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Ceramic car heater 12v dc review Videos

Roadpro Hot Pot 12v

Test and review of the Roadpro Hot Pot for (kind of) boiling water. Performance was marginal. It will take most of an hour to get to boiling but in theory could keep ...

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Thanks for reviewing. Does anyone make Anderson Plug Kettles?
+DjClarky78 No, but I am starting to retrofit those kinds of plugs on stuff where the cigar lighter format is so much of a problem.
At 1.25qt, this holds 2.6lb of water when full. Assuming that that water is at 50°F to start and the boiling water is needed, that means a delta T of 162°F. This will require 421.2BTU of energy (1BTU raises 1lb of water 1°F). Assuming a heating element power of 120W, this thing can put 377BTU/hr into the water (1W is 3.143BTU/hr). Assuming no losses, it would take 67 minutes to boil water when full. Even with a desired temperature of 180°F, it would take at least 54min and more like over an hour once losses are accounted for.
That makes sense..  The real world performance was pretty close to that.
I would just use my Trangia Alcohol camping stove 2 cups of water in about 6 minutes. Seems those 12 volt water things are useless :( I want to get one, maybe some are better than others ?
The problem right now is that 12v appliances are such a limited market there is not much out there.   What is out there is expressly engineered for use with car power outlets which are primarily based on cigar lighters from late 1920s luxury cars.  A horribly inefficient power transfer design when you are trying to get appliances to work.   Higher amperage 12v appliances are also an extremely limited market and thus not price competitive and very little selection.The car cigar lighter amperage limitations are dismal.   You cant efficiently boil water with the power it takes to charge a cell pone, apparently.

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Inexpensive Chicken Coop Heater

This is an inexpensive radiant heater I made for my chickens while they were moulting. This was made entirely with stuff I already had around the garage.

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How cold did it get?
It was getting to - 20. I never used it after that winter because my girls have been fully feathered each winter since.
People new to Chickens, PLEASE CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING; electricity has only been around since the 1850's, how did farmers keep their Chickens alive then? No heat. How do sparrows survive harsh Winters? No Heat. It is detrimental to your birds to add heat for several reasons . #1 FIRE HAZARD #2 birds become reliant on the warmer temps and in the event of power loss birds will die. #3 Chickens are dusty and that dust is flammable! #4 Heat creates humidity, moisture in the air in a confined coop causes respiratory ailments and an increased chance of frostbite on combs when they hit that cold air. #5 there is no benefit to supplementing heat in a Chicken Coop ask any old time Farmer watch the expert videos from Tractor Supply . Research this! This guys design is extra dangerous as he has nothing keeping straw away from the heat source. Dust and straw will build up on that hot lamp and it CAN flash over. Hope this helps. I have 12 Hens in an UN heated Coop in New England.
+AquaWoman I am in AZ, from Boston... we use clear plastic to close the coop up-just cut the wind/precipitation , but let sunshine in.
How do you change the bulb?
You would just snip the rivets. I actually haven't used this since this occasion because my girls have had their feathers every winter since.
+Paco Zitzow >> Yeah, Where Do THey Sell Light Bulbs That Don't Burn Out!?
+Eric Peloquin Thanks for the video! You normally have to drill out the rivets with a 1/8" drill bit if you used 1/8" rivets. A lot of extra work when you could use either self tap drill point sheet metal screws or you could actually use just about any screw if the hole size is slightly smaller than the screw shank diameter. A grinder or metal file to smooth down the point of the screws if heater is placed where chickens could hurt themselves.
Just snip the heads off the rivets and replace.
Making a chicken coops yourself is not hard and interesting task. I've created a straightforward to follow guide to constructing your very own back yard chicken coop. It's created for that complete newbie, and you do not require any carpenter's skills.
Look at below blog for more info:help1.­info/chicken-coop-plan
waist of money and time close your vents make smaller doors city folks are funny
city folks is funny! dad gum fence and nail and gun and truck makin mashines and innernets an stuff.....Fucking moron
Its a great idea and I will modify it for my place in the Mountains where temps have dropped to minus 4. Frostbite has been an issue so when the temps drop that low, and radiant heater is needed. Heat lamp use has burned down my coop in the past so wont use them again for a long term heat source
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