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2005 infiniti g35 6mt coupe Videos

Infiniti G35 6mt Coupe(MotorDyne TDX2 + Art Pipes) UpRev Dyno Tune @RAD

Special thanks to Real Auto Dynamics for all of this! Check them out on their social media pages! FB: https://www.facebook.com/realautodynamics?fref=nf IG: ...

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Where can I find that trunk and that body kit?
Rear- Chargespeed (R1 Autoworks, vendor on g35driver)Sides- Inpul (CzP)Front- Kuruma Z (CzP)Trunk- Carbon Creations (purchased on Amazon surprisingly)

2005 g35 coupe 6mt

Detail 2005 g35 coupe 6mt maybe for sale in the near future! Let me know what you think?

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nice car. should make it look like how mine use to look. it will be nice. o yeah "its supposed to add 10 hp or some bullshit" had me dying.
Lol if my gf asks me. Hey! lets go clean my dad's car. I be like oh f*** that lol nice car btw I have an 06 6mt
Very nice!! I just wrecked mine same year same color. I have the G37s now love it!!
bro I had the X 37 and crash that bitch in the highway going to work
I'll trade a 98 or so camaro ss turbo or super charged and 4k cash?
What were u looking for if offered cash, just curious?
now I'm looking at the Dodge Challenger str8
Ill give u my dunker for the car.... deal?
Love the car nice random slipknot song too
would you trade this car for another???
how many miles ?
Sweet car bro

Infiniti G35 Coupe 6MT Magnaflow Exhaust Pt. 2

In my personal opinion the exhaust sound a lot better in person when the car is actually being driven. Great exhaust for the price and it maintains the sexy tone of ...

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Hey did you just put the cat back magnaflow system on or is there any mods like high flow cats or anything. Or did you just put the exhaust on that's it and that's how it sounds.
I have a magnaflow on my 350Z, (same engine) and mine doesn't sound this loud. Do u have by any chance, hi flo cats or test pipes? Cuz this exhaust sounds PERFECT..
Yo I have a question about your setup. When you ordered the Magnaflow Catback, did it come with a Y-Pipe or is just the lower half of a whole exhaust?
Hey man, can you tell me what rear diffuser you"ve had installed on the G ? Looking for a similar one... BTW this exhaust sounds great ! Thanks !
No HFC or Test Pipes, I did have the flex pipes replaced by Mieneke though, not sure if that made a difference in the sound.
@TazyTT22 it's both deeper and louder, but not annoyingly loud it still has that sexy exhaust note. At idle it sounds stock.
Nice man I got 06 5AT same color i found a nice looking carbon fiber defuser can't wait till I get it. Urs look pretty cool
@Sfserega There's only one model for the 04-07 Coupe. No other major mods just wanted a nice exhaust note.
Is the exhaust a deep tone or a little bit louder tone, or a really loud tone from the original exhaust??
Sounds great! Can you tell me exactly what kind of exhaust? I would like to use the same on my g thanx.
Dude, is this a full Magnaflow system or did you just swap in a muffler? That sound is perfect.
How much for the magnaflow exhaust? & does it rasp after putting a new flex pipe?

2005 G35 6MT coupe w/HKS cold start

HKS exhaust tone on a 2005 G35 6MT coupe. Cold start.

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How do you like the 6MT? Have you had any problems with it. Has your clutch worn out yet. If it did how much did it cost. I cant decide between the manual and the auto. Would really appreciate your help. THanks bro. Nice vid! 5/5
is this the hks hi power ti by itself or with cats, test pipes, anything else?
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