at all.thats juss me.

Some differences between the JJOS and Akai OS for MPC1000

Highlighting some of the major OS changes between the two. There are a great many upgrades and changes between them, so if I missed them feel free to put ...

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Which JJ OS is he using in the video? 
i think its JJ OS1

Akai mpc-1000 Ram Upgrade Installation

//tinyurl.com/2retvg Installing RAM on the Akai Mpc2500 or Mpc1000 Here is a link to an ebay search for the ram. Don't pay extra for akai ram.

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never used anything like it before. i wanted to buy one because im not the person to sit at a computer for hours creating a song. i prefer the 'feel' of the mpc. its really easy to get started but a little tricky because it has so many features. but dont worry about them, they all help in the production at some point! definatly get the 128 upgrade though, 16mg is useless. good luck in the auction mate! dont forget to post some tunes you make!
I bought the exact RAM you linked to in the description and it failed the MPC Ram Check so I sent it back and ordered another thinking it was a problem with the Ram but when I got the second RAM it also fails the MPC check. Whats the issue here? did you recommend the wrong Ram? or since my MPC is a newer model is there a compatibility issue now? Please reply soon.
Technically yes, it only supports up to 128 bu8t here is the deal. The 256 has 128 on each side. And the mpc can only read one side. So the after market 256MB (128 on each side) are cheaper than the akai 128. So you buy the after market 256, the akai reads the one 128 side. Full upgrade! That's why in the video at the end it says 128MB ram.
@dante666diaz I just bought the reccomended RAM and i just read all these comments about how it doesn't work. My mpc1000 is black; it's the new model. Is it guaranteed that this recommended RAM won't work for the newer model? Cause my mom is gunna be pissed if i have to return it...
yo i just got that 256mb ram card, and tried it on an mpc2500, when i power that thing on it says "256mb install" and it dont start, do the mpc2500 read each side or wut ?? im a bit disapointed, so if anybody could help. would be appreciated THX
i have a quiestion, is it possible to install 512mb ddr2 laptop ram to my mpc 1000 and use 128mb from it? or its only possible with sd rams? i was looking for sd 256mb ram but cant find it cuz its too old to be sold in shops i guess
hej man.! I bought my 256mb pc 133 SODIMM 16x18 and the sampler read it (mpc 128b installed) but it doesnt load anything...it just says that (mpc 128b installed) all the time without loading anything... any suggestions.??? :(
As a disclaimer. The recommend RAM DOES NOT WORK. Do not take the advice of the video. Its appears that the author of this video doesn't even check his account anymore, or simply ignores our questions and problems.
Nice tutorial man! I was wondering why I couldn't slice up a sample, and it turns out Akai only gives you 16MB to work with...Now my Mpc1000 is working how I dreamed of...and you saved me over a $100! Thanks man!
is that the MPC1000 mkI? how many outs does it have? I have the 500 but im lookin to get the 1000 aswell, there awesome for live use Nice vid dude, I just ordered my RAM, so it will definately help =)
Got my ram off ebay for £19. Said it was 2GB but when opened it was labelled 256Mb. Mpc only reads one side of the board so thats 128Mb Ram that you get. Well worth it and video helps. Cheers
dude akai are gona sue you for making people not buy their products hehe. but seriously thanks i just bought a 1000 yesterday off the internet. now i just bought a decent ram too! champion!

HOW TO INSTALL AN MPC 1000 HARD DRIVE hiphoptools.com

My MPC 1000 Hard Drive install using the Akai HDM10 Kit I purchased the complete kit from hiphoptools.com *** Please Comment and Rate ***

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im not much of a MPC expert and Im not sure exactly what you mean about "there was no connection for the mounting kit" but if you need some help you should contact hiphoptools com directly and they can figure it out.. you can also find groups and pages on facebook and someone will surely be able to assist you. if your mpc was not custom painted the only difference in the black MPC1000 is better sensors than the blue one so the installation should have been the same. maybe your kit was incomplete
Nice video brother I have a black MPC1000 and i bought the hdm10 kit i followed your video but as i opened it , inside there was no conection for the mounting kit I emailed the guys in akai about this and had no answer yet(six months...) Any tips? thank you
@poofcaffs2 never said you needed one. you can use the hard drive to store sounds, programs and anything eles you wanted to pre-load into the MPC. instead of using the small mini disks.
When a hardrive is installed, can i load samples straight from it, without loading them to ram first? Like in the mpc 5000? Any help is appreciated.
What kind of Hard Drive I'll need to up grade my MPC1000? A laptop HD? Any LAbel? 250GB? or jus 120GB? Thanks for you time.
So what is the hard drive for? I had an mpc 1000 for 3 years and I never knew I needed a hard drive lol
i installed 160 gb hdd but only got 131039mb.did u have the same issue??
Love the beat.did you make it? Can I play it at a Dj set? let me know man
does anyone know if you can put 500gb HD in the mpc 1000?
@Akaimayn its a royalty free beat, I did not make it.
@BrunoCruzUndaground contact hiphoptools . com
Is there a name for the beat? youtube beat?

Akai MPC1000 Hard Drive Kit HDM10 V2 Installation - MPCstuff com

Installation video for MPCstuff HDM10-V2 hard drive adapter kit for the Akai MPC1000. This kit differs from the original version of the hard drive installation kit, ...

MPC 1000: Replace/fix faulty buttons/tact switches

How to replace the crappy tact switches in the MPC 1000. You need tact switches like these: //tinyurl.com/q3yjlus Music by 'Silent People': ...

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your video helped me, to do this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyzLrOweL2U thanks a lot !
Great to know, cheers

MPC 1000 Compact Flash Memory Card / Headphone Board Install - MPCstuff

Installation of the Akai MPC1000 Compact Flash Memory Card / Headphone PCB Board Install from mpcstuff.com If your pins are bent in your compact flash slot ...
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