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How to install rv air conditioner Videos

Installing an RV Air Conditioner

How to Remove a Camper Roof Vent and Install an RV Air Conditioner This video shows how to remove a standard roof vent, and then install a new 2014 ...

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I also purchased the same Dometic air conditioner for my grooming trailer. I had it professionally installed because It looked to big a job for me. The Dometic ac blew out really cold the first few months, but now it doesn't cool as well as it did at first. I checked the evaporator and condenser coils. The condenser looked pretty good, but the evaporator had lots of dog hair. I removed the dog hair and cleaned both coils with a coil cleaner. The ac is still not cooling my trailer as it first did. Then today I noticed that some of the ac air is blowing between my insulation and the roof. I'm going to remove the indoor shroud and glue up that loose insulation so air doesn't flow into the roof. I hope this does the trick. Thank you for the video. I wasn't sure how I was going to remove the inside shroud, but after viewing your video now I know about the eight screws and where they are. I'm still some what confused though as to why at first the ac was cooling off my trailer really well in the beginning and now it isn't. Any advice on other things to check would be really appreciated. Thank you.
Just starting to think about replacing my ducted unit on 5th wheel. Very helpful in knowing what to look for. Your unit must get really cold now, I've got same unit in 29 ft 5th wheel and still stay cool. Thanks again!
paint thinner generally has a lubricant in it. So after you use the thinner you should do a final clean with the alcohol or Acetone.
Getting ready to install same unit on same camper next week. Thanks for the useful information. Happy camping!!!
Have you ran it on a generator yet? If so how many watts? Thanks for the video.
Great video thank you very much for sharing i will be installing my own also
thank you this was helpful. I will be installing one next week.
Great video, thanks for sharing

How to Install a Coleman RV Air Conditioner

In this RV how-to video Mark Polk with RV Education 101 demonstrates how to install a Coleman Mach, Mach 8 RV air conditioner in your RV.

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would I be able to run this unit off a car battery or something similar? im looking to convert a small cargo trailer to a camping trailer. I'd like to be able to run lights and the A/C off one battery. any suggestions?
Water from the drain will take the path of least resistance and run off the corner of the roof that is the lowest.
good to see you again! I am hoping to replace mine soon. I think fan is seized...just bought my cobra last year.
You can also get an auto-fan switch kit from airswitchrv which makes the fan cycle with the cooling.
What about the drain line where does the water go on the roof?
Love the videos keep it up :)

A brief look at Installing an RV Air Conditioner by RV Education 101®

Mark Polk with RV Education 101 //rveducation101.com/ shows a brief install of an Advent roof mounted air conditioner in his trailer restoration project.

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I'm working on restoring and fixing up an old Kings Highway motorhome. I believe it has a leak near the rear A/C unit. So I'm going to have to look into how to seal that up properly. I've been watching all the RV Ed 101 videos to learn as much as I can, as i've never owned an RV before and I got this cheap off craigslist for $2k.
Should an rv condenser fan blow out through the condenser or suck air in through the condenser. If I have a counter clockwise motor what fan do I need for the correct result, counter or clockwise ? I think the motor is counter clockwise. If you were to stare at the tip of the long side shaft it spins counter clockwise.
What happened to Episodes #8 - #10? They are all marked Private. This episode is the only out there. I am restoring a 1970 Shasta Starflyte and those episodes were helping understand the plumbing system. Thanks, Ross
MasterCollingwood, You don't caulk around an AC unit. They have a foam seal and when you tighten the bolts down from inside the RV the foam is compressed and seals the unit to the roof.
Wow! I am watching this to learn what I'm in for replacing the A/c on MY Yellowstone! :) Could be You'll be better than the owners/ technical manual I cannot find online... Thanks!
Hi Ross, we had the series posted to Youtube for over a year with the plan to put the entire series on dvd: Mark's RV Garage - 17 Episodes on DVD The link is above
HI Todd, the link is in the description above, youtube doesn't let us post linnks in responses...but you can go to shop(dot)rveducation101(dot)com
Asa electronics seems to have what I need, but their website is terrible to navigate, for that reason alone I didn't buy from there
I assume the caulking around the AC unit was in another video. Unless its never going to be in the rain. o.o
Hi I have a question can this be put in a conversion van? I have a older one and the air doesn't work.
What type of unit is this? It's not a DX and not a chilled water unit?! And what does RV stand for?
Where can I buy the episodes? Do you have a web site? How much are they? Thanks Todd
good jod

RV Air Conditioner Re Install

Another quick How to video dealing with my RV Air Conditioning. //www.youtube.com/subscription_center?gl=CA&hl=en&add_user=Junkstarbuilds.

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LOL, I was watching this because I'm getting ready to do the same thing. I'm watching it thinking this guy seems familiar, then I saw the name. "Stovepipe!"
+Killer Watts They did really well after the repairs! thanks for watching
You should consider getting a coil comme and straighten up some of those coils on the AC unit, instead of the tape you can also get a air duct paste, it works a bit better than the tape, correct me if I'm wrong will the onboard generator run the AC units or do they draw too much power??
I can run both ACs with my onboard generator. It will shut the generator off if I were to use say, a vacuum or something with them on..It will shut off if I use my slide out too...
Hey Great video and awesome work I enjoy watching your video's Gives me an Idea of what to expect doing different upgrades and repairs Bought my rv in the start of winter ( had snow on roof ) so I really dont know the condition of the roof I hope it's not to bad ,LOL LIKED video (thumbs up )
Yeah hopefully its not too bad...They typically last upto 10yrs, depending on where you live...Mine was a Florida rig...South-east mostly. 
not t-shirt weather here yet , Cheers from the Ice Shack
I am in T-shirts and shorts as soon as I get the chance...
Happy nearly Saint Patricks day from Ireland...
You are in Ireland?  Ive traced my family to there. around the early 1700's  Im a "Campbell"

RV Travel Trailer ROOF Air Conditioner Install

Buy your gasket kit here -- //amzn.to/1n1XoL5 This video is part of quite a few videos that I have on YouTube showing how I installed a new roof on my 1992 ...

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Outstanding video, exactly the help I needed! Thanks for posting.
+RatnDat You got it make sure to check out my RV channel here https://www.youtube.com/c/rvdaydream
Thnx for your video and the link for the gasket kit.
+Roger K if you want to see more RV related items and our fulltime RV plan check out our new channel here https://www.youtube.com/c/RVDAYDREAM
You are welcome!
I got an auto-fan switch kit from airswitchrv for mine when I changed ACs so the fan cycles with the cooling now which is nice since the fan is so noisy.
I'm going to look into that. That sounds like a good idea.

RV Air Conditioner Replacement

Check Us Out www.TheHypnoticFamily.com In this video Jon Dee shows you how to replace the air conditioner in your RV. The hardest part of RV air ...

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There should be a gasket (it's about 1"thick) with adhesive on one side that should have been laid onto the clean fiberglass roof first. When tightening the 4 clamp bolts, only lightly compress this gasket. Without this gasket the unit will leak, it also spaces the unit just high enough where one could add condensate hose(s) to direct the condensate where you'd like it to drip instead of collecting on the RV roof. Might as well check all the roof penetrations, and screws while your up there, a leak = mildew and rot. Without checking you may not know of a leak until one day you open the door and that very depressing smell hits you..Bed screws and hardware down with a high quality polyurethane or polysulfide caulk. Silicone is great for building aquariums but it WILL leak if you use it for sealing your roof. Very good video, thanks for your time.
Where did you purchase this from?? Thnx for your video and time
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