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New york pizza times square Videos

Time square pizza new years eve

This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

1957 New York Times Square at Night (silent film)

This is silent (no audio) 16mm amateur home movie footage taken back in 1957 in New York's Times Square at night. You get to see a lot of the famous electric ...

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This actually made me cry - it's a glimpse of a New York City we'll never see again. Did Times Square ever actually look this exciting, this shiny, this gloriously gaudy - this UNIQUELY New York/American? Today, you could be in Times Square, or in Beijing, or Los Angeles, or London - all those flat screen, digital billboards are so homogenized. No character whatsoever. Loved every second of this.
If you had`nt posted this film on Utube, you should have it archived in some museum, I`ve never seen such beautiful views of Times Square taken like this and at night from back in the day, and with such expert remastering. Thank you, and just like the other person .saidf in his posting, I loved every minute of it. thank you,
Thanks for this. I first saw Times Square in 1959. I would stand across the street from the Pepsi sign and feel the mist from the waterfall on my face. Every time I would go back to NYC, the square had declined in appearance. It was a magic place back in '59.
It still looked a lot like this when I was a kid, I remember the smoking cigarette adds from watching New Years Eve celebrations on TV in the mid to late 70s and most of the signs were still neon at that time.
I lol'd hard at the smoking camel sign. I wish I was around for when we weren't such complete pussies. WTF happened to NY ffs? They used to have balls until the 80's then they got softer than a babies ass.
Simply amazing, I would kill to live in the 50's. And omg there's smoking signs.. wow lol man If i could be born anytime i would want to be born in 1942.. you know so i could be a teen in the 50's :p
Piccadilly Circus, TImes Square, Tokyo, Las Vegas, making people feel like they're in the future since 60 years ago.
Great footage. Check out the Urban Eye doc which has some amazing shots of great signs and long gone places.
Wow.... This is really kool.... Mike If You have any more please post
that's are wonderful times in nyc.
Reminds me of pleasure island.
Times Square was great back then!
America at its best.

New York City: Food Vlog #8

Ray's Pizza @ Times Square: 0:19 Brennan & Carr: 1:27 Street Hot Dog: 3:04 Katz's Deli: 3:36.

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Too much information man. :) But I'm sure you'll enjoy it. I'm actually returning to NYC this month to take my wife. Her family came through Ellis Island at the turn of the 20th century, so I'd like to take her to that plaque..and of course let her try that sandwich. Gonna head over to some new places (Lombardi's for example) so stay tuned!
Too much information? What are you talking about? You said the sandwich was salty and I like salty food. I don't get it. Or was it that my partner is from Brooklyn?? I'm hoping that your comment isn't homophobic related as I actually enjoyed a few of your videos....
@MRX01x who cares about the looks! it's all about the FOOD! When I think of food in the Netherlands, I think of sausages, pastries, and exotic cheeses. I'd love to see some authentic local Dutch cuisine. :(
Brennan & Carr has the best roast beef sandwich with broth. I usually have double-dip. Katz has the best pastrami sandwich ever. And you can stop by Russ&Daughters for some salmon bagel.
@dhwang80 Haha no i dont have a good movie face, or good white teeth like you have. And we only eat lots of American things here :P
You got a hotdog at a halal stand wrong type of stand you have to get one at a dirty water stand the ones with the yellow umbrellas
Very cool to see what people eat in the states. Totaly diffrend then here in europe, keep them comming and enjoy :)
Me, homophobic? No, not that is not the case. Just took your last sentence out of context is all. My apologies. :)
thanks for the correction. I will give it a try. Just gave Papaya King a try on 86th and 3rd. Not bad. Not bad.
My partner is from Brooklyn. I sooooooo gotta have one of the sandwiches. Love salty....
@MRX01x thanks! Would love to see food vlogs from your country. Care to share? :)
New York is the greatest place in the world I love living here
I agree. I just moved here Friday. New vlogs to come :)
Katz Deli is a must when i visit NYC later this year..
nice video man. made me very hungry.
NewYork style pizza is legit!
We go to Brooklyn often...
@peacefrog1916 welcome!

Times Sqare New York Webcams

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Times Square and Pizza

Nothing like a slice of pie. In NY for ThrillerFest IX and enjoying the sites.

"Still Love You" live from Doubletree- Times Square

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I love it
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