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How to install vj boards Videos

How to Install Hardie Board For Floor Tile

//youtu.be/ONezbxeRBJQ How to Install Hardie Board For Floor Tile will show you how to install hardie board quickly and efficiently. In this of many how to ...

How to Install Wooden Ceiling Panels

Home improvement expert Ron Hazelton shows how to installing wood ceiling panels to a beamed ceiling, adding a dramatic visual element to your home.

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this is what happens when you build it the way your home owner asks you to, they love it but most of the comments here go the other way, look at it this way, another show can be made with Holmes on homes where he can blame the contractor for running the ceiling different way's,
I know taste is subjective, but to me this screams good intention, gone horribly wrong.
I love everything but the green trim.
looks horrible lol

Ezy Build Products installing Fibre Cement Sheet Siding.mov

Cut your exterior Fibre Cement Sheet Siding time in Half Faster Stronger Better.

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the install was done according to James Hardie proceedure by a qualified builder. this video is about our products not theirs we do not sell or install siding just tools a for installing for an indepth answer on why JH's products are better than what you have asked about i would suggest you visit their page.

How to lift floor boards

Lifting floor boards is often required when doing DIY, here we demonstrate an easy way to lift floor boards so that they can be replaced with the minimum of ...

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Not always! In the late 80's and early 90's people used to be lazy and cut a groove in the top of the joist to lay the cables in as it saved drilling loads of holes by the look of it. NOT a very good practice and using one of those saws would have cut the wires! I also know plumbers who used this method with pipe laying, so many people used to take shortcuts and endanger others or cause problems. Fortunately we have regulations to stop DIYers messing things up! Screw the board back only!
No, the blade on the machine was only cutting the tongue off on the board, apart from where the joist was but that was nailed down and had not been removed before so no chance of any pipes or cables under it. Just make sure your blade is at the correct depth and does not go too deep, just in case there are any hidden services ;-)
Once you have removed one full board, if you remove all the nails from the next 2 boards you want to lift you should be able to slide one board away from the others without damaging the tongue/groove. You might have to remove the skirting boards to do this.
I use my cordless circular saw 90% of the time very quick would have took less than half the time that did. But for boards next to the wall and tricky posistion ones i use my fein multimaster not as powerful as the super cutter but still does the job.
Electrical cables are often fed through holes 2 inches below the top of the joist so be careful you do not punch the nail through as cable. If you have the old cut nails you will not be able to punch them down easily
No problems so far, it's a pretty good piece of kit and much better than I expected. The locating lugs do not do much to be honest, the important thing is making sure the socket head bolt is tight.
Many thanks for the vid. Great little tool that! Im just about to lift a few boards in my hallway. Thankfully I have a board or two that has already been lifted so dont have to cut any :) Relief!
The end of the saw only oscillates from side to side, there is no guard with these machines and the chances of cutting yourself are very slim. Only the very end of the blade will cut.
Thanks for that. I had a look around Lidl but they were gone. However, my wife bought me a Bosch multi purpose and it certainly rips through floorboards easily
Did you use the parkside saw,any problems with plate holding the blades,i noticed on your forum someone said the pins holding the blades worn away ,thanks.
was you not concerned that could be a pipe or a electrical wire under the floorboards ?! how can i make sure Im not gonna go thru any of them ?!
Just a thought but maybe drive down the nail heads with nail punch, this will aid in the lifting of board and help it not to fracture.
Another good video. Thanks. It also helps if you punch the nails in before lifting the board out rather than trying to pull them out.
I suppose that is a compliment coming from someone that cannot even string a grammatically correct sentence together
Thank you. Very timely. I need to remove some floor boards and was wondering what the best approach would be.
A grinder is not really suitable for this job as it could be dangerous, a saw would be much better ;-)
my floor boards are nailed and screwed down (rusted top) plus tounge and groove. phew !
when you lift it out and vac very heavy dust and rubble under the the wood floor
Every video says avoid pipes and electricals, but neglects to tell you how.
Thanks pal I was thinking which way to do it. Im going to use my grinder.
It's a multi-purpose saw made by Parkside. I bought it from Lidl
Good video, what is the make and model of the saw you are using
Thanks for the comment
You are welcome ;-)
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