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How to install puppet Videos

Installing The Puppet Configuration Management Server

This tutorial will walk through installing the Puppetlabs Puppet, which is an open source configuration management server that can be added to your ...

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Thank you so much ! one of the best video At the end i got error: [[email protected]/]# service httpd start Redirecting to /bin/systemctl start httpd.service Job for httpd.service failed. See 'systemctl status httpd.service' and 'journalctl -xn' for details. which i think its because of my CentOS 7 version , i don't know yet, I will try it on 6.5 same as your version. 
Hamed, yes any messages related to systemctl are derivatives of CentOS7, as systemctl wasn't in any versions prior. I am going to start going through some of these installs in Centos7 soon, however, they will most likely be in Docker Containers instead of in VM/BM installs. :) 
Thank you, Installed it on my vm with out any issues Well explained....:))
Installing on Debian is completely different from CentoOs!!
Very good and detailed explanation.
Very Good Explained installation.
thanks , very helpful

Puppet Enterprise 3.7 Installation on RHEL 7

Puppet Enterprise 3.7 installation on RHEL 7. Learn how to install puppet enterprise 3.7 on rhel 7 machine. How to create yum repository for puppet enterprise ...

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Hi Alok, I got information on puppet from your video only. I am pretty much interested in learning it and become expert. Please let me know the scope of getting trained in this. How can I get training and from where? its bit urgent immediate reply would be very much appreciated. Thnks :)
+Moinul Haque You can talk to Alok on +919911962206

Install Puppet Enterprise on CentOS 5 in 15 minutes

Gary at PuppetLabs walks through the easy process of installing Puppet Enterprise on CentOS 5 in about 15 minutes. Ready for the next step, or want written ...

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great demo sir, thank you very much

Intro to puppet ( slides + install screencast ) on Amazon EC2

Video explains why use puppet, what is puppet, and how to install puppet on Amazon EC2, from scratch, with two examples and mistakes done purposefully.

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Great just two thing to get it work ( maybe because it was done on 2012 ) : 1. On the file mysite.pp you need to specify the .conf file class mysite { include apache file { '/etc/apache2/sites-enabled/mysite.conf': .... 2. on the file to config apache mysite_apache.conf need to add this lines to make it work : Require all granted Thank you so much !
+Diego Gamboa (Odeklas) Thank you!
+Diego Gamboa (Odeklas) Yes apache 2.2 with ubuntu 12.04 is different from apache 2.4 with ubuntu 14.04.I should probably do an updated video with puppet 3 and ubuntu 14. (and the new amazon machines etc - or in Vagrant)
there was some change in how apache sites-enabled are working. And @27:14 you create a definition for a file 'mysite' it should by 'mysite.conf' otherwise it won't work and apache will not use that as proper config file. Also you can't create folder at /home/www without adding privileges to access that. Its now default behaviour of apache. So basically the config will not work... you need to change the folder to /var/www/mysite which can be accessed by apache without giving permissions in the config. And its a Great video! Thank you very much.
+Linux Bear yes the default apache configuration changed between ubuntu 12 and ubuntu 14. This video is from nearly a full three years ago. I can't believe how much time has gone by ...
I liked it and learned alot about puppet. Are you familiar with rdist/rsync ? How does puppet compare ?
If your task is simple enough to just do a rsync of a file, please, go ahead. If it's full fledged server configuration, you are going to end up writing a lot of scripts around rsync - and basically puppet (or chef or ansible or whatever) provides you with a framework to do that.
Why do you have to keep rerunning puppetsimple.sh manually. How would it check that on its own?
Normally puppet would run every 15 or 30min or something. It's a "regular converge". Obviously since I'm doing a demo I want it to happen a bit faster, so that I can show what happens between each modification.
I think you've created a good tutorial. I couldn't watch till the end because I was frustrated each time I heard your saliva going down. Sorry for that, just providing a feedback! 
The aircon was broken, and it was about 40C in Sydney that day. (that's over 105F or so). I was drinking a lot of water but still had a hard time. Thanks for the feedback though. I don't live in Sydney anymore so that problem won't occur in the future...
Could definitely do with being a little faster spoken, and a little more direct. Really appreciate the tutorial but there was a lot of talking about what you're going to talk about during the first 10 or so minutes.
I didn't say he didn't do a good job. It's just that the slides are verbatim what he's saying. And I've read the full slide in the time he's finished the first paragraph.I appreciate that not everyones going to be as fast but there's a middle ground, Somewhere a little faster those struggling can pause and rewind but for the rest of us we don't have to waste time either. It's a 36 minute video where the same info could be done just as clearly in 15 minutes.
Don't listen to this guy, you did a great job. slow and steady is the way to go. Better to be safe than sorry.
Very nice introductory tutorial. Do you have increasingly advanced presentations?
agreed a follow up would be great

Ubuntu Server Configuring Puppet

More videos like this online at //www.theurbanpenguin.com Centralized server management can be achieved on our Ubuntu Server with products such as ...

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very clean and simple tutorial... well done mate. I just had a look at some guy fro India trying to explain the same thing... horrible.
Clear and concise instructions... Very helpful. Thank you :)
very good and clean ... top

Puppet Enterprise Windows Installation in Five Minutes

A video walking through the simple process of installing Puppet Enterprise on Windows. Learn more - //puppetlabs.com/puppet/puppet-enterprise/ This ...

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The subtitles are automatically generated by youtube, which often mistakes words. We're written out our own transcription and added it, so you should be able to watch (or translate) the subtitles now!
Any more videos coming up on module creation and execution on Windows machines? SCCM is almost industry standard overall, Altiris competing for the no 1 spot server side.. How does it match?
Jeff, you should add a YouTube annotation pointing out that people don't need to run Facter. The way the video plays out, it makes it appear like it is a step needed.
Whatever tool you're using for this recording, is screwing up your subtitles.
how can I setup the puppet master
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