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Cadillac seville movie Videos

Cadillac Seville - the movie

Coupe de Ville - Joe Roth - 1990 - Part 1

Three brothers, a sergeant (Daniel Stern as Marvin), a troublemaker (Patrick Dempsey as Bobby) and a dreamer (Arye Gross as Buddy) meet for the first time in ...

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@libbyheidi Got this movie many years ago. Recorded it from TV on a VHS video cassette in 1990. When part 2 was posted on YouTube, WMG disabled the trailer audio re:copyright. Consequently, I deleted it.
@cobelli1978 I believe it was composed specifically for this movie and has no title as I searched all the songs listed in the soundtrack, at the end of the film, and it's not even acknowledged
@TheMcMerDerLove For some unknown reasons to me,I received a message from YouTube telling me the audio had been disabled by WMG re :copyright .Consequently, I deleted it...
Funny that the copyright holder would delete this considering they've basically abandoned it... refusing to release it on DVD yet alone Blu Ray. Screw Universal.
thank you thank you thank you for uploading the movie i saw this once late at night on the movie channels and i wanted to watch it thank you :D
@cobelli1978 Soundtracks for Coupe de Ville published on imdb. I recognize most of them, but unfortunately, can not identify this one...
Hai just wondering where you got tis movie, been looking it for ages. I hoping to watch it on this but part 2 doe's not seem to be there.
@allaboutcuriosity right, I got my account deleted cause of copyright. Don't try to upload it again, cause ur acc gets deleted XD
@goldengirlchl It was my intention to do so, but WMG disabled the audio of part 2. Consequently I decided to stop my project...
Please someone.. whats the name of the melody/song that starts at about 2:25 into the video ??? ???? ?????? ??????
ola amigo deverias ponerle subtitulos en español latino esta muy xida la pelikula gracias solo ese detalle
@goldengirlchl I will be posting the entire DVD rip of Coup de Ville shortly ;)
in the beginning marvin sounds like his older self editing error
em português completinho boa qualidade /watch?v=q17NUpUOswE
wath is name theme music minute 2:23??? i love this song
Brilliant movie but not released on DVD. Why oh why?

3000 MILES TO GRACELAND - The '59 Cadillac Coupe DeVille

Quite possibly the most poignant scene in the movie - into the river she goes....Nothing Sacred.

1/18 1963 Cadillac Deville

From the movie "Scarface"

Cadillac Music Video

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If any queer out there feels that a Hyundai is even worth the tires of a Cadillac he should go jump off a cliff. Cadillac's are the greatest luxury brand and always will be.
dude your a dumb azz N I G G E R!!! nothing more and why do you keep talking about be owning a Hyundai, i got 2 lacs and a trans am your the one who riced out a cadillac...
rofl what an intelligent comback why would i congratulate the scum of the earth owning such a great SLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLS? try learning the English language too...
rofl what an intelligent comback why would i congratulate the scum of the earth owning such a great SLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLS? try learning the English language too.
dude your a dumb ass nigger nothing more and why do you keep talking about be owning a Hyundai, i got 2 lacs and a trans am your the one who riced out a cadillac...
this brings back memories of my last black sts. now I have a new stsv that I love even more. good job. love me a nice caddy and those that appreciate them.
@z24tunerz A Z24? WIth enough mods yeah sure. But, come on....You're gonna compare a Z24 to an STS? LOLZ Ok. . . . . . .
No,Bentley and Rolls Royce are top luxury.Oh... and... Maybach ,by Mercedes.
Not bad! Next time some more original engine sound, please! :-)
hehhhe gratzz for you video i have a cadillac is a good car :D
My 1995 STS, 130mph no problem with ease I love my Cadillac.
you mean your riced pos SLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLS sonng1
cadillacs sucks bawls!!!! just like this song.
It's called Bring Me To Life by Evanessence.
2 people drive pontiacs, 16 ride in style

Cadillac Sedan Deville 1956

Cadillac Sedan Deville, Baujahr 1956, 6 Liter Hubraum, 285 PS. Ein Bericht von YOUR MOVIE Callic Car, Lutz Bierwirth. Kontakt: yourmovie@online.de.

1958 Cadillac Eldorado Seville in red

My dream car since 1988 ... filmed 1989 to 1992. Was filmed from a 1959 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight SceniCoupe (begin of the movie).

1965 Cadillac Coupe DeVille evening drive

Short movie of the drive to town. Car has single sidepipe with glass pack muffler. You need decent speakers to hear the exhaust in the car. Excuse the first 2 ...

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@WvdV1984, The one i was looking at was listed for 500, They seem to go pretty cheap where im at. I would have bought it, but i called the guy 3 times, left 2 messages and finally i just went out to look at it cause i knew were it was. It was gone....He could have saved me some time just calling me and telling me he sold it.
@NathansBackwoods Paid about 2200 dollar for it, but it was a wreck so before I got it streetworthy it cost me a bit more. Brakes, engine and gearbox where fine though.
Cool video man! Filmed where? You know alot of people would look at your Cad and say thats a piece of shit. Ignorant fuckers....
@retroolschool: I know, and it looks terrible the way the previous owner has treated the car. Will get better tough ;)
@NathansBackwoods That is not a lot of money, over here such bargains are very rare. Too bad it was gone though.
sweet, how much did you give for it? i found a 66 for pretty cheap that I want.
Whether the car is in perfect shape or not its still Cad nice ride man
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