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Ford theater ybor Videos


Performed by Dave Stryker, guitar; Jack Wilkins, sax; Chris Rottmayer, piano; Mark Neuenschwander, bass; Ric Grig, drums. At HCC Mainstage Theater, Ybor ...

We Are the Fallen - Like a Prayer cover - Guavaween 10/30/10 Ybor

Filmed at the 98 Rock stage at Guavaween 2010 in Ybor City, Tampa, FL. Sorry about the loud bass, too close to get good sound :) All rights belong to the artist.

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Evanescence being morphed into WATF - so much meaning behind the knees for the guys, and Carly is just incredible. I can't praise her voice enough, seriously!
Can anyone find this song without terrible audio? The Midnightcore version is too up-tempo to be anything like this song.
love the band so much. we are the fallen and evanescence FOR EVER!!! ;)
I love this Madonna song, I love WATF = can't be happier
love carlys voice but wish she would quit using the f bomb
This is amazing. Love Carly's voice and the guys rock!!!

Ford Exploring Brunswick, Georgia! Road Tales Ep. 10

In this Episode we find a hidden gem, the city of Brunswick Georgia. It was first settled by a British Colony in 1738 and founded in 1771 and it contains an Old ...

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Special Guest @IMMRKWOK Subscribe www.youtube.com/immrkwok www.RayAvon.com Good TImes!!!
+Ray Avon Thanks for being part of this video. lol

Ford Ranger vs Turbo Mitsubishi Eclipse (AKA Joe vs ???)

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It was an automatic which is 5 speed anyway and It had 4.10's I never brought it to the track but I have raced people who had low 13 second cars and I was always winning by atleast a car length. The hardest person to beat was a guy with a brand new Toyo Tacoma with a TRD supercharged V-6 he raced his in 4 wheel drive too. I killed him off the line but towards the end he was right on my ass. I only got beat once by a done up Acura Integra Type R. Off the line I killed him the 2nd gear he got me.
I'm the owner of the Ranger and it was a stock turbo Eclipse the guy was just like you thinking his car is the shit and he told me he would blow my doors off well he got a big surprise just like you can if you would like. I have raced cars alot quicker than a turbo Eclipse and beat them my buddie Mike had a turbo talan and a non turbo one so I think he also knows what he is talking about. I with out a doubt will beat your Eclipse now and it dosen't even matter what you have done to it.
Why spend 30K on a V8 then pump another 5 or 10 in to get 600HP when you can spend 1/4 the money and have something 300HP that still goes 150mph and could burn V8s? It's all about personal preference. If someone has a turbo 4 or 6 cylinder that dominates almost everything and has hard work and time into it, it deserves respect. Same goes for someone with a classic muscle or new age v8. Unless you're just a showboy who drives a "big bad V8" and can't even change the oil
"I own a dsm shop", Stop day dreaming you little 19 year old piece of shit faggot. First you were bragging that you had a turbo DSM now you own your own DSM shop. Buddy, (and I use that term loosly) put your matchbox collection away and get out of your dads garage cause you don't got shit and you never did. You are just a waste of life sitting behind a computer at your mama's house trying to make it seem like you got a life when in reality you aint got shit.
If imports were all that how come your cousin is trying to by a 2004 Mustang Cobra when all he ever owned was imports and a couple of shittys I mean chevys. He was converted and you will be to remember you can take any stock import you want to a race but there is always going to be a faster stock American car to beat it. I challenge you find any car you want thats fast Stock or not and I will show you an American car that will beat it.
When are you kids gonna realize that pouring huge money into a 4 cylinder just isn't worth it???? Put a turbo onto any v8, and hang on!!!!! You can turbo all the hondas and mitsus ya want, but you still end up with the stock power of an american built camaro or mustang.......spend the money where it counts! Why go for 200 whp when you can acheive 600 rwhp for the same amount?????? ....P.S. ... huge wings really don't help you!!! lol!
Ok mr 32 first you owned a Turbo Eclipse than you owned a DSM shop now your 32 when your page says your 19 that must be some good shit your smoking your whole story is fucked up I feel sorry for you they have help lines for that either you are a 19 year old loser with no life or you are a 32 year old pedifile who was probably on date line NBC for rapping little boys and you still have no life. Which is it punk?
T.S.I. stands for a Titty Sucking Individual that's about to get a beat down again. You must get picked on alot lil bitch huh. Just shut the fuck up and meet me for a race and an ass whooping bitch or are you going to hide in your bedroom like a bich and pretend you have a turbo talan and a fist. Your mama said you were a load she should have swallowed and I told her the best part of you dribbled down her leg.
I am now done with talking about the video and I'm ready to make my next video. It's going to be called " The loser and his turbo talan." Staring me off course and your loser ass. I can tell you it will be another hit just like this one but the ending will be better when I show not only how I beat your car but how easy it was to beat your ass and how great your mama sucks dick. Sweet dreams bitch...
I beat plenty of Integra's that guy had a Type R that was all done up against my almost stock truck that weighted 3000lbs more than his car. I still killed him up untill almost 3rd. with as much mods in my truck as he had My truck would have killed his car. You are implying that you Acura TL v-6 could beat my truck. huh not off the line for sure and then I say lets take it to the woods buddy.
Well it was good enough to beat ever Import and a domestic that night and really no one could even come close to beating me except for that 1 Integra. As far as V-6 Imports been there done that and spanked them already don't you remember the time I raced the Tacoma with the Super charged V-6. You guys thought I cheated the way I beat him till you seen the footage.
Not only will my truck blow your little shit box off the road but I would beat your ass like ya daddy used too bitch. I don't care who you think you are bitch when and where stop being a pussy and lets meet. O one more thing I'm the guy that makes your mama scream everynight bitch tell her she better have my money tonight or it's going in her ass.
What ever Talan, Eclipse, they are one in the same if you actually owned a DSM shop you would know this. Your profile says 19 for what reason cause your a pedifile faggot that pretends to be a 19 year old dweeb. What ever dude I just googled that shop name and came up with nothing of course you lying bitch. Go back to your sorry life loser.
Well another battle won. My point has been proven. The Ford Ranger Edge 4x4 with the 4.0 V-6 is one hell of a fast truck even stock and with just a few add on's you can really make these things run. Just make sure you have it in 4hi so you can get enough traction. Stock these trucks have no problem with these pesky little import ricer's.
"Ok Cheif"
Your running outta shit to say dick breath. That's right I am talking to you not your mama I mean pussy ass faggot ass little bitch (lol). I'm making a new movie it's going to be called "How to beat a pussy ass faggot ass litle bitch in his turbo talan." Staring your mama. she rewards me every time I beat your lil ass. lol
Northeast Auto Machine LLC 404 Tolland St, East Hartford, CT (0.00 miles away) 860-296-9399 Is this where you are at bitch? You said you owned Northeast Motorsports do you even know the name of your company. If this is where you are than just reply yes and I will be there to shut your fucking mouth.
@tsiturbomightym maybe on the straight away,due to the fact that the turbo eclipse has 3 more HP and slightly lighter, but the 4.0 litre, but the rangers having more torque. But, if you're right, then that means that buddy there in the ranger only had a vulcan V6 in that ranger.
i used to race a blue 96 ranger xlt 4.0L round hartford and springfield. i greatly beg to differ. if it was a 3.0 or a 2.3 or any of the 4x4's then yes i would agree, but the rwd 4.0 can compete fairly well. after all the engine is the same as tarus sho minus the supercharger
BITCH LEARN HOW TO READ!!! I googled the shop you listed and nothing came up I even tried the yellow pages give me an address and city and I will be there to blow the doors off your piece of shit and then kick your ass. Fucking loser learn how to read and spell bitch.
I bet it was a 2.3L Ranger... Non turbo eclipse wouldn't stand a chance against a 4.0L. I bet the vehicles in the video are stock(motor at least), but if the eclipse is a turbo, then that Ranger definately has a 4.0L with an M90 bolted to it.
i'm geussin either the ranger isn't stock or the driver of the eclipse doesn't know how to drive...an eclipse would beat a ranger...but who cares...they were both shitty and i'd smoke the hell outta botch of them without even tryin
Well than you can't read very well cock sucker. This Saturday on Jennings Road you little pussy. I will blow your shit box away and then I will bitch slap you like I bitch slapped your daddy when I was fucking your mama.
Ok lil fucker try to knock me out bitch we don't need to wait till Friday bitch how but I beat your ass today. I will break your fucking face kid. I meet you any where you want any time bitch just let me know bitch.
man eclipses suck they got their reputation from the fast and furious. and also the guy in the beginning is so damn funny when he says "omg omg this is gonna be the shiiiit" god that was freaking hilarious
We will see you in Hartford unless your just a lying bitch like i think you are than i will continue to bash all your other import buddies. DSM huh stands for Dick Sucking Motherfuckers. Have fun bitch.

Lita Ford - Devil In My Head - Mohegan Sun, 11/27/15 - 08 of 16

Filmed by Martin Bernstein for (C) 2015 Phaser Media, Inc., All Rights Reserved.

Rushad Eggleston (Tornado Rider) and Josh

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I know right? sorry about my crappy iPod quality audio.

Jimmy Eat World - A Praise Chorus (97x's Next Big Thing - Ford Amphitheater - Tampa, FL - 12/02/07)

Jimmy Eat World "A Praise Chorus" (Clip) 97X's Next Big Thing Ford Amphitheater Tampa, FL December 2nd, 2007 ...
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