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Oakland athletics celebration Videos

Oakland A's 2012 AL West Division Clinching Celebration

Clip of MLB Tonight's Harold Reynolds' commentary on the A's celebration. Follow the 2 fans that ran on the field to celebrate, hilarious! Sorry, sound is a bit low ...

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Those guys bailed onto the field right in front of us. There were three of them but the last dude ate it going over the wall and got busted immediately...Was too funny. the other two dudes were celebrating for a while. Until they tried to get back off the field, then security busted them. They were smiling the whole time. One of the guys even had the security dude laughing. Crazy fools! I can't believe they got air time!
That is such a great comparison. The Yankees act like they are the greatest team on the planet but they suck. And the A's celebrate like there's no tomorrow. Being at every game in the last home stand was an amazing experience

Oakland A's 2012 AL West Champs...this guy celebrates like no other!

This guy was pretty excited about the A's sweeping the Rangers and clinching the West!

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you dont understand A's management. the owners WANT to move the team out of Oakland so they dont spend any money on improvement in the stadium and they dont get players, I love my A's but its a damn shame that the players on the field have this crappy management who wont put money into the team but will gladly take it from the fans.
right, why dont you come down here then? id like to hear what youd say to a real A's fan and not a bandwagoner, i love how when a team wins, sure theyll be bandwagoners but then theres dumb fucks like you who talk shit, i invite you to a game in the 2013 season to bring your ass here and say shit
Still brings goosebumps to me. makes me tear up everytime i watch it. I went to game 4, and literally cried my eyes out after the win, i just had a deep feeling that there was no way they were losing game 5. But i guess the lord wanted the dumbass Giants to take it this year... :(
i dont care who shows up, i went to a toronto series early and the other 10 thou people there were REAL fans. winning brings fans obviously, look at the whitesoxs stadium after being eliminated from play off contention, empty....
I understand how this feels. It's been 3 years since the Yankees won a the World Series. My friend has a daughter that hasn't seen a Yankees championship in her lifetime, but I'm hoping they'll end the drought this year!!
Bandwagon or not! A's players love to see this place full! soooo everyone buy ur tix! Bandwagon fans is thee biggest sign of suomthing great! Ppl just hate seeing OAK doin gud, and to them i say....LETS GO OAKLAND!!!
im sure that guy on the ground was always there but most fans are like this. i mean who wants to watch a team lose? the die hards are that guy on the ground and im sure that was all his frustration coming out
thats what you call a bandwagon fan, so what happen to the 2010 SFGiants? same shit, ive been a fan since jose canseco and mark mcgwire played for the A's go talk shit to a bandwagon fan, fucking nutjob
Wow, 13? Yeah, I guess he does have a reason to spazz out. Yeah, sorry. I didn't know they were waaaaaaaaay outisde the bubble. No hate. Congratulations to the A's. Pretty remarkable.
then why the fuck are the haters on here Oakland A's 2012 AL West Champs...this guy celebrates like no other! im sure it didnt magically appear on you computer screen....dumb bitches
I was 8 when i last saw the A's go to playoffs, it brings tears to my eyes and they won the central on my birthday 10-3-12! A's ON TO WORLD SERIES CHAMPS!!!
You know he's been a lifelong dedicated A's fan. He probally cries everytime he watches Moneyball haha. Go A's World series is our destiny!!!
Sheesh. How long has it been since the A's been in the playoffs? Maybe that would justify him acting like they won the Series in game 7.
A's fan till the day I die! I live in SoCal and I was losing my shit like that watching it on tv! To all the haters: why you mad bro?
My number 1 team is the phillies my number 2 team is the oakland A's im really happy they won and i hope they win the world serries

Oakland Athletics fans celebrate the ALDS playoff victory

Oakland Athletics fans celebrate the team's 2-0 ALDS postseason over the Detroit Tigers on October 9, 2012 at O.co Coliseum.

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Why Do You Type Like This With Every First Word Of A Letter Capitalized it's fucking retarded. Also your theories are just as fucking stupid...less scoring opportunities? Not sure what you mean by that...Maybe if they made it like football where 1 score was worth 6 points it would get your attention better? How are their fewer opportunities for individual achievements when its 1 batter vs 1 pitcher. Individual achievements are like the biggest part of baseball...your fucking weird dude...
Even During The Playoffs, When There's Great Excitement And Anticipation For Games And The Level Of Play Is At Its Peak And The Best Teams Are Playing Against One Another, BASEBALL IS STILL BORING. Why? Because Of The Nature Of The Game. It's A Slow, Stop And Go Game With Few Opportunities For Scoring And Few Opportunities For Individual Players To Display Great Feats Of Athleticism. Plus, Most Of The Athletes Aren't All That Althetic, So That Further Contributes To Its Dullness.
where the hell was this? thats a party !!
My home

Oakland A's win AL West celebration 10/03/12

A's sweep the Rangers and win the AL West ... Grant Balfour closed out the game with Coco Crisp catching the final out. people ran on field and got arrested.

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i was zooming in so it didnt make as clear, i was tryn to catch action plus people getting arrested after goin on field . it also my phone camera. best i could do. was crazy there.
Yeah it is. Don't worry. I'm not gonna hate on you because you're a Yankee fan. Granted I'm in the '99% against the Yankees' fan base, but I just don't see the point.
Whoever said we are bandwagon. Is wrong I and many other true A's fans have had to wait for this. I'm tired of the fucking Yankees fans.
I watched this game online at work. Very stressful! Great Season, A's. Looking forward for the next one!
I was there man! Freaking insane! I'm glad I witnessed this! Let's Go OAKLAND!
I was at that Game!!! And Man that Crowd was LOUD!!! OAKLAND ALL THE WAY!!!
Damn what a great feeling I was THER we gonna take it all the way
Great team. May you do as good as you can in the post season
def awesome must see moment. hope we bring that trophy home
hell yea, was awesome, it was a must be at game. intense
Whats wrong with your camera bro?
Yes !! Oakland baby stand up
You must be a Yankees fan.

ALDS 2013 Game 5 Detroit Tigers at Oakland A's - Post Game Celebration

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not a warrior fan, sorry. lol
remind me why you fired marc Jackson for steve?
whens the last time Detroit won a WS?

SD@OAK: A's celebrate Pride Night in Oakland

6/17/15: The A's celebrate Pride Night as Sidney Burke, brother of former A's outfielder Glenn Burke, tosses the ceremonial first pitch Check out ...

Oakland A's walk off celebration 2013

Oakland A's win AL West Celebrate with the Fans

After 5 games back with 9 games left, the Oakland A's win the AL West after beating the visiting Texas Rangers 12-5. A's posted the best major league record ...
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