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Henry ford pulmonary hypertension clinic Videos

Alternative Medicine

From PHA's 2012 International PH Conference We know that vasodilator treatment improves exercise capacity and symptoms in patients with pulmonary ...

Pulmonary Hypertension

Dr. Jasdip Matharu - Lourdes Pulmonary Services

Dr. Matharu and his staff are proud to provide the Tri-Cities community with high quality comprehensive pulmonary care in a compassionate and personalized ...

IMMUNICS Of the Soul -- Cure of Spiritual Disease

IMMUNICS § The CureDrive -- //www.CureDrive.org/index.html -- is a NONPROFIT where we DEMONSTRATE and teach IMMUNICS -- CURE of medically ...

"If there are no magic bullets...system improvements in critcal care."

Annual Symposium 2015 | Andrew Bauer, MD | Surgical Management of Acute Intracerebral Hemorrhage

Talk by Dr. Bauer of Boulder Nuerosurgical Associates @ 12th Annual Symposium (Current Techniques in the Treatment of Cranial and Spine Disorders) in ...

Dr. Schoen on Role of an Electrophysiologists

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