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How to install lldb Videos

Learning Objective-C with LLDB in Xcode

Inspiration: * Alan - Learning C with GDB: https://www.hackerschool.com/blog/5-learning-c-with-gdb * Bret Victor - Inventing on Principle: ...

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Can barely hear you ... people don't like cranking their volume, because if any alert of any type on their computer gets sounded - especially if they're wearing headphones, they'll then randomly get their ears blasted off.
nice tutorial ~ many thanks :)

Apple WWDC2012. Session 415 - Debugging with LLDB

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Neither 'lldb', 'xcrun lldb' or running lldb in Xcode 4.6 seems to read and process ~/.lldbinit - I don't seem to be the only one reporting this either (since Xcode 4.1). How do the lldb developers live without this for it to remain an issue for so long?
in GDB, list is used to view 10 lines of code. anything similar to that in lldb which shows few lines of code?

What's New in LLDB - Apple WWDC 2015

Enhancements to LLDB simplify life for Swift and Objective-C developers alike. Experienced developers will find new powers within the debugging console, and ...

Advanced Swift Debugging in LLDB - Apple WWDC 2014

Explore LLDB's powerful features that help you more quickly debug your Swift code. Learn about LLDB's support for protocols, generics, optionals, and ...

A Simple Demo of Using Affinic Debugger GUI (GDB/LLDB)

This video shows the basic flow of using Affinic Debugger GUI to debug a program on Mac OS X.

Use UltraGDB to Debug LLDB

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