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Frances perkins nobel prize Videos

Democracy now Headlines- Fri. Apr. 10, 2009

Today's Headlines * US Attack Kills 5 Afghan Civilians, Wounds Pregnant Mother * Obama to Request $84.3B for War * Iraqis Stage Massive Anti-US Protest ...

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ok anolmec - i dont remember being offered the opportunity to vote on any war, any wall-street bailout, and many many other things that i do know i, and many (probably a majority) of other americans are opposed to. i and my young adult children and many friends and coworkers have expressed feeling angry, frustrated,powerless in our "democracy". we have friends and neighbors from pakistan-algeria-china-russia. how sad it must be that the only americans you have encountered were idiots.
I wonder how long the murders in the Mideast will go on before the U.S. citizens are ashamed...I suppose they will need to first stop being so concerned with dancing with stars
Amy looked like she was about to cry about the Detroit schools. :(

Heroes You Should Know:Iqbal Masih

For more information on Heroes You Should Know, VirtueYOU, and Dr. Porter's other writing projects, please go to: www.stillpointfamilyresources.org or ...

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Iqbal's courage and determination is truly something to behold. He certainly left his mark on the world.
Extremely inspiring story. The determination that he showed is incredible.

Women in Politics Firsts: Nancy Pelosi

//www.WatchMojo.com video on Women in Politics Firsts: Nancy Pelosi was the first woman elected as the speaker of the house of representatives in 2007.

Postcards: Sinclair Lewis Boyhood Home

The Postcards team met up with David Simpkins, the publisher of the Sauk Centre Herald, in the boyhood home of Sauk Centre's most famous son, Sinclair ...

Ellen Johnson in WatchMojo.com's Women with Mojo Series

//www.WatchMojo.com profile: Ellen Johnson.

24. Risk, Return, and Social Security

Financial Theory (ECON 251) This lecture addresses some final points about the CAPM. How would one test the theory? Given the theory, what's the right way to ...
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