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New york pizza japan Videos

Rocco's New York Style Pizza, Tokyo

After a recommendation for Toddatron's Channel (//www.youtube.com/user/toddatron) a bunch of us who are all studying in Tokyo decided to check out ...

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Awesome place, cannot wait to go back there next time i'm back in Tokyo. Went here several times and never failed to disappoint!
Wow! I love Rocco's . Last meal in Tokyo before I returned to Canada. Thanks.

X Japan - CRAZY LINE AND FREE PIZZA from Yoshiki @ Roseland Ballroom New York City Oct 10, 2010 (WE ARE!!!!!)

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An example of Japanese business ethics? : Customer is God. Something North American business people lol Gene Simmons should learn. Yoshiki though a shrewd musician and business person: is very sensitive to the X Japan family. The dousing of water is anointing the fan as a member of the X Japan family. To experience a X Japan concert in Japan would be truly an experience eh? If you would like to attend a concert in Japan next year please contact me @ [email protected]
the fact that Yoshiki was thoughtful enough to give everyone free pizza and hot chocolate make me feel special and proud that i am X Japan fan....you dont see such appreciation from every band towards their fans... We Are X...
I think the most incredible thing was that they got more than enough pizza for everyone. I remember the girls going around asking if anyone else wanted pizza and everyone was like "thanks but I'm full" lol
Just goes to show how much X Japan loves their fans. No matter where you are from. We ALL are X, right? Thank god they were able to reunite and are able to enjoy this once more. Finland is waiting. :)
Ahaha! Yoshiki's pizza! I thought the guy cosplaying Yoshiki (one of them, one who was near me) was kidding about it. But I screamed "Yoshiki's pizza!" with him to hand it out. XD
hahahaha, i missed out. they had passed us at the front already when i came back from a trip to the bathroom. but it's all good. i got yoshiki hot chocolate the night before.
damm Yoshiki aint Greedy like some American bands. anyways, damm lucky new yorkers
Man lucky the people in the New York show! I did not get pizza in the L.A. show.
Best day and concert of my life. Bar none. WE ARE ... X
Just one of the reasons why Yoshiki is the best :-)
Man I wish he bought us food at Oakland!

Dinner Time - Pizza-La (Japanese Pizza)

Today we take a look at Pizza-La in Japan. This is my favorite place to order pizza from and it is real good but the price is a little insane. Enjoy!

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Why the hell did they give him a leaf?!
+Emily Rose it's not a leaf , it's a seed. So that you can grow it up later. Ecological.
This guy chews like a fucking cow.
Its only about $3 more than a dominoes in England, i usually wait until they have 2 for 1 offers because if i add extra sauce or anything it comes up to this price .
+John Shepard in England prices are usually like Japanese prices like japan but we do get some pretty good offers sometimes
+Sophie Foster That's so strange. In America, if Domino's charged $30 or more for a pizza I'd laugh. They're about $8 or $10 each, or usually $15 for 3 pizzas. I'd only pay 30 something for a pizza if it was made from scratch in a local restaurant. Is that the price of food in general, or is it just unusually expensive?
holy shit £20 for a pizza
same as a large dominoes
Gave this vid & your funny, adorable & informative blog channel a plug on Twitter OB :-)
$37.00 FOR 1 FREEKIN PIZZA? NO WAY! How much is Chinese food in Japan?
+Rajenkjn the fries were 0.1$... you can't go wrong with that
+Hannah Thenaev it is normally priced like this in Asia as cheese is really expensive to maintain. Due to unconditional weather especially in South East Asia where one block of 1 kg cheese would cost 250 ringgit. ( average hourly wage of 6 ringgit)
+Hannah Thenaev jeez the japanese live on frugal diets... im not fat at all, im quite toned but i dont think id be able to live in japan with food being so expensive. and yea i know, i saw that ONE banana costs something like $1.50. THATS OUTRAGEOUS
Protein and produce seem to be expensive. It could also be that in the states we are used to having pretty much anything year round. Japan, they only have what's in season, usually. So that could factor into it as well. From watching videos, anything with fruit seems to be insanely expensive lol 
+Hannah Thenaev yea ur right about the pizza lol, i have also noticed that in many videos featuring pizza and japan the bill is always outrageous.. but it seems like protein related foods are also quite expensive in japan... if not expensive, it still seems like i could get a larger quantity of food for cheaper anywhere in the states. idk it seems like food in japan is set at a slightly higher price and the quantity is smaller for everything. i dont see any reasonable "deals" in japanese markets, as i would see bundled up protein for a good price at costco or something ya know?
+Rajenkjn It's just usually pizza that's so expensive. Other food in Japan is reasonably priced, if not cheap. It's just damn pizza, so expensive.
+Trinityk7s are u fucking hellen keller or something? idc how fresh it is that is a horrible deal. that pizza is small as shit, there were literally only a dozen fries in that box and the the drinks they gave were a fucking normal soda coke can and a 16oz can of juice. i can go to a local joint here in philly and get all that for less than half of 40. japan is way overpriced
40 bucks is not bad really, for 4 special toppings, with fries, and throw in 2 drinks in a delivery. Still a bit too high for my take tho :P I can get the same deal with 3 drinks, 3 toppings, and free dipping sauce for 14.99 :P

Neapolitan Pizza at Mio & Temporina (Ako City Japan)

Just had lunch at a new Neapolitan Pizza place about 10 minutes from where I live. The place is called Mio & Temporina. So far, this is the second on my list, ...

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Naples Pies are simply tomato. But New York (street pizza) sauce, which is delicious, often contains (in varying ratios) tomato, olive oil, hand crushed dried oregano, finely minced fresh basil, and a bit of white wine. Garlic is also added, depending on the place you go. No recipe. Everything to taste. :)
Looks like a great place - wish it was close to me :) most impressive the skill level on display from the pizza chef, this only comes with practice. I wonder how long she has been doing it?
hola Fidel Montoya me pasarias la receta para hacer la mejor salsa de pizza / Hi Fidel Montoya pass me the recipe to make the best pizza sauce
Looks good - lovely place. Aaaarhg the music would drive me... Mmm - think I prefer the fluffier dough too.
Oh, and don't cook the sauce. It'll cook on the pie in the oven!
That pizza looks almost too "perfect" haha

Best pizza in Japan 美味しいNYスタイルのピザの作り方

How to make NY style Pizza.
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