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Nissan qashqai white smoke Videos

1JZ smoke from valve stem seals

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You can put some Bahrdahl No Smoke Stop Leak in it, and it will cut down on your smoke and oil consumption... I've been using it for quite a while with no problem. Engine Restore does nothing. Use the Bahrdahl No Smoke. When cold at 70 F its like the consistency of honey syrup, but don't let that worry you. Engines heat up fast and run at 170 degrees normally.
Could also be worn valve stem guides. I replaced my valve stem seals and valves, and one cyclider still smokes, leading me to believe its worn valve guide on that side.
Oh thank God! I thought my turbo seals were gone, but same issue. Just huffs on decel. Luckily I have some factory stem seals lying around 
+Hunt Moorhouse Replaced valve stem seals. Problem was instantly solved. Tried rebuilding turbos first and that did nothing.
The way stop smoke works is that it makes old dry shriveled seals puffy and new again. Its worth a shot. 
So you're telling me instead of replacing the seals i should just use stop leak no smoke... ?
i have the same problem, but its a 300zx , only smoke on deceleration.
What was the solution you came up with? 
really good video mate

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