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Oakland a earthquake Videos

San Francisco earthquake Oakland live report

OAKLAND -- A magnitude-4.0 temblor that rattled nerves in the East Bay on Monday morning was a very shallow but routine geologic shrug in an area notorious ...

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He handled it well.

OAKLAND -- A magnitude-4.0 temblor that rattled nerves in the East Bay on Monday morning was a very shallow but routine geologic shrug in an area notorious ...

4.0 Earthquake Wakes Up Baby in Oakland

Yesterday's 4.0 earthquake on the Hayward Fault in Oakland woke up this sleeping baby. It was captured on a home security camera just a few hundred yards ...

San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge East Span Seismic Innovations

The seismic retrofit of the Bay Bridge includes numerous cutting-edge and state-of-the-art features that makes the bridge more resilient during an earthquake.

Raw Video: Oakland Raiders Present Donation For Napa Earthquake Relief

Oakland Raiders Hall of Famer and current team executive Willie Brown was in Napa Wednesday to present a check for to Napa schools as part of the team's ...

loma prieta earthquake memorial in oakland 10/17/89

i went to a memorial that was held in west oakland to remember the 42 people that lost there lives in the i880 cypress structure freeway on october 17 1989 20 ...

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Jola, thanks for the reminder. It was a sad day. The sky had the strangest colors cuz of the fires & it being sunset soon a fter. I was in San Pablo. I went to a public phone booth. People were all lined up to call family. Some folks were just using up time on the ohone to BS, it was probably nervous talk, but others were getting pissed. Thought they were wasting phone time when there where so many waiting in line to use it. It was intense. I thought this one guy was gonna get beatdown
I was trippin off one woman calling in to her job at Chevron. She just kept asking about this building and that area. Real quiet, big ass eyes. She listened and answered back every once in a while - "no shit"? There were a lot of poeple from the community there by cypress that helped. That climbed up and rescued folks. Real heros. The media didn't show just how many brown & black people there were out ther helpin. Oaktown gets a bad rep.
well consedering that the last big quake to hit the bay area before 89 was 1906 83 years before it's hard to tell they say it might be with in the next 30 years all i can say is be prepared because it could happen today or tommorow theres just no telling thats the price we pay to live in the bay or la ....
yea your right 2 neighbors of mine that where latinos where doing a roofing job down the street and they ran in the cypress to help people they told me some crazy storys many blacks latinos and even whites that worked in the warehouses came togheter and helped people and thats real heros if you ask me ....
yea i remember e14th st now international blvd was packed with cars because all the freeways and bart where closed the ac transit busses where runing like every 2 minutes no shit and they where packed like sardines they must have had every bus in the fleet out there it was a sureal day ....
Good video. I always wondered what they did with the area that once was the Cypress freeway. I live in Redwood City, but I was at home in Newark when the earthquake hit. I was also 12 years old.
man good video i remember when the earthquake happned i was 13 and was in my back yard when it hit i'll never forget when this happned sad what happned at the cypress structure ....
yea i was also 12 years old at the 7 eleven on 29th ave in east oakland i was buying some snacks when it hit that day was hella crazy i will never forget it as long as i live ....
Same here. I was waiting for game one of the A's slaughtering the Giants, home alone at 12 years old.
do you think they will be another earthquake if you do about when do you think it will be

Earthquake of LA BOPPERS vs OG Mike n OAKLAND...

This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

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Mmm, mmm, mmm! O.G. Mike and Earthquake got the funky music in their hands! Mmm, mmm!

Government officials and emergency responders gathered in Oakland to mark the 25th anniversary of th

Government officials and emergency responders gathered in Oakland to mark the 25th anniversary of the Loma Prieta earthquake that killed more than 60 ...
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