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Depression furniture for sale Videos

Weiss Furniture Store Commercial

Weiss Furniture was founded in 1924 by Joseph Weiss and his son, Hymen Weiss. The original location, an old horse stable, was on Depot Street near the split ...

How to Save Money on Baby Furniture

Do you know how to save money on baby furniture? Hit flea markets and garage sales to buy second hand baby furniture. I'm worried about second hand items ...

Vintage Industrial Furniture

Vintage industrial furniture design . Facebook . , . . . . Vintage industrial furniture design. Likes talking about this. We build high end vintage industrial inspired ...

Regent Baby Grand Piano for Sale - Regent Pianos for Sale

http://livingpianos.com/pianos/regent-baby-grand-piano-134186/ https://www.facebook.com/livingpianos This is a piano that was built during the golden era of ...

User Comments

Robert, I wonder if this might be your best video yet. So very well said your important educational message about the dwindling resource of the National Treasures of American-built artisan quality pianos...and to be aware of the cheaper imitations. People need to hear the difference, as well, to be aware of the longevity of Asian-made compared to hand-crafted American made. We need all levels of quality, Chinese pianos have their place, just know the difference and what you're buying!
I'm glad you appreciate the writing! The Regent is $5900 including delivery. Please let me know any information helpful for you. All the best-
thank you Robert that was a very nice demonstration I have the exact piano in Frankfort Kentucky!
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