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Audi r10 tdi sound Videos

Audi R10 TDI Sound (HD)

Goodwood Festival of Speed.

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Diesel music... Such a suppressed sound. However, it's so magnificent, majestic and gorgeous at the same time
Sounds hideous. 

2007 Audi R10 TDI Engine Sound

Audi R10 TDI warming engine at ALMS Race Mosport,Ontario.

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What a stupid assumption, torque has nothing to do with turbos you fool. An Aston Martin for example has zero turbo and shit loads of torque due to the short distance the valves move. A turbo increases torque not through sheer engine power but through gimmik power i.e before a turbo it will have none but after it will have more not lots more. That is why Diesel engines have more torque than a petrol engine of the same size/displacement. A diesel tractor will pull more than a Bugatti Veyron!!
actually torque determines how hard you can accelarate from a certain speed, when both a diesel and petrol car would be driving along eachother at 60mph, and then floor it at the same time... the diesel will win it every single time, no matter how many turbo's you bolt on to that Petrol car. cause for each turbo you add, you'll add turbolagg... something which won't bother a diesel since it has more then enough power at low rpm's to deal with that lagg
It's like you are in a neverending dream aint you? Tell me this, why did my old 323f 1.6 with 160 nm torque outrun a vw golf 1.9 90 hp diesel with aprox 210 nm ? Sounds you are talking out of your ass m8 i'm sorry. Real thing prooves it every single time that pertol engine's with the same displacement as a diesel engine are a lot faster. Why? Cause diesel is for pulling big trailers, not for normal road car's exept youre siss is like 160 kg.
As i said before, ever driven a n/a diesel? then you wil know where all that torque come's from. It was more like an sarcastic joke i made but you diesel fanboys are so busy trying to convince me that i'm thinking you got to proof someting to petrol cars. Wich is normal cause petrol a engine is THE only engine who belongs in a PROPER sportscar m8. dont get all frustrated that i dont fancy diesel's. Just what ever you like man ;).
Torque is to pull caravans and big things, High rev power is what you want in a proper sportscar. In my opinion a diesel can never become as fast, great sounding, powerfull as a petrol engine. You know where the torque comes from? Exacly from the turbo's, bolt any turbo on a petrol car and you go a hell of a lot faster (:
Obviously you people dont know what your talking about. The poor noise of this clip is more down to the camera microphone and not the tdi engine! This 'generator engine' produces torque, not like those toy petrol powered thingy generators!
i do know what you're talking about. it doesn't change anything, diesels are naturally engines with a huge stroke, that's where they get the torque. the turbo is just there on the newer ones to keep it from losing torque.
lol what are you talking about gnl666 how does a turbo produce more torque? while it opens up the powerband, which in turn produces torque, it is a power producer you dipfuck.
@Barcafanpl69 it isnt. the volkswagen racing company are not working together with the audi motorsport AG. so in fact it is audi who designed the engine and the car
T = F * d where T = Torque, F = Force, d = distance now go and compare diesel and gasoline engines ... and find out why diesel has more torque and gasoline.
@Barcafanpl69 So a Skoda and also a Seat...Is also actually A VW...Why pay so much more for an ACTUAL VW when the seat/Skoda is much cheaper......?
Ever driven a n/a diesel? Just do that and you will know where i'm talking about. Getting personal m8?
Neither do you as you can't justify your comment. Please explain yourself.
¿Who's designed the Diesel engine of this car? ¿Volkswagen or Audi?
LOL no torque from a turbo, the turbo is why it have so much torque
Sucks... the turbo doesn't kick in when the car is stationary.
sound cars of videos in youtube are very low quality and bad
Hopefully I can get my own TDI. A 1.9 litre of course.
@celocorji2 VW owns Audi. So in fact, it's Volkswagen.

Sounds of Mid Ohio - Corvette C6R vs Audi R10

Some flyby's of my favorite "sounding" cars of American Lemans racing - the Audi R10 TDI Diesel car, and the awesome Chevrolet Corvette C6R. This is taken ...

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awesome awesome clip, i was born and bred chevy, but sell vw's because im a diesel fan, these are my two favorite cars in racing right now. aside from the tdi cup of course ;)
thanks for the the video. the sound on the video just doesn't do the corvettes justice. the earth shakes when they go by, especially there in thunder valley.
I did. Thanks. When the EARL gets back to these looks, sounds & performance, I'll be interested again.
CART/PPG was the best. search: mid ohio cart 2000 and fast foward to 1:20
ALMS is where I'm spending my money, not those boring ass Indy Cars.
@c6rfan34 Thats a great way to put it really!
great video thanks for posting
You shouldnt put "vs" :D

Forza 3 - Audi R10 TDI - Nordschleife.wmv

A complete lap around Nürburgring Nordschleife driving a Audi R10 TDI. PS. Don't know why the gear changes sounds awful, can't recall flat shifting at all :).

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The bad sound when shifting is due to a slight glitch in the game if you use the clutch. You are probably doing it right.

Formula 1 V8, Formula 3, Audi R10 LeMans, F458 Challenge PURE SOUNDS

Jerusalem Road Show Ferrari F60 & Caterham V8 Audi R10 LeMans Ferrari 458 Challenge Porsche GT3 RS Formula 3 & Masters Filmed w/ GoPro 3 white and ...

ALMS Laguna Seca 2007 | Sounds of Speed

Onboards from the three Acuras, Penske Porsche, Audi R10, Panoz GTLM and Porsche 911.

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nope. a chicane is an S-curve designed to slow cars, usually interrupting a straight. the fact that it's an S-curve doesn't make it a chicane. in the case of laguna seca, they're just exploiting topography - slowing cars is never an issue at that track.
I guess attaching onboard cams to the corvettes were pointless because GT1 class has been a joke in competition wise this season, se there wouldn't been much to show, only the sound though..
From Brazil team Gogrgia to Ingolstadt Germany,from V8 american muscle to german R10 diesel technology,listen to the diffrence.... R10 sounds like my friend´s V10 touareg...pretty shit!
i wish the digital pilot info included vertical g's as well as lateral on this track - i'd like to know what corkscrew values are....
A chicane doesn't have to be an s-curve. What about the inner-loop at Watkins Glen or the festival curves at Portland?
I stand corrected then. All these years I've been going to Laguna Seca I thought the corskrew was a chicane.
@elsuperjeffe the corkscrew values are "HOLY SHIT" followed by "HOLY HELL" and "GODDAAANG"!!!!! LOL
I wonder what happened to that Lola now that Fernandez Racing has the Acura ARX-01B?
Dude the Corkscrew IS a chicane, but with a HUGE elevation change.
chicane? there's no chicane at laguna seca. you mean corkscrew??
and the barriers on the front straight in mexico city
What a race!!!!! Fantastic vid... thanks!
Okay yeah that Panoz....MAN! Great sound!
Acura sounds like CBR-1000 bike.
Where are the Corvettes????
Penske for the win.
Excellent !! ;-)

GTA IV AUDI R10 Engine Beta Sound Mod

GTA IV AUDI R10 Engine Sound Mod.

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german cars

ALMS Laguna Seca 07 - Audi R10

Air and gearbox noise. Quite a contrast with the sound of the pursuing Porsche RS Spyders.

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TDI/Turbo at work! Simply awesome. Audi technology is the best.
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