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Car guru dodge diesel Videos

How To Diagnose DODGE NEON Car Problem FOR FREE

How To Diagnose DODGE NEON Car Problem FOR FREE model 00-05 models, ES, SE, SXT, RT, SRT4 how to diagnose car problem without taking it to ...

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your welcome be sure to subscribe i have weekly videos every Friday or Saturday
What bodykit is that on there? The Viper? 
thanks, saved 85 bucks!!!!

2016 Dodge Ram 1500 Long Horn Eco Diesel Indepth Walk around and Start up

In this video, I will be showing you this 2016 Dodge Ram 1500, it is the Laramie Long Horn Trim level with the new 3.0 Ecodiesel V6, this will be a full indepth ...

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I'm gonna say it. You're better than Saabkyle04
+Smoke 14 Thanks, I dont really edit my videos much either, if i make a mistake thats minor i just leave it in usually and annotation correct it.
+Mike Utoober Yours are professional, but still have a hint of personality. As the years progressed, Saabkyle04's videos just became 100% professional. He still has great videos, but it lacks the personality that your videos have
+Smoke 14 Thanks, in what way am i better than his videos? im just curious
with egr ?
+backwoods3214 I cant say for sure i do believe it does have an EGR valve though
Is that a v6 or a i6?
+Martijn Bruggers V6, 3.0 Liter and its a turbo engine too
The truck looks nice. I like the diesel and the mpg (USA) it gets. I'm not a fan of the twist shifter and the cowboy interior, but that's just my opinion. I would like an extra or extended cab with an 8ft bed but they only offer the 8ft bed in single cab. It seems all half ton trucks these days are about how many people they carry and not what they can carry. Sure I could go with a 3/4 or 1 ton, but I don't need all that. I need a lot of space for a large, light load. A long bed 1/2 ton is what I want with the option to cram some people into a small back seat on occasion. No one seems to off that any more. Oh well. Sorry for the rant, it is a nice truck if it suits your needs.
+rondogwil i agree on the people mover of truck use now, though ford does offer extended cab with an 8 foot bed still, i am not sure if dodge or GM does, myself i am a crew cab long bed fan a lot or single cab long bed. the MPG on these i have heard people getting up to 30 or so, which for a truck of this size is great

2006 Dodge Cummins 5.9l Diesel 4x4 4 inch Banks Exhaust

06 dodge megacab cummins 5.9l 24 valve, with k&n cold air intake, 4 inch banks monster exhaust with a 5 inch rolled tip, edge juice with attitude on level 3, ...

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@MsSteelersfan86 really? Its called people that need a truck for work, the road or area conditions they drive in, etc. and still want to get better fuel milage and power then a gas guzzler. Why dont you try driving a car up here where I live in the winter and see how far you'll make it. And then also when it comes time to fill up a gas truck see how you like the price vs. diesel for mpg vs. cost
haha this truck has like 36,000 miles on it and it already had a transmission problem lol what a piece os shit! it has no attitude like this bitch says its slow as fuck and has only like 380 horsepower. its slow as fuck. also they dont even pull anything with it! who the fuck buys a diesel and doesnt pull anything with it? that is so fucking dumb
Man dont listen to these people. I Have a 06 with only a tuner banks exhaust and k&n cold air its a beast. Im running 37's and a 6 inch lift and I burn people all the time. half the people here on u tube are un Educated. Sweet truck
Is that banks setup a Cat-Back or turbo back with no cat ?? get rid of that cat if it still has one! they make delete pipes for it, you'll feel a big difference in spool up and sound.
buy a banks muffler delete pipe and cat delete pipe and yo will be golden. awsome truck tho and what is your wheel tire size and suspension setup?, like the way it sits.
piece of shit truck! you should here that thing when it turns off! haha you should see that thing when you step on it. its hella slow as a motha fucker
hey if i straight piped it, would it get better mileage too? i know more power and better sound, thanks bro
sounds nice BTW, what do you have planned for it next? ....torque converter? bigger fuel system? hehehe
R u serious haha these trucks are fast as shit i have one it will burn a stock mustang with 37's
@MsSteelersfan86 cumming 5.9l ftw even tho its a diesel doesnt mean you HAVE to pull anything
@jbeasley702 cummins can fucking haul, i myself have a chevy but i prefer cummins to duramax
its a cat back, but i want to get a dpf delete for it, thanks

2010 Dodge Ram 3500 Laramie Dually Turbo Diesel 4x4, Detailed Walkaround

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i have a 2003 6.0 bought it for 15.7k have it for 7 months now. total cost of injectors,heads,oil pump,fuel pump.alternator,transmission,differential,towing $12,500.I am seriously considering burning it down with a few gallons of gas in front of a ford corporate office or or a ford dealer.Just to save the rest of honest working man. Oh I am a very patient man seriously but i dont see this nightmare called f350 ending anytime soon.All i need is a sponsor just to cover the half of the cost.
@zekenc give the 6.7 powerstroke a year, ATLEAST please!!! you people are saying its the best thing since sliced bread and its not been on the market a year yet? where anyone has truly drivin the things into the ground?.... seriously, atleast duramax comes to the plate as a 10 year veteran and the cummins is a 20 yr veteran, ford? they have a powertrain switch, historically, every 4 years, besides the 7.3..... until a 4 yr streak is beaten, i aint getting any ford truck
@bleeding5th bout time bitch its people like you that actually take your time to make yourself look soooo stupid in front of all these people by talking shit like your are know this is exactly what people hate about people like you your just on youtube looking for videos to find to make someones day fucked up and a waste of your time so why dont you just leave me alone and stop being all up on my grill. GET IT, GOT IT, GOOD!!!
@bleeding5th guess what 40 year old virgin your gonna die a virgin and gonna live a single life for the rest of your life and i know your NOT a ford salesman because you talk like a little 13 year old girl who wines all the time to mommy and daddy your lil pussy and if you are married and have kids and shit i hope you guyz all die all at once when me in my big bad ass F-350 come and crash your lil smart for two bitch!!
@ViolentBiscuits yeah yeah, cummins is the best motor in any truck right now i got you on the tranny part for sure we have pulled trannys from ours before weather they needed rebuilt or replaced body wise...eh aslong as you take care of em n watch the rust we havent had much but your average farm dings and scratches other than that i actualy rolled a ram once and it still started up n ran didnt look to pretty tho
r u really asking that question bro, its a dodge bro you need to buy it, u wont need another truck for the rest of your life, every dodge my family has gotten has gotten 300,000 + miles on them they are very reliable and last a lifetime, of course youll have some maitnence, sorry for my spelling, but what vehicle dosnt need that, but like i said theres nothing that you cant haul or pull with that truck.BUY IT.
i honestly preffered the shape of the outgoing model compared to the new 2010 model........ the outgoing mega cab dually looked a lot more civilized and practical compared to the new model which just seems like they made it bigger and uglier......... Doesn't seems to be selling as much though, probably because of the same reason I am pointing out......... great engine though.......
@bleeding5th see its gay ass little pussys like you that talk so much shit then get beat up later in the day then say to yourself i hate niggers. thats exactly why your gonna die tonight when i put and 9mm bullet inside your head and the rest of your family's...
Dodge is making a come back. Now that the Italians (FIAT) have brought into Chrysler, soon to be majority. The new 2011-12 Ram looks good, and also the new Durango. EVEN the new Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 looks great! Dodge is making that come back!
@randytune88 Dodge rams have a reputation for having weaker frames and trannys. Id take any dodge engine because their all bulletproof, but from what ive heard the bodys and transmissions just dont stand up to the tests of time.
@drewvulture Yeah it does matter, because the chassis, axle, and the frame will fall apart if you keep pulling over the listed weight, Can the ran pull 40K at highway speeds: yes, can it do it and keep durability? Probably not.
@bleeding5th i dont have step father like you do first of all and second of all why you worrying about my vocab.?? what the fuck your problem i dont need some old ugly faggot telling me what i need to work on...


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